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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Voidgliders

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



Voidgliders are vacuum-adapted humanoids who were considered a nuisance by the Vokun until their natural ability to detect hyperspace nodes was discovered. The Vokun continue to let the voidgliders live in their clan groups, but they have confined all they could find to a reservation within the asteroid belt of one system. They take volunteers to serve as scouts for their star navy.  (SS, pg 17).  Trey’s kick ass post on the Voidgliders.


Voidglider names are not translatable in any language and often times are given nicknames as a form of identification.

 Vacuum Immunity: Voidgliders are able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protective suit and do not take damage from decompression at all.  All a voidglider needs to survive in space is food, water, and sunlight.  When they feel the effects of radiation exposure they hunker down in a cave or asteroid for a time, until the effects dissipate.

Flight: Voidgliders have giant black dragonfly wings that unfurl from their backs and allow them to fly in zero-G environments at a pace of 10 (1d10 for running).  These wings are actually symbiotic living solar panels that allow them to generate plasma sails that allow the voidglider to “sail” through the cosmos.

UV Sight: Voidgliders are able to most of the UV spectrum.

Natural Hyperspace Detector: Voidgliders are prized in the Vokun Empire for their natural ability to detect hyperspace nodes.  Voidgliders can begin to detect a hyperspace node within 871,000 km if they are not distracted or really concentrating.  Within 600,000 km a voidglider gets a stronger sense of where it is and able to pinpoint direction slightly better.  The closer a voidglider gets to the hyperspace node, the better they are able to determine the exact location.  If the voidglider gets withint 300,000 km (less than the distance of Earth to the moon) they are able to lead anyone right to the node.

Brain Structure: Voidgliders are wired differently and worry more about clan politics than anything else.  It costs two points per step to raise a voidglider’s Smarts at character creation and two Advances to raise Smarts during game play.

Outsider: Voidgliders are rarely comfortable outside of their clan-structure for long periods of time.  They suffer -2 to Charisma with any other creature except other Voidgliders.

Clueless: The politics or happenings of the galaxy are of little importance to voidgliders at large.  They care about the workings and survival of their clan.  A voidglider has the Clueless (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 28).

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Yantrans

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



The Yantrans are near baseline human and a primitive people with a pervasive cultural belief in nonviolence whose idyllic world is used as a place of recreation by the Vokun elite. There are signs of that an advanced civilization once inhabited Yantra: The environment has been finely tuned, nanotechnology though dormant) still permeates the biosphere, and what appear to be primitive stone structures (shrines, mostly, for the superstitious Yantrans) actually show complex femto-level engineering. Vokun occupation of Yantra has been plagued by random network and equipment failures and a higher than usual number of disappearances and accidental deaths (SS, pg 17).

Baseline Human: Since yantrans are close to human they start with a free edge.

Secret Knowledge: Yantrans secret is that their world isn’t as primitive as visitors are made to believe.  The yantran’s have access to advanced technology and use it behind the scenes to interfere with Vokun elite that impose themselves on the planet.

Vibration Sense: All yantrans have antae on their heads that make it difficult for targets to sneak up on them.  Yantrans receive +2 to all Notice (Smarts) checks to detect people who are hiding (or attempting to stealth past them).

Superstitious: Yantrans are superstitious and have strange beliefs about their planet and the universe at large.  They start with the Delusional (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 29).

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Star Folk

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.

Star Folk

Star Folk

The Star Folk travel between worlds in caravans of living starships. They declare festivals on planets where they make landfall, sharing eclectic, primitivist music, non-fabricated wares, psychedelic drugs, and xenophilic sexual encounters. In passing, they impart facets of their quasi-religious philosophy (a mishmash of elements of ancient mysticism) that embraces the seemingly conflicting elements of radical individualism and universal interconnectedness. They also play practical jokes and minor confidence games meant as performance art on authority figures and those they consider too narrow-minded.  Star Folk of all ages presumably exist, but the ones most frequently encountered as visitors to other societies are in their teens or twenties— or at least that’s how they appear. Some engage in radical body-shaping, modifying their baseline form or changing their sex on a temporary basis (SS, pg 21).  Here’s what Trey has to say on the matter.


Gamblin’ Folk: Pretty much all Star Folk learn the tricks of the trade of their people and how to take people to the cleaners.  Star Folk start with a d6 in Gambling (Smarts).

Lucky: Star Folk are known to be shucksters, cheats, and tricksters.  This has gotten more than a few of them into deep trouble with the wrong type; however they always seem to get out of trouble.  Star Folk have the Luck edge (SWDX, pg 33).

Artistic: Star Folk are artistic and playful, often times playing their trades to barter.  Choose one skill to start at a d6 (or create one that is along these lines): Music (Smarts); Art (Spirit); Sculpting (Spirit); Dance (Agility).

Not to be Trusted: The reputation of Star Folk is known far and wide.  Star Folk suffer -2 to Charisma with people who have heard of their confidence artist ways.

Talk Talk Talk: Star Folk love to talk.  They start with the Big Mouth (Minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 28).

Doesn’t Believe in Money: Star Folk don’t use currency, preferring to ply their trades and barter for goods or services.  Should a Star Folk receive money (either through gambling, stealing, or gratuity), they tend to forget about it shortly after acquiring it.  Star Folk will only hang on to money for 24 hours before discarding it.

