An Awesome D100 Encounter Listed Created by G+ Peeps

The other day I posted a let’s create a d100 encounter list as my Discussion of the Day on G+, and people came through in spades.

So here it is!  Thanks for all who contributed!

Some have double entries (due to people posting at the same time).  If that’s the case, just choose the one you like.

1. Roving living nightmare of terrified dying child

2. Ogre rampaging and screaming as giant wasp larva hatch and eat its back

3. Wagon of mushroom-addled jugglers who will attempt to force the party to watch their performance which begins to cross a lot of boundaries.

3. A campsite haunted by the spirits of hunters who were devoured by wolves during a terrible winter.  They recreate the scene each night, complete with the killing cold.

5.  Swarm of iridescent, vampiric hummingbirds

6.  Beggar who rejects coin and asks for teeth instead

4. human shaped piles of ash on the ground, if its windy or your lawful they might animate

7. A pair of glowing eyes peer out from the darkened windows of an old tower, the last remnant of a keep that once guarded these lands.

8. large swarm of slow moving parasitic giant butterflies, are the ready to lay eggs inside of you or just provide a pretty interlude

9. Jellyfish-like creatures floating in air.  They hunger for brains!!

10. Flatbears drifting in on the northerlies.

11. Impenetrable tangles of brambles and thorny plants that funnel travelers to a small clearing filled with tall, sweet-smelling blossoms…

12. Extremely obese man who’s belly button is a swirling vortex to another dimension.

13. A pair of glowing green circles of light move slowly across the area from no apparent source. If they come to rest on the face of an intelligent creature, that creature may be hypnotized to do their bidding.

12.Orc Flagellants heading to a Pilgrimage site.  The can be heard from a ways away with the whips and the singing of dirges, don’t really care what you have to say and keep marching on. If attacked, BESERKERS

15. Barbarian warband in full paint and singing their death songs.  They go to confront nearly certain death, but seem pretty up-beat about it.

14. A xorn balancing on a small pyramid, reciting past events of characters in bored sing-song voice

16. A messenger hummingbird laying on the ground nearly dead within inches of some blooming nectar filled flowers. Attached to its leg is a tiny tiny scroll case with an even smaller piece of parchment, you can’t make out what it says, but there is a lot of writing

15. A questing beast, drinking calmly at a stream.  The body of a leopard, the head of a crocodile and the tail an asp.  Oh it also has giant rubies for eyes.  The beast will flee any pursuer and always moves 10′ per round faster than the fastest thing chasing it.  While hunting the beast random encounter chance is tripled.

16. A humble circle of huts.  Four farm families including 12 combat 0-level combatants and 22 children and non-combatants (old, timid, children).  They will gladly get the party roaring drunk on plum spirits, and will try to convince the adventurers (especially elves!) to have carnal knowledge of their cross-eyed grubby young folk and be mortally offended if refused.  They have 1D8x5 GP worth of poor quality farm equipment and 1D4x50 GP worth in stored(hidden) grain.

17. A mysterious storm overhead darkens the sky and releases a hail or arrows and sling stones before moving along.  Save for half damage if not in cover from 1d10 potential arrows/stones per party member. 1d100 recoverable silver arrows and sling stones worth 2sp each

18.  A gleefully treacherous dwarf fighter (LVL 6) currently calling himself “Jolly Mattos”.  He will offer to join the party and then share his poisoned food with them, hacking any who survive to death with his axe – for kicks, money and because of a deprived childhood.

19. A pride 1d12 of blind banshee-cats hunt through the area using echolocation for small rodents and birds.  They pose no danger to the party but save VS temporary deafness

20. The stink of sulfur is heavy in the area as a migration of small fire elemental s boils from underground to have a surface side mating ritual and pro-bachinalian

21. Brigand of the Bread Brothers. All their weapons are different types of bread. They’re pretty insane. Says they worship the bread god “Gruri Mishi”.
Only thing is the god exists and will hunt down anyone harming these fellows.

22. A really deep and disgusting puddle of mud blocks the road, it’ll trap any wagon that tries to go through it, and make anyone who walks through it smell horrible (there goes your surprise chance).

23. Cannibalistic demon-worshipping frogmen looking for their next meal

24. Overturned wagon, goods spilled everywhere, 3d6 travelers in circle around it, facing away.  Unmoving.

25. An escaped princess on the run from a small/large jabberwocky.  Do you rescue her or help the beast.

24. A band of gnomish highway men in blue tunics and red pointy hats gleefully setting up an ambush for trolls.  If you are not a troll, no need to worry as they are only after trolls to turn into statues for their garden to scare off birds. if you are a troll or have one in the party, roll for initiative

27.  A dwarf with a handcart full of broken bottles offering to sell a map to an abandoned, underground brewery.

28.  A pair of knights dueling over an alleged offense neither can seem to clearly remember.

29.  An unattended campfire over which hangs a lidded cauldron filled with coins and boiling water.

30. An old hag wearing a dress of beautiful women’s faces that have been stitched together.  She offers a map to vast riches for another beautiful woman’s face.

