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Inspirational Images for Hubris: Downpour

I am continuing my delve into getting in the “mood” to write my next Hubris book, Hubris: Downpour.  Thus far I’ve released the Lupine (Race as Class) and the Blood Acolyte class.

The new supplement will have new races as class, organizations, territories, at least one new patron, new monsters, magic items, spells, etc. and will be heavily inspired by Evil Dead, The Mist, Exorcist, The Thing, Marilyn Manson music videos (mostly from Antichrist Superstar), and the like.  I’m also taking a little inspiration from Warhammer and a taste of Ravenloft.

Here is some art, pics, gifs, and music videos that I’m using for inspiration.

demonface final

This is a piece for Hubris: Downpour by David Lewis Johnson


The Dog- Adventure Time Class/Race DCCified

Haven’t done a DCC post in awhile!  I’ve been meaning to write this one up for a bit, but kept pushing it to the back burner.

The Dog


You are loyal to your friends, swift to protect them against harm and manipulation.  You are vicious against your enemies, using your abilities to harm and hinder them.  Your ability to manipulate your flesh into new forms gives you many an edge, not only in battle, but in everyday life and adventures.  Your love for food, groovy music, and sleep also makes you hard to motivate and keep moving, but eventually you’ll succumb to the thought of adventure and the possibility of acquiring treasures, power, or perhaps just a tasty looking strawberry donut.


Hit Points: Dogs are a stout lot and gain 1d10 HP per level.


Weapon Training: Dogs prefer to use their fists, which deal 1d6.  Dogs can transform their hands into other weapons that deal weapon damage (see Stretchy Powers).  Dogs are not fans of using real weapons, but will in a pinch.  They are familiar with short swords, hand axes, and blow guns.  Dogs are proficient with any armor, but can use a shield.


Alignment: The Dogs are mischievous and enjoy pranks, fighting, and leading a hedonistic lifestyle.  They are Chaotic by nature.


Small size: While in their normal state Dogs stand roughly 3 to 4 feet tall, and weigh roughly 50-75 pounds. This small size allows them to crawl into narrow passages and through tiny holes.


Rubbery Skinned: The Dogs skin is rubbery and squishy, allowing them to ignore 2 points of damage from any source.  A Dog can increase their damage reduction to +4 through the use of their Stretchy Powers (see below).  Also a Dog is able to rearrange their internal organs at will, making them immune to Critical Hits.


Stretchy Powers: The Stretchy Powers mechanic allows the Dog to transform their body in special and unique ways.  The This could be transforming their hands into claws, a scythe, stretching their body to attempt to constrict and hold an opponent (this would still require an attack roll), grow wings to fly, or whatever creative ideas the player can come up with.  A Dog can grow and shrink in size as well.  A Dog can grow to Large, Huge, and Gargantuan.  Each one increases the damage done with their weapons by one step on the Die Ladder, decreases their AC by 1.  A Dog can also shrink to Small, Tiny, and Diminutive as well.  Each one decreases the damage done with their weapons by one step on the Die Ladder and increases their AC by +1.


To use a Stretchy Power, the player describes the desired effect and rolls their Stretchy Die.  If the result is a 3 or higher, it is a success.  The Dog can only have two Stretchy Powers going at the same time (I.E. transforming eyes into Compound Eyes and grow wings out of back to fly).  Many of the creative solutions the player creates may have a mechanical impact, it should be deliberated with the GM on exactly how this functions.  In the end, the GM has final decision.


Language: Common and Caninese















The Dog
Level Attack Stretchy Powers Die Crit Die/Table Action Die Ref Fort Will
1 +0 d3 1d10/II 1d20 +1 +1 +0
2 +1 d4 1d12/II 1d20 +1 +1 +0
3 +2 d4 1d14/II 1d20 +1 +2 +1
4 +2 d5 1d16/II 1d20 +2 +2 +1
5 +3 d6 1d20/II 1d20 +2 +3 +1
6 +4 d6 1d24/II 1d20+1d14 +2 +4 +2
7 +5 d7 1d24+2/III 1d20+1d16 +3 +4 +2
8 +5 d8 1d30+2/III 1d20+1d20 +3 +5 +2
9 +6 d10 1d30+4/III 1d20+1d20 +3 +5 +3
10 +7 d12 1d30+6/III 1d20+1d20 +4 +6 +3

Weapon and Armor Generator for Sword and Sorcery (or Sword and Planet) for Black Hack (and other systems)

Here is what I’ll be using to generate weapons and armor (can be used on the fly) for the upcoming Black Hack project I’m working on inspired by Thundarr the Barbarian.

