Another Awesome D100 Encounter Table! This Time With a Theme: Swamp!

Last week I posted a d100 encounter table created through the collaborative efforts of several people in the Google + RPG community.

Just like last time some have double entries (due to people posting at the same time).  If that’s the case, just choose the one you like.

There is some real gold in this encounter table and I can’t wait to get another one started!

D100 Swamp Encounter Table

1. Ruins covered in moss with door shaped like gigantic skull.  Doorknob is in nose cavity.  Eyes fire lasers.

2. Cannibalistic demon-worshipping frogmen looking for their next meal.

3. Troll wandering blindly in pain.  Gut is being eaten by giant maggots and constantly regenerating.

4. Will-o-the-wisp will lead over highly dangerous ground to a forgotten dungeon entrance.

5. A swarm of fist-sized Albino spiders pouring over the ground looking for something succulent to enweb, paralyze and lay eggs inside.

6. An orange furred seven foot tall skunk ape who guards a wood and mud altar to an unknown alligator god.

7. Leech priest sacrificing young men, that are tied to an alter, to his dark bloodsucking god.

8. A hollow carapace, as high as a horse and studded with spikes and oddly shaped holes.  Appears broken open from inside.

9. The current inhabitants of the hollow carapace, their reaction to the party depends on what the party does. Depending on the size and nature of the squatters the carapace is either a site of squalor, or an enchanted fairly land full of marvels and wonders. On rare occasion tiny creatures with tiny bulldozers and tiny construction projects have been found.

10 Sinkhole, anyone close to the edge, Dex check, but maybe it goes to a parallel world

11. A stinking morass covered in boil like fungal growths. The ‘pus’ inside the fungus is a valuable healing salve, but the morass will suck down anyone heavier than a child.

12. A gloomy surveyor for a doomed road project. He had mapped a lot of the swamp and is hungry for news and liquor.

13. Werepigs, a wallow village of the filthy debauched creatures.

14. A human corpse in swamp rotted finery, its identity is impossible to determine without necromancy as swamp crabs have eaten the face, ears and palms.

15. A bayou halfling selling boiled spicy swamp crabs, information, and perhaps poison, he seems in a hurry and keeps looking over his shoulder.

16. Lost troop of tired and worn mercenary horse, they don’t realize it but they are cursed and have wandered the swamp for one hundred and thirty six years.

16 a carriage stuck in the mud, broken doors and blood splattered.  nearby by you hear a scream from a female for help, its a female devilswine stuck in a silver toothed trap, she looks human

17. Gigantic mushrooms, as talk as 2 men. They whisper secrets and events of the characters past when they pass by.  Eat one- Roll int check. Roll under gain 1d4 Int. Roll over lose 1d6 int. permanent.

18. A tree with thousands of copper and silver pieces nailed into it. Also maybe a curse.
19. Three ravens follow you for a day, cawing loudly, close inspection will show they have spider eyes.  A horde of spider riding black cowled gnomes will arrive the next day demanding a sacrifice to gift for their mother deity.

20. A fence made of painted skulls. If crossed without nailing a coin to a certain tree it will curse the trespasser with transformation into a werepig.

21. A 1/2 rotted river boat (sidewheeler or pleasure barge), its port side sunk deep in a weedy mud bank.

22. A solid seeming island with a few abandoned lean too and many trees. It looks like a good place to camp but is infested by snakes, including the etheral kind that poisons a man’s dreams.

22. A shady bayou leading to a small, sunny pool among the hanging trees.  The verdant quiet seems to be broken by the sound of something immense breathing…

24. An area of rich fishing holes also teaming with fat tasty frogs the size of dinner plates.

25. Industrious green furred giant swamp beavers.

26. A telepathic ant swarm that moves like a man, wants to discuss the finer points of horticulture.

27. A line hermit mud farmer. His hut is built at a bizarre angle. It is 10x bigger and luxurious on the inside.

28. A small cemetery. Several tombstones bear player’s names.

29. Tiny pinkish-orange eggs in a large mound at the swamp’s edge. Two demonic gators protect their young by lying in wait under the surface.

30. A small castle that has sunk into the swamp, clearly showing fire damage. Several of the upper chambers are above ground, the rest are beneath the mud but possibly accessible internally. A large constrictor has made its home here.

