Pirates and Raider Generator

Yesterday I posted my space station generator that will be in my upcoming White Star supplement book.  I figured I’d post one more thing before it goes to first draft editing.

Space Pirate

Here’s a Pirate and Raider generator.

Roll 1d12 for each of the four columns to generate a band of pirates, their motivations, their leader, and their fleet.

Space Pirate 3

Pirates and Raiders Generator
Roll 1d12 Group Name Motivation Leader Fleet
1 Spacers Conquer trade lanes in area. Braggy Bart 3d3+3 stunt fighters
2 Bone Crunchers Gather more ships to amass bigger fleet. Zylon Zyl 2d4+1 stunt fighters, 1 gun ship
3 Red Novas Capture life forms and sell as slaves. Cold Dekker 2d2+2 stunt fighters, 1 blockade runner
4 Rusted Bullets Smuggle drugs and weapons to underground movements. Jyon Minx 2d2+2 stunt fighters, 1 gun ship, 1 blockade runner
5 Skulls All one race, hates other species. Commits acts of violence against them. Aimee Fesk 3d6 stunt fighters, 1 medium transport
6 Vapes Seeks the thrill of attacking others on trade lanes. Wynn and Bryan Mince 6d6+6 stunt fighters, 1d2 gun ships
7 Blood Pirates Secretly hired by corporation to attack rival company and hinder their profits. Knack 6d6+8 stunt fighters
8 Ironclads Thrill-seekers that simply enjoy killing. Iron Jaw McCready 4d4 stunt fighters, 1 light transport
9 Black Holes Smuggle secret weapons for  arms dealer. Y’youll 4d4 stunt fighters, 1 light transport, 1 blockade runner
10 Blades Seeks to acquire medical and technology goods to sell on black markets. The Machine 6d6 stunt fighters, 1 blockade runner
11 Night Terrors Bio-enhanced soldiers hooked on enhancement drugs. Need money to purchase more drugs. Grand 6d6 stunt fighters, 1d3 gunships, 1 blockade runner
12 Bastards Sponsored by government to create panic in populace so they will approve military measures. Bym Tym 6d6 stunt fighters, 1d3 gunships, 1 star cruiser, 1 blockade runner


Space Pirate 1

Author: Mike Evans

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