Going After the Five Blades

Continued from last session, here.

I have to say that this was a GREAT session. It was one of those sessions that, when it started out, could have easily ended with the complete and utter destruction of my campaign, but through group communication and then a final decision on my part it was saved. Once the discussion was done and decision made, the game was propelled forward and ended up being an amazing session! Afterwards I had a smile on my face, was energized, and hungering for the next game!

• Angie (Kaias- Human/Werewolf- Rogue lvl 12)
• John (Griffith- Elf Vampire- Ranger lvl 12)
• Liam (Alberic- Half Green Dragon- Sorcerer lvl 12)
• Drew (Mo’Lock- Ghoul- Rogue lvl 12)
• Omar (Drecks)- Minotaur- Druid lvl 12)

The session starts out with the characters entering the library of Mongrave University searching for information on the Five Blades and on the possible history of Kaias’s family.

I also inform the party that they may do a search check to find up to three books that will give them a +1 in a skill of their choice, but that each one has to different skill. Each of them has luck, finding either 2 or three books.

Kaias then moves on to find a book about the Dragonmarked houses, and genealogy books, and having a total of 25 in her search, she was very damned successful. Finding several books on the subject (that I will cover with her prior to next session- she’s my girlfriend, I can take all the time I need, which is a boon^_^).

The group then sets their sights on finding a book on the Five Blades. After searching for a short while are successful, is successful.

Enter- info stream and organization

The players crack open the book and I begin giving them information on the Five Blades.

Info Stream

I wanted to give the players enough info to figure out where each one of the Five Blades may be, possible motivations, history, and possible weaknesses without overloading them and making their brains go hurty and fizzle.

When first thinking about writing these climactic encounters that will bring about the end of this campaign I was looking for a way to do it that would be loose, allow major player choice, and give me massive flexibility, all the while being simple. Enter Dave The Games, 5×5 Method.

My verdict on 5×5 Method: I love it!


I’m pretty decent at improve and impromptu DMing, as long as I have some shadow of an idea in my head, and my players are giving me stuff to react to. This is the major thing I love about the 5×5 Method, you can be as detailed or as notes light as you want.

So for each of the Five Blades I gave the players a hint to where they are or a starting point, and a glimpse at their class/powers.

Introducing the Five Blades

Barrassu Nass- (Human, Male) Dread Necromancer lvl ?
Molgor Gran- (Troll, Male) Barbarian lvl ? (almost always with Amara Zeel)
Cyrian Gal (Human, Male) Illusionist lvl ?
Amara Zeel (Human, Female) Rogue lvl ? (almost always with Molgor Gran)
Valreen Ryll (Human, Female) Cleric lvl ?

The group has already had an encounter with Cyrian and Amara. Thus, the group felt best to go after Cyrian first.

Here are the notes I have on Cyrian:

o Cyrian Gal (Human, Male) Illusionist lvl ?
 Travel to Aundair to the ruins of Floating university, Cyrain rumored to love that school.
 Find village that has been put under enchantment by Cyrian.
 Breaking curse also lifts enchantment on local goblinoid tribe that blames village and attacks.
 Find way past enchantments that Cyrain has placed.
• Goblins know of way that will take them past.
 Face Cyrian Gal.

This is all that I had. I had enemy ideas in my head, but nothing written down. I had Cyrians spells and stats in my head and was ready for this whole thing to basically be thrown out the window, which all of it pretty much did, as I’ll describe in the next post.

Next Post on session will be Wednesday, due to guest poster tomorrow!

The Rift Caused by Player Motivations

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  1. Sounds intriguing so far, WoZ! Thanks for the reminder about 5×5 method. I’ve been struggling recently with the big picture in the two games I’m running, and it’d be good to put 5×5 to use in this instance to create an outline. As you say, simple and flexible!

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