(Optional – Beneath the castle is another castle)

31. Nyarlathotep.

32. A swarm of stirges bloated and high from feeding on the blood of a three-eyed albino crocodile.  If you can nab one and squeeze out the half-digested blood it has interesting alchemical properties.

33. The spongy ground gives way to clear and extraordinarily cold ankle-deep water. The water is very clear and the ground beneath is smooth, bluish stone.  Meticulous abstract patterns cover the stone.  The patterns appear to slowly spiral and coil. Any PC examining the patterns closely is affected as by Charm Person except that s/he may be influenced by anyone as if they had cast the spell.

34. A long low wail can be heard, at first in the distance but suddenly much closer to the PCs. The wail turns into a frantic gurgling then abruptly stops and the PCs are assaulted by the thick stench of rotting flesh for 1d20 minutes.

35. The hindquarters of a black goat has been nailed through the ankles to a tree nearby. The slick viscera buzz with a shimmering blue cloud of flies. The buzzing conglomerates into a laconic voice that will converse with the PCs but steadfastly refuses to answer any questions, saying it has already done its part and wants them to leave it in peace to feed.

36. A human skull sitting atop a waist-high stump. The stump is decorated with hemp strands strung with finger bones and bird feathers. Jutting up out of the skull’s jaws is an ornate hilt of snake-like mermaids twisting around one another. Dark laughter echoes through the canopy, frightening nearby birds, if the longish dagger is pulled from the stump.

37.  A pile of 2d4+1 dirty green glass vials is half buried in a muddy creek bank. The vials are stoppered and filled with clear thin slime. Anyone consuming the contents will lose all body hair in 1d4 hours and then grow fine scales over the next 1d10 days. The growing scales are painful and itchy but drop off on the last day whereupon all body hair grows back gradually but is stark white.

38. Angry spirit of a wife who was stabbed, poisoned, hung, gutted, and drowned by her husband.  She seeks vengeance, and will not harm any who agree to help her.

39.  A four foot, pink salamander hauls its slimy girth from a stagnant mud hole and slowly opens its wide mouth. Like pearls in the flesh of an oyster, three snow white and saliva-glistening faces, nose-less and with black eyes but otherwise human-like, grow out of its vivid orange gums. The faces can speak but only incoherently (it knows the sound of language but not language). It will not attack but the faces can spit poisonous gobs.

40. Sentient necrotic cyst that is looking for a new host to live in.  The person that agrees to become its host loses 1/2 Con, but is immune to all diseases and poisons.

41. Dead faces leer from beneath the water of the swamp.  Anyone venturing too close or touching the water might be dragged down.

42. The PCs’ gums and teeth suddenly feel grimy and dry. A thick mold has rapidly grown in their mouths and will continue growing until they rinse with a strong alcohol. The mold poses no danger unless they fall asleep for 4 hours or more, in which case the growth has a 1 in 10 chance of growing into the back of their throats and obstructing breathing. Additionally, moldy-mouthed PCs are not well-received in town.

43. A band of lepers wrapped in soiled, pinkish bandages caper as best as their fragile bodies allow while moaning praise to the God of Weeping Sores. They will try to pull the PCs into erotic embraces up to the point of the PCs resisting with potentially lethal violence — at which point the lepers flee, howling and cursing.

44. The gristmill. An old mill leans awkwardly, but continues to turn. A family of insane “Deliverance-ish” pixies make their home in the rafters. The grist mill is in perfect working order despite its appearance.

45. The horrible mechano-ooze, an escaped wizard’s project, wanders the swamp.  It’s mechanical peg-leg thumping as it shuffles and undulates, looking in search of food.

46. A 100 foot length of only semi-rotted wooden walkway stretches to the north, about 5 feet off the ground. A young devil-swine boy sits fishing at the far end.

47. A stilt village of halflings all armed with silver weapons (mostly sling bullets). A huge pig roasts in the center of the village.

48. The cursed fishing village of Blatherblab

(Here’s the link if this is printed

49. 3 Monks stand one-footed atop 35 foot high wooden pillars (of which there are 6). Deep in meditation above the watery marsh, which roils with giant bog-eels, they remain unmoving. Are they finding enlightenment? Or merely suicidal?