I wanted to keep it rules-lite to be in the same vein as Black Hack, and more loose and systemless so it could be used with other OSR systems (if desired).


Weapon Generator

Sword Art by Bryan Baugh

Piece by Bryan Baugh

These charts will generate weapons on the fly.  The GM will need to fill in a few blanks with what makes sense for their setting and world, but the information given is more than enough to help fill in those missing pieces.


First roll for weapon Type, then Style.  Roll on appropriate Style generated.  Finally roll on damage type.  If Bizarre type is rolled, there is a final table to roll on for the strange properties.  Three examples are provided on page XX.


Weapon Type
Roll 1d6 Result
1-3 Melee
4-6 Ranged


Weapon Style
Roll 1d6 Result
1-3 One handed
4-6 Two handed



Melee Style
Roll 1d8 Result
1 Hammer
2 Sword
3 Club
4 Knife*
5 Axe
6 Spear*
7 Saw
8 Staff

* Can be thrown as well.


Sword Art 1


Ranged Style
Roll 1d12 Result
1 Crossbow
2 Dart
3 Short bow
4 Long bow
5 Whip
6 Pistol
7 Shotgun
8 Machine gun**
9 Rifle
10 Blow gun
11 Sling
12 Grenade

** Can be used at full auto.  Increase damage by +3 and the range of the Usage Die for ammo consumption to 1-4 instead of 1-2.



Damage Type
Roll 1d20 Result
1-5 Metal
6-8 Ceramic
9-11 Mechanical
12-14 Recycled Rubbish
15 Laser
16 Stun
17 Electrical (energy)
18 Explosive
19 Heat
20 Bizarre (roll below)


Sword Art 2

Bizarre Weapon Properties
Roll 1d8 Result
1 Alien tech
2 Disintegrating
3 Mind control
4 Poisonous
5 Singularity
6 Shrinking
7 Sonic
8 Paralyzing



Armor Generator

These charts will generate armor and shields.  The GM will need to fill in a few blanks with what makes sense for their setting and world, but the information given is more than enough to help fill in those missing pieces.


First roll for armor construction, then type.  Roll on appropriate Style generated.  An example is provided on page XX.




Armor Construction
Roll Result
1 Rock
2 Animal hide
3 Metallic
4 Exoskeleton
5 Wood
6 Sturdy loin cloth/chainmail bikini
7 Padded Cloth
8 Recycled Rubbish




Armor Type
Roll Type Standard Rules AP Better Armor Rules AP Better Armor UD
1-4 Light 2 1 d4
5-7 Medium 4 2 d6
8-9 Heavy 6 3 d8
10 Dense 8 4 d10
11 Light Shield 2 1 d4
12 Heavy Shield 4 2 d6


Weapon Example 1: Melee- two handed metal staff


Weapon Example 2: Ranged- two handed shotgun (explosive).  Anyone in Close range to the target takes half damage from explosion (GM decision).


Weapon Example 3: Ranged- one handed crossbow (bizarre- shoots shrinking bolts).  Target struck by these bolts are shrunk to roughly 2d6 inches in height (GM decision).


Armor Example 1:  Light- Recycled rubbish (aluminum cans and traffic signs)





The Hatter Class From Alice in Wonderland for The Black Hack

Yesterday I wrote up the Card Warrior for the Black Hack and decided it would be fun to create a Hatter class as well.  So here it is.

The Hatter

Hatter 3

Starting HP: d6 + 4HP

Per Level/Resting: 1d6

Weapons & Armor: Gambeson and small shields, crossbows, short swords, and daggers.

