AGE System and Firefly

Edit: I have finished Firefly up through Box Set 2 release of Dragon Age as of 03/16/11.

Here is the full PDF.

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

My buddy Chuck, over at Geek Life Project, gave me a little feedback and asked questions on how I would do Firefly using AGE. I gave a very rough preview of what I was thinking the other day and figured I should hammer out a few more details and that will allow me to A) See if it is worth doing, and B) Get some feedback.

Note: In the end I will put this up on my site for people, like I have with my Wrath of Zombie, but ultimately this is for myself and my players for fun. Hopefully there will be a few other people out there who like it as well!

I’m sticking with the Dragon Age Model and only having 3 classes. I’m thinking that the Soldier, Drifter, and Noble fit a base line of what we are presented with in the show. I’ll probably do a post on this info as well.

Note: I’m adding this after I have already written the post- Chuck made a good suggestion of using the AGE system, however not having any classes at all.

The Dragon Age class structure breaks down as such:
Level 1- Starting abilities and choice of starting talent(s).
Level 2 and 4- An ability for class
Level 3 and 5- Gain new Talent or upgrade existing talent.

If I were to go “classless” I would follow same structure, however I would have a listing of abilities that people could choose from at level 1, 2, and 4 that may have requirements.

Thoughts? Anyways, back on with the post!




Book could have been a well trained drifter or soldier since we don’t know a WHOLE lot about his past, but most likely a soldier.

As far as things like being a pilot, or a Techie; those would all be Talents that would have bonuses and abilities just like the Dragon Age game.

I believe I am going to have Companion be a Talent. It would make sense as a Talent because you start out as a lowly beginner of the Companion arts and as you get more clients and etc you become more popular and sought after, as Inara was in the show.

There are 7 Backgrounds in the Dragon Age Set One.

Here is what I have thus far:

Class options- Soldier and Drifter

Alliance Agent
Class options- Soldier and Noble

Class options- Drifter and Noble

Frontier Bumpkin
Class options- Soldier and Drifter

Core Worlds Born and Bred
Class Options- Soldier and Noble

Class Options- Drifter and Soldier

Class Options- Drifter and Noble and Soldier

The tools I am going to use are: the Firefly Wiki, which has some info (although I wish it had more), the TV show and Serenity Movie, and the Cortex Serenity RPG itself.

I’ll have more on this as it develops. I’m hoping to spend a good chunk of time this week and next really getting things pinned down. However winter break is over and college is once again rearing its ugly head to gobble up all of my time with homework.

Aside: It LOOKS like the Serenity RPG is going out of print or something.. DrivethruRPG is saying they will not be carrying it after January. As such all of the books are on sale really cheap. I wanted to point that out so people can get their hands on them cheap, if interested.

Aside 2: NewbieDM is also going to start molding the AGE system to fit a wonderfully epic sci fi setting that happened a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Keep your eye on him for more developments!

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