50. A hidden giant intelligent turtle provides a dry spot to camp, complete with a tree that provides cover from the light rain, and a previously used fire pit. In the middle of the night she will knock campers off her back and eat them.

51. A part-submerged stone dome is in fact the top part of the head of a titanic statue of a frog. A hidden entrance in one eye leads — via a One Page Dungeon of the GM’s choice — to the hollow interior that in turn leads to another dimension, the Hell of the Thousand Frogs.

52.  Swamp Dog is lost and hungry.  Feed Swamp Dog to gain a mangy but loyal friend.

53. A lizard man stylite shaman (as lvl 4 cleric) sets atop a ten foot wooden column. Will answer questions like a sage for appropriate donation or offering. He is however quite mute.

54. A wooden causeway crosses your path, a distance along it you can see what appears to be vagabonds being attacked by giant mosquitoes.

55. Two 25ft tall totem poles, which have been worn away over the years, stand guard over a mound that rises from the mire. If offerings are made on the mound, the spirit of Mad Tooth the Crocodon will come forth and grant boons accordingly.

56. A strange talking ranger will helpfully point out the most deadly and dangerous creatures in the swamp, and then poke them to show you.

57. A formation of otherwise harmless swamp gas; 40% chance of a will o wisp hiding amongst the vapors.

58. A sunken graveyard. Bog zombies rise up out of the muck. 1 in 6 chance they explode when hit.

59. Large sailing ship stuck in the mire. Hundreds of years old. Miles from open ocean.

60. A shanty inhabited by swamp ogres. They are relatively benign, but have very strong religious convictions and do not approve of profanity.

61. A group (1-6) of hillbilly hand fishing halflings.

62. An old man in tattered robes sits on the moist ground. His head lolls and as he sways and claps in an arrhythmic pattern. He seems quite mad and responds to no inquiries. After three rounds, his summoning spell is complete.

63.  A circle of dead Cypress trees.  In the center of them is a raised circular alter made from ornately carved alabaster and ivory bricks.  At the top of this circular alter sits a petrified creature that resembles a horrible blending of a warthog, a squirrel, and a carp.  The mouth is wide open.  It also has an outstretched open hand.  Anything placed in its mouth will be teleported inside the person’s stomach that made the offering.  Anything placed in its hand will be teleported… somewhere else.

64.  An old man is found impaled on the top of a pole-axe.  His intestines have been removed from the horizontal slice across his abdomen and used to decorate nearby bushes.  A family of vampiric birds have began to nest in his chest cavity.  They tend to be very territorial.

65. A large mound surmounted by a set of totems. A submerged entrance leads into the mound, an ancient barrow a home of Sline the Hunger, an adult Black Dragon. He’s bored, talkative and terribly evil.

66. An expanse of shallows covered in a lush field of pink and white lilies.

67.  A shrill voice on the wind seems to come from everywhere and nowhere.  It sinks into your bones.  It moves through you and yet never leaves.  The swamp water ripples with each syllable.  Everyone hears something different.  Some hear lost loved ones, while others hear the sing-song voice of screaming children.

68. A hot geyser erupts sporadically.  Each time it does one of the following shoots out with it.

1. Gold (2d100 gold)
2. Body parts
3. Giant leeches
4. Noxious gas
5. Goblins that are treating it some wild ride.
6. Shoots out blood instead of water

69.   The fresh corpse of a swamp coot floats faces down in the muck.  If flipped over the PCs discover the body is covered in leeches.

70. Living spell: Cloudkill.

71. A hag, on some self important errand for her pet turtle Mikey. Hates elves of all species with a red hot passion.

72. Small waterhole consisting of alcohol. All nearby trees are sagging and drunk, sings songs at night.

73.  A rocky outcropping rising from the muck.  A small hut is built precariously from the side of the spire.  It was once painted bright colors but now is flaking and covered in mosses.  The hut has been abandoned for years, and its rotting supports will crumble if a person or persons weighing more than 200Lbs walks the hut’s floors.  Falling 20′ to the swamp inside the hut will result in 2D6 damage and require a STR check to escape the wreckage without drowning. If the PC makes a Save vs. Paralysis they may leap clear into the filthy leech infested waters without harm.