31.  A chimney puffing violet smoke sticking out of flat ground.

32. An incredibly dim-witted hill giant looking for, in order:  something to cuddle (to death), a friend to talk to (until he gets mad), something to eat (see previous entries), a dry place to sleep (the parties tents would work).

33. Four maidens debate the merits of the seasons, choosing one of the adventurers to settle the matter

34.  A fish flopping on dry land with a cursed ring in its mouth.

35.  A bent old man selling a key and a signet ring he claims to have found among bones in a cave.

36. A fruit tree with 1d6 oversized fruit, each bearing a human face shape.  Does anyone have speak with fruit memorized?

37.  Sudden, incessant screaming from out of a deep well.

38.  A beautiful, but tired, dirty and bruised young woman approaches.  She weaves a horrific tale of imprisonment and abuse, but if the party assists her, things don’t add up exactly the way she described them.

39.  The strong smell of rotting meat followed by greenish drizzle and the cawing of crows only glimpsed in peripheral vision

40. Ethereal ancient library guarded by strange otherworldly consciousness

41.  A sullen, grouchy fellow selling items of clothing and shoes by the road, all apparently made for children

42. The ground opens up in front of you and 1d6 dirty dwarfs scramble up out of a hole climbing a rope and piton ladder and quickly and quietly run away in different directions a look of terror on their beards.   The drop some spelunking gear and mining equipment in their haste, before you is a dwarf sized hole in the ground that drops down hundreds of feet, it smells of pepper

43. Migratory beekeepers move through if its night, wagons loaded down with hundreds of bee hives.  If its day, hundreds of beehives line either side of the road while some empty wagons sit off to the side. Migratory beekeepers sleeping underneath.  Dex check or stung, 1 in 20 your allergic, save or die

44. A patch of small mud puddles, all inexplicably boiling.

45. A feral band of naked children who attempt to steal clothes.  They will shank you if you try to grab them.

46. Seven lifelike statues with weapons raised, looking with horror into the woods.  Song birds sing, there are lilacs scenting the breeze, the sun is warm

47.  An exhausted goblin dragging a heavy chest by a chain attached to a collar around its neck.

48. Full blown war going on between two tribes of regular-sized ants. They speak common, but you need to be close to the ground.

49.  A lone woman under a tree in terrible pain as she gives birth to an eight-pound tadpole with seemingly vestigial human legs.

50. Mutated wizard who sees through eyeballs in his hands, looking for ruins said to hold amazing treasure and knowledge

51. Choking miasma of crushing despair and unendurable pain.

52.  2d12 ravens form out letters spelling out words in a dead tree.  The fluttering black feathers, wings, and sharp beaks spell out “turn back”, “abandon hope” and “riches await” before they all fall dead on the ground.  The corpses radiate slight magic and decay at an alarming rate

53. A small band of goblins (about 2D4) all with 2 levels in ranger.

54. Nyarlathotep.

55 1D6 dire wolves.

56. A series of random weather effects, like snow in the desert

57. A walking wizard’s tower. It is mating season.

58 Peaceful Agrarian elves constructing a large wicker figure for some reason or another, they are anxious for you to on your way, but are very polite about it

59 A large construction facility, it’s about 100m away and the sign on the door says “Golem and Co”

60. The body of an imp-demon stands on top of his disembodied head, juggling shinning orbs.  He mutters, “Mustn’t drop a one.  Not a one.”  Which he promptly does, causing the whole area to shake violently.

61 you come across a wall of stone and corpses, there are 2D6 spear men hiding behind it

62 a witch (treat as a 3/4 magic user/cleric)… holy shit she’s multi-classed

63 a zombie wyvern flaps its wings overhead

64. A drunk wizard, who memorized all spells wrong and thus will cast more or less randomized versions of what we’re used to.

65. The trail you’re on ends at a brick wall. But the wall is only as wide as the road. You can still walk around the wall.

66. A dirty gnome driving a cart pulled by a thin donkey. Chests of amazingly carved wood figures, mostly small animals, some fairy creatures too.

67. At the end of an encounter, the party finds hidden in with the other loot, a bracelet with the name of one of the PCs engraved on it. That PC should have had no idea of its existence.

68. Owlbear nest, 1d4 freshly hatched little fuzzballs. Where’s mama?

69. Small keep with 2d12 sirens/harpies. They really want you to stay for dinner.

70. Juggernaut rolling down the road. Can only go in one direction, until it reaches the end of the road, then it turns around. Can’t leave the road.

