Going After the Five Blades, Part 2

Continued from here.

Okay Okay, this is actually post three, but since post 2 was about dealing with a party rift, it didn’t feel right calling it by the session title.

So when we last left off the group had read a book giving evidence of the Five Blades and possible locations of where they grew up and etc.

Ennie, Mennie, Minnie, Mo.. Wait.. Crap There are Five of Them

The group tossed around which one they should go for first.

Excerpt from first post:

Barrassu Nass- (Human, Male) Dread Necromancer lvl ?
Molgor Gran- (Troll, Male) Barbarian lvl ? (almost always with Amara Zeel)
Cyrian Gal (Human, Male) Illusionist lvl ?
Amara Zeel (Human, Female) Rogue lvl ? (almost always with Molgor Gran)
Valreen Ryll (Human, Female) Cleric lvl ?

The group has already had an encounter with Cyrian and Amara. Thus, the group felt best to go after Cyrian first.

After a small amount of debate the group felt that Cyrian would offer the least challenge and decided that that, as responsible heroes, would do.

The book stated that Cyrian went to the university, Arcanix, which floats around the kingdom of Aundair. He was expelled from the school for experimenting with magic on fellow students. The book also mentioned that while there, he felt quite at home (yes I borrowed motivation here from the characters Harry Potter and Voldemort and their affinity with Hogwarts).

The party tells Alberic to really concentrate and not to mess up in teleporting them like last time. Liam concentrates, and they teleport successfully onto the front steps of the university! Everything seemed dandy.. until….

I’m Really Starting to Hate Teleporting

The group starts falling, realizing that the tower has crashed to the ground and they appeared vertical. Falling over 300ft, each character had their own way of slowing their fall.

I described a village about 2 miles away, Drecks and Mo’lock decided to travel there and explore while Griffith, Alberic, and Kaias all explore the remains of the university looking for some clue on Cyrian.

So first I deal with Drecks and Mo’lock. I tell them that they see people outside their homes, frozen, looking at the sky, either with looks of surprise or horror on their faces. Drecks sprang into action, examining the bodies, and looking for clues, all while Mo’lock casually walks around. Finally Drecks casts dispel magic on a male villager, instantly freeing him from the enchantment.

Drecks asks them man what he knows, which was very little.

I then switched to Kaias, Alberic, and Griffith.

Oh goodie! A Game! I Like Games!

This was fun, because I stared off with Kaias, and she entered a window as a bat and was attacked by a Chocker (lvl 3 creature). She dispatched it quite easily and explored the room.

Griffith then went, knowing that when he went through his window of choice, I would throw something at him.

This was a shining encounter.

I had Griffith, in bat form, roll a spot check. Success!

I explained that he could “glimpse” what seemed to be webs that were out of the normal humanoid spectrum. Griffith then turned to his normal Elf form and shot a fire arrow, igniting all of the webs in the room. He heard screeching coming from the fire and saw things sparkling and then winking out of existence.

He turned to explore the room when he heard heavy thudding of something coming towards him. He turned.

ME: You see in the darkness 8 dark orbs, just picking up light from the window, fast approaching you from the other side of the room. There is suddenly a whooshing noise and the eyes are more to the left, and closer still. There is another woosh sound and the eyes are to the far right, and almost to you.

Griffith: Crap! The thing can teleport!

The spider (I love phase spiders) suddenly is on top of Griffith. He pulls out his mighty axe, swings (rolls a mighty 1) and the axe flies from his hands and goes sailing across the room. The spider lands a hit and pierces Griffith with its fang.

ME: I need you to roll me a Fortitude save.

Griffith: (Blows on his d20, rolls… another 1)

ME: Ok. Because you failed, horribly, you will take double damage from the poison.

Griffith: Shit.. Fair enough.

ME: (rolls a d12, comes up a 9). You take 18 points of STR damage.

The whole room goes quiet. Since this was a good point, and I had all the players attention, I decided it was a great opportunity for a “oh crap” moment.

ME: The spider’s fang has you pinned to the wall, and you feel your strength being sapped from your body. You begin to sweat and shake. Dizzy, your head swims. Suddenly you hear a thumping, and in the back of the room you see another set of 8 glowing orbs looking at you. You have the sudden realization that the spider isn’t alone.. it has a friend. (I give the DM evil smile).

Griffith: I really hate you.

Tomorrow: Final recap! The Demise of Griffith and Drecks creates a mess!


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