Going After the Five Blades, Part 3

Part I, Part II, Part III.

Wow.. Part IV.

I have to say that by doing this recap it has hit me just HOW much we accomplished as a group on Sunday. Like I said, I felt this session was a huge success and can’t wait for 11/8/09.

We left off with John facing two Phase Spiders and having a horrible -18 to his Strength since he critically failed his Fortitude Save.

Kaias to the Rescue

The group has the ability to communicate telepathically, so Griffith put out the good, “Oh shit I think I’m dying! For the love of god I’m dying.. Someone help me, because I’m dying” call to all the other party members.

Alberic was dealing with his own enemy, a wright cook that that had embedded a meat cleaver into his back. So needless-to-say, he was unavailable to help.

Drecks and Mo’lock were dealing with the enchanted villagers (more on this in a moment).

Kaias valiantly rushed to Griffith’s aid. When she arrived in the room she shadow jumped above the second spider that was charging, full steam, towards the pinned Griffith, and dispatched the spider with one mighty blow!

Griffith managed to hit the spider pinning him in the eyes with his claws. The spider phased a little distance away and charged at Griffith again. Griffith held his action, and then shifted into mist, the spider going right through him and collided with the wall, spider brains spraying everywhere.

The baddies dispatched, Kaias and Griffith begins searching the room, when suddenly their “my party member just messed up” sense starts going off.

The Drecks Massacre

This was one of those beautiful moments that DM’s live for. The ultimate opportunity to completely mess with the players, and I relished every moment of it.

Drecks and Mo’lock were at the village examining all of the people under some sort of enchantment. As Drecks was wandering around I told him that he noticed two small clay figurines resting on the well in the town center.

Mo’lock looked at them cautiously, then picked up one. I described it looking like a human and having the same shocked expression as the villagers. (Here you could see Omar get excited because here is a link to the problem) Figuring it worked for the one man he freed and his wife, Drecks casts Dispel Magic on the figurine.

ME: The figurine breaks apart and crumbles to dust. Suddenly all the men in the village come out of the enchantment. Moaning and shaking their heads, looking around.

Omar gets that proud look on his face. He’s done it! Drecks picks up the other figurine and says he is going to Dispel Magic on it as well.

ME: Alright. You cast the spell, the figurine breaks apart and crumbles to dust. All the women suddenly scream, and fall to the ground, dead.

Omar’s jaw drops, the room goes silent. It was beautiful.

Omar (Drecks): What?! You’re kidding right.

ME: (slight smile on my face, small shake of the head) Nope.

Omar starts thinking furiously while I describe the chaos that beings. All the men start screaming and crying over the dead bodies of daughters, mothers, wives, sisters. The other party members, sensing this, start heading from the ruins of the university to the village.

Drecks grabs the man he first freed and asks him if there is a priest. Yes there was, he cries. You just killed her! Drecks shakes him, “is there anyone else around that is a priest?! I’ll make this right, but I need you to tell me!”

The young man informs him of another village a days travel away that has a priest. It is also built in the shadow of the ruins of the other university tower. Drecks walks to a tree, telling Mo’lock to tell the group that his is going to the village now and he’ll be back, and tree hops (Druid Power.. Damn tree huggers~.<) to the next village.

Never Split Up the Party

The moment that Drecks steps through the tree all the women suddenly rise as zombies and begin attacking the men who were cradling their once dead bodies (Mwa ha ha). From the remains of the figurine that killed the women an apparition of Barrassu Nass (Necromancer Five Blade) appears and explains how happy he is that someone fell for his trap and that to enjoy these zombies, for they are a special breed.

The men who are attacked by the women also begin rising up as another undead. Mo’lock, Alberic, Griffith, and Kaias all prepare for a fight of 100 zombies. As they begin to roll initiative I describe that some of the female zombies look like their flesh looks like it is waxy and melting off.

Group: What the hell does that mean?

ME: (Smile) I’ll get back to you (Turns to Drecks).

Drecks appears in a village and immediately chanting greets his ears. He sees several people digging a moat around the village. After asking one of the villagers if there was a priest or village leader, he is lead to the center of town to a raised platform and a large black throne, with its back to him.

Villager: Master, we have a guest.

Master: I know.

Liam (Alberic): Oh shit. Omar, I think you found–

ME: The throne turns around, smiling maliciously, looking down at you is–

Liam and ME: Cyrian.

And for the second time in the night, Omar’s jaw drops.

ME: Cyrian chuckles at you, “Silly little cow…” (smile) Roll me initiative.

Drecks: You’re gonna kill me aren’t you?

ME: (shrug and a smile) Maybe.

We actually started combat because the group was so into the story, even though it was late (another sign it was a great session!!) but after 3 rounds we placed the “To be Continued” stamp on it and packed up.

For sake of keeping the flow I shall place all of the combat on the next session post 11/9/09!!


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