71. A very big bear in a funny hat and a colorful tutu.  It seems lost, confused and very, very hungry.  It dances if you sing or play music, but turns murderous in the presence of gnomes.

72. A small wooden cabin. Within a potted plant and the god of moths are playing cards. They’re both cheating, the plant is winning.

73. Stuck inside a boulder (or in a dungeon wall, as appropriate) is a gleaming longsword that no one seems to have thus far been able to pull out.

74. The boulder with the sword sticking out of it is actually an angry earth elemental.

75. An angry, charging minotaur, who is actually a friendly minotaur under a spell and compelled to be aggressive against his will.

76. A girl is screaming for help, turns out it’s a trap and she is really a siren.

77. Hamsters. Lots and lots of hamsters.

78. Demon Bed. A bed that eats people.

79. A band of traveling bards. Plays on gorgeous instruments that are actually sleeping mimics.

80 a group of about 2D10 giant rats are running towards you (what are they running from?)

81. A brownie with a voice amplifier, and an ego to match (so long as no one sees him).

82. Cultists just finished summoning a Spider demon (body of spider with the head of a leper baby).  It went wrong and now the thing is killing EVERYBODY!!

83 A canoe with no bottom is being held up and ran at the players like some kind of battering ram, goblins are doing it

84. A tiny but sinister dark cloud is following the party. It wants them to treat it like a god. If ignored, will punish them with rain- and hailstorms.

85. The next room that the party enters will have all furnishings and decorations turned upside down. Chairs and tables nailed to the ceiling, and even the floor and ceiling tiles reversed to make it look upside down.

86. a swarm of rabbits go past the party, and then a pack of foxes,  all ignoring the party,   a few minutes late a gaggle of geese fly by erratically and the a  dozen large shadows of something flying in circles apper on the ground, but nothing seen in the sky. the shadows go away after a few mins

87. A cabin infested with sentient orange mould. Roll 1d6: on 1-3, the human living there is alive but insane; on 4-6, the inhabitant is dead and the mould is using the corpse to reproduce.

88. Corpses that looks identical in height and stature of the players.  All the clothing also identical, but on a different corpse.  All the faces have been eaten off.

89. A room with half a dozen levers and switches against one wall. Flipping any of them will make a sound as if a secret door is opening, like stone grinding on stone, but nothing actually happens. Each lever makes the sound as if it’s coming from a different direction, some closer, some farther away.

90 2d12 large siege engines sit on a hill, half of them firing in random directions at anything in site. Hard to make out what is crewing them from a distance , looks like green fuzz all over them.   In reality its 3d100 snotling runty gobos, (1/4 hd, treat as swarm) now the engines do 6d6 damage in a 20 foot area, but they are way randomly shot

91. A perfect glen of wild flowers, a happily gurgling brook and the industrious hum of bees. Spending a turn in the glen imparts good feeling a chance to reroll any one roll for the rest of the session.

92. A tree hung with dead warriors, their upside down shields around their necks. A few baubles may be looted from the corpses, but doing so (or shouting a challenge) is likely to summon a fel fey knight who will demand single combat.

93. A rotted village filled with farmers trapped, asleep in an endless nightmare. To the West a scheming sorcerer rides a war machine forged of these nightmares and uses it to terrorize and enslave travelers.

94. A fleshy middle aged man in dirty silks weeps here. He is Gerhart Ghecko, formerly a wealthy merchant broken by fate. If given a weapon and promise of a chance at wealth or death he will serve as a loyal, fearless and mildly suicidal 0-level henchman.

95. A large chunk of rock or meteor steams in a crater here.  Insert favorite random table for standing too close.  1in 12 chance another one streaks across the sky while your standing there.

96. A large obelisk that forms a sundial, there are strange ritual markings and words that if a smart wizard reads it seem to indicate that at a certain time on a certain day it could be used to bend or twist or stop time itself by standing in the shadow.  Others might know this also, others from orbit.

97. A field full of vibrantly blue butterflies.  Sparkles of turquoise dust floats from their wings that have hallucinogenic properties.

97. A place where shadows drop away into pits of infinite blackness and seem to bend slowly towards anyone that approaches too closely.  Staying here past dark is a very, very bad idea.

98. A traveling circus, complete with tents, elephants, clowns, camels, monkeys, tigers, everything and to everyone surprise there is nothing sinister or evil about it.  Fun happy music surrounds everything for days and everyone heals and has euphoria.  After separating yourself from the circus, save VS poison or melancholia strikes, -1 on everything for a month.

99. A maze full of traps that are nothing more than painted on the walls and floor…except for the last one, of course.

00. Thick barbarians with a giant sword riding a cyborg-techno-dragon.

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