Attack Damage: 1d6 / 1d4 Improvising


The Hat: The Hatter’s hat contains a pocket to a swirling vortex.  They are able to store items in it up to the size of a large picture frame up there.  The hat can hold 15 items.  Also once per day the Hatter can reach into their hat and pull out a random item.  Roll 1d20 for item: 1) healing potion (1d8 HP); 2-6) tea set with piping hot, delicious tea; 7-9) jam tarts; 10) sleeping powder; 11) a mirror; 12-14) a block of cheese; 15-16) a water skin with wine and a loaf of bread; 17) darkness powder (cast Darkness- lasts 2 rounds); 18-19) a candle on a candlestick; 20) a chess set.

Hatter 1

Mallet: Once per day the Hatter can pull a giant mallet out of pocket.  When pulling out the mallet the Hatter must decide to either have it grow overlarge and deal 1d12 damage to a target and stun them for 1d3 rounds on successful attack.  The mallet disappears in a poof of smoke after the attack is made.  Or have it be a standard weapon that deals 1d8 damage per round for a number of rounds equal to half the Hatter’s level (minimum of 1).

Mad as a Hatter: Hatters are peculiar folks.  Once per hour they are able to break into song or recite a poem or speech which drives others utterly mad.  The Hatter must successfully test their Charisma for each group of creatures they are attempting to rattle with their words, adding the creature’s HD to the roll. A GM will determine which creatures are in any particular group.  Creatures that are driven mad by the Hatter are confused and each round must roll 1d10 to determine their action: 1-3) do nothing.  Stand still and drool; 4) scream and flee for the round; 5) start dancing in place; 6) attack self; 7-8) attack ally; 9) lie down on the ground; 10-12) act normally.  This effect lasts as long as Hatter speaks and for 1 round after.  The Hatter can do nothing else while speaking.

Hatter 2

Hatters are also immune to charm effects and madness-like effects, but suffers Disadvantage on saves against illusions as they are easily distracted.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for WIS or CHR


Into the Wasteland- Rules for Using Into the Odd to Run/Play in a Fallout Campaign

Fallout Logo

I’ve been laid up for a week now, recovering after having wrist surgery on my right hand.  I  had tendinitis…

Thankfully being one-handed hasn’t stopped me and I’m using my time off from work to get a shitload of writing done.

Thursday night as I laid in bed I thought Into the Odd would work really well for a Fallout campaign.  Well my muse agreed and I worked on this throughout the weekend.

I may have to wait four fucking months to play the new Fallout, but I can run a RPG of it now!

Here you be: Into the Wasteland

The Superhero With the Most Arches!

After much painstaking research, calculations, and divining I have figured out the superhero with the most Arch-Villains..

No it isn’t Batman.
Or Superman.
Or Spiderman.
Wolverine isn’t even close.

I give you the Master Crime Fighter!

She'll getchu by your OWN admission!

Let’s look at the statistics:
12 Seasons
Roughly 22 Episodes Per Season
4 TV Movies
Estimated Crimes Thwarted: Over 268.

That is an astounding number of evil-doers rotting in jail contemplating how they are going to get back at the meddling Jessica Fletcher!

The astonishing thing is that she did it all through observation and conversation! No superpowers! No fists of fury! Just quick wit and keen observation!

Take THAT Batman! She doesn’t have a Utility Belt! She’s just got a vial of arthritis and blood pressure meds!

Aside: I actually am a Murder She Wrote fan (my girlfriend weeps). I have watched every episode. I am a huge fan of Murder/Mystery and love things like this show or Agatha Christie novels/BBC specials. I’m pretty damned good at solving them too.

New Star Wars Tat and Inspiration from New Orleans.. Oh yeah..

I just went to New Orleans this weekend with my girlfriend for a nice little jazz and alcohol filled vacation. It was amazing. The atmosphere among those old buildings and the history is amazing.

The way the city vibed has really given me a goal to try to make my cities feel alive in role-playing games.

I really got some insight as to how I want to present certain aspects of Freeport in my current Pirate game.

The French Quarter is a really great place to visit.

While I was there I decided to honor the occasion with a new tattoo.

All hail the Stormtrooper!!