74. Order of the Moist Monks. Each one lives on pirogues that carries a tiny wooden hut. Rumors have it there’s a Mothership Pirogue, giving birth to these strange vessels.

75. A pack (1d8) of Dire Nutria. These large swamp rats are herbivores but are quite territorial of their patch of the water. 10% chance they carry disease.

76.  A pack of mutated feral dogs lives in this section of the swamp.  They have webbed feet, long tongues, and a noxious breath that is said to make the faint of heart… faint.

77. A hermit that has had his tongue consumed by a crustacean-like parasite.  The creature speaks in a high-pitched gravely voice, has all the memories of all the people who’s tongues it has consumed.

78. Piranhas in the water!

79. A small island echoes with the sounds of birds.  It is covered in tiny ground nests each gruesomely decorated by their avian residents.  The ocular bower bird has a nasty habit of collecting the eyeballs of other creatures and posting them outside their nest to attract a mate.  Legend claims that these eyes make useful magical regents, it also claims that when in a mating frenzy the birds with attempt to pluck the eyes even from living creatures.

80. Soggy sunken graveyard, 1d4 shambling mounds.

81. Man-sized singing frog. Lazy eyes.

82. Sink holes leading to a small only slightly soggy cavern complex. Lots of snakes.

83. A floating moaning human skull wreathed in green flame. Can cast 3 randomly chosen spells of any kind a day. A large swamp diamond worth 666 gp is stuck in the skulls magnum foramen.

84. A small floating island hovering 30ft off of the ground.  The rock is covered in thick vines and moss.  A structure can be seen on time.  It shines at night.

85. Shoulder high reeds as far as you can see. They are unpleasently sharp, infested with midges and likely conceal predators.

86. A gigantic weeping willow.  Believe to hold the lost treasure of the famous pirate Bloody Ben.  A savage and ferocious swamp dryad protects the tree.

87. A horrible hang that has a gigantic twitching hump on her back.  If ever exposed it is actually her conjoined twin.  They are attempting a spell that will blot out the sun in the swamp for 2d10 years.

88. A giant catfish, which if subdued grants one wish.

89. Quicksand and an angry water elemental/water weird.

90. A dead-looking twisted and gnarled tree.  Tendrils fall off the branches into the mouths of various humanoids.  They hang a few feet off of the ground.  Their flesh is gone and bodies look to be dehydrated.

91. A sextet of tiny malformed homiculi each riding a dragonfly mount. They will pledge allegiance to a reasonably powerful magic user in exchange for a steady supply of fresh fruit ( although offers of tomatoes will be refused, as the homiculi do not know a tomato is a fruit).

92. Tar pits formed by the demonic melding of a fire and earth elemental.

93. A 150 foot tall, dinosaur like reptile that walks upon two legs slumbers deep under the mire. Is awakened upon the casting of magic spells equivalent to 4th level or higher.

94. A dirty glass jar bobs along in the swamp water. Inside is a tiny old man wearing naught but a filthy loincloth; if freed he will laugh, then dive into the water and disappear.

95.  You come across the half digested corpse of an obese man that is mostly submerged in the water.  Beneath the surface you can see the glint of something moving.  If you investigate, a swarm of underwater silver swamp cockroaches try to devour you as well.

96. A great mound of peat, burning like an out of control tire fire. 50% chance the extreme heat of the fire attracts a salamander.

97. Tiny blue flowers.  Fragrant, edible.

98.  In a roughly 30 feet radius circle of the swamp a mysterious creature lies in wait inches beneath the swamp mud.  The creature itself is only a few inches thick and its skin seems to have the same consistency as mud.  It allows its prey to continue on after walking on it.  The fragments of its skin however stuck to the bottom of their feet or boots slowly climbs the limbs and when it touches skin slowly melds with the host.  The creature will lose 1 point of Constitution every day, and if it dies from this, the corpse will excrete 1D10 of these creatures.

99. Tiny blue flowers. Fragrant, poisonous.

100.  The lost spirits of restless adventurers haunt the watery byways of the swamp.  A local legend says that if you see faces in the water to throw a gold coin at them.  Otherwise they will attempt to possess you.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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