A Firefly RPG… But What System, Savage Worlds or AGE (Dragon Age)


Edit: I have finished Firefly up through Box Set 2 release of Dragon Age as of 03/16/11.

Here is the full PDF.

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

I love the Firefly show. It’s amazing. It’s early demise is also a sign of how producers and TV companies can kill a perfectly amazing show (airing the episodes out of order when they build on one another.. honestly).

I’ve been reading the session recaps of a pretty awesome Firefly game on Obsidian Portal and it has put me in the mood to: A) Watch the show all over again. B) Eventually (and I stress eventually- I’m doing too many games as it is right now) run a Serenity/Firefly game.

I’m not a huge fan of the Cortex system however (no offense to those who like it), and I was pondering that if I wanted to do this game, what system would I use?

It’s a toss up between Savage Worlds or The Dragon Age system, AGE.

For info on Savage Worlds- click here. For info on Dragon Age/AGE mechanic- click here.

I think both systems have quite a bit to offer in terms of catching the Firefly feel. There is definitely some work involved to port to either system and get it right, but I think it would also be fun to do.

Hell even FATE would be a quick and easy system to use for Firefly, but I think I’m more set on either Savage Worlds or AGE.

What about you? What system could you see for Firefly? Out of SW or AGE, which would work best?

Here is a quick idea for AGE that I had. It is by no means complete, but just a bare bones of how it could work.

AGE System

Class options- Soldier and Drifter

Alliance Agent
Class options- Soldier and Noble

Class options- Drifter and Noble

Frontier Bumpkin
Class options- Soldier and Drifter

Core Worlds Born and Bred
Class Options- Soldier and Noble

*There is no Psychic class like River. I thought about incorporating that, but River is a special and very unique case and didn’t feel that the setting needed a ton of psychics running around.
Drifter (Rogue)


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9 thoughts

  1. Everyone has their personal preferences, but if you don’t want to use the Cortex system, my vote would be for the Fate/Starblazer Adventures system. S.A. seems able to accommodate any type of sci-fi game with ease.

  2. Funny enough, I’m playing in a pbp Firefly game using OpenD6. It’s working out quite well and retains the feel of the setting with minimual effort.

  3. I am playing in a Cortex version, and its going pretty well. I have not played Dragon Age, but am a big fan of Savage Worlds.

    Firefly would work quite well in Savage World, and has a system that I think really captures the feel of the show. I would do Savage Worlds.

  4. Of those I’d say that Savage Worlds would be the most fun. Now some place on the web there was a huge debate on River as PC. I don’t remember where it was but if you think the players might want to play a River type character, I’d say try it with FATE bacause it can handle the really weird characters better thru narrative control rather than crunchy bits.

  5. GURPS might also be a good fit for the Firefly universe, with it’s brutal gun rules and the ability to have in depth characters without having to have a lot of combat skills (So you can reflect characters like Kaylee and the Doc better off).

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