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Kuath

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



The Kuath are known throughout the galaxy as the fanatically conditioned shock troops of the Empire. They are seldom seen outside of their 2.5 m tall bio-armor suits, but they are near baseline humans, rarely older than their teens. The real Kuath are the culture these adolescents hail from, a Neolithic people living in coastal settlements with a symbiotic relationship with marine invertebrate collective intelligences known as Naga Ma— Dragon Mothers. The Dragon Mothers (under threat of destruction by Vokun military might) surrendered and were forced to provide armored and drugged Kuath soldiers as tribute. (SS, pg 17).  More delicious info on the Kuath.


Near Human: Kuath are near baseline human and start with a free edge.

Bio-armor: The bio-armor given to the kuath from the Dragon Mothers is strong and enhances their natural abilities, allowing them to be effective shock troopers for the Vokun Empire.  While wearing the bio-armor, a kuath’s strength is increased one step and their fists do str+d4 damage.  The armor provides +6 protection against melee, ballistics, or energy damage.  While in their bio-armor a kuath can survive in the vacuum of space for two hours before having to make Vigor checks to resist taking damage from decompression.  To keep the armor healthy, it must be soaked in a nutrient bath for 2 hours out of every 24.  If the armor has not been soaked in a bath in three days it dehydrates and crumbles to pieces.  The ingredients for the nutrient bath costs 500 credits for 5 uses.

All Thumbs: Kuath come from a Neolithic world and are not great with technology.  They have the All Thumbs (Minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 28).

Wanted: This kuath has abandoned his duty as a shock trooper in the Vokun Empire and is now being hunted by Imperial agents.  They have the Wanted (Minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 31).

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Ibglibdishpan

Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.




The Vokun have a distrust of disembodied minds, so they employ “humanoid computers” in the form of ibglibdishpan savants. Ibglibdishpan neural structure and training make them logical and dispassionate — ideal accountants, administrators, and archivists. Some are trained in interpreting the emotions of other humanoids and are given careers in law or diplomacy. Ibglibdishpan themselves are notoriously difficult to read; their expressions are almost always masks of perfect serenity. Their mental structure is not without problems, however; they are prone to neural deadlocks, crashes, or other forms of madness (SS, pg 17).  Trey’s post.


Genius in the Genes: Ibglibdishpan have been bred by the Vokun to excel in intellect.  Ibglibdishpan start with a d8 in Smarts.  The character may raise it to a d12+2 via normal advancement; the Expert and Master Edges may raise it to a d12+4 (SWDX, pg 42).

Humanoid Computer: The ibglibdishpan have the ability to process mental tasks faster than normal human comprehension.  When attempting to solve a mental task (IE. Complicated math, astrogate navigation, etc.) the time needed to figure it out is reduced by ¾.  Easy mental tasks (IE. mental math, etc.) are done almost instantaneously.

Cybernetics: The Vokun Empire has all ibglibdishpan enhanced with a mental cybernetics package at a young age.  The ibglibdishpan gets to choose one mental cybernetic package at character creation (click here for cyberware package options, pg 17- actual conversion for Strange Stars coming soon)

Weak: Ibglibdishpan are not known for their physical prowess.  An ibglibdishpan cannot raise their strength beyond a d6.

Neural Break: The enhancements given to the ibglibdishpan by the Vokun are not without their downfalls.  Anytime a ibglibdishpan is attempting a complex mental processes they must succeed at a TN 5 Spirit check or have a mental breakdown.  Failure means the ibglibdishpan is shaken and can recover by burning a benny or recover normally (SWDX, pg 68).  Should snake eyes be rolled (no benny can be burned to ignore this) the target develops a phobia (Minor) (SWDX, pg 30).  Should the ibglibdishpan roll snake eyes again the minor phobia becomes a Major hindrance.  This cycle repeats, allowing the ibglibdishpan to develop multiple phobias.  Elderly ibglibdishpan are usually riddled with multiple neurological dysfunctions.

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Deva

Another fantastic voyage with Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



Resembling beings out of the paleo-spiritual memes of Earth, the winged deva are the most mysterious of the Alliance’s members. The deva are supportive of the Alliance and promote peace but are largely aloof from the affairs of other cultures. They are primarily concerned with their Great Work: the repair of 10 moon-sized artificial worlds in their home system. These are said to be huge brains and possibly components of an even greater mind (SS, pg 11).  Here is Trey’s post on the deva.


Angelic Wings: Deva have wings that utilize energy harmonics that allow them to fly in atmosphere or even in the vacuum of space.  A deva flies at a pace of 8 and a d8 if they fly fast.  A deva can only fly short distances in space (roughly 1000 miles) before they become exhausted and unable to carry on.

Diplomat: Even though deva are aloof and secretive, they are logical and good diplomats.  A deva begins with a d6 in Persuasion (Spirit).

Vacuum Resistant: Deva are able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protective suit and do not take damage from decompression for 6 hours before having to make Vigor check to avoid wounds.  When they make the Vigor check they receive +2 to the roll.

Secretive: Deva are extremely secretive about the Great Work.  All deva know that this work is of the utmost importance and imperative to the deva race.  A deva has the Vow (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 31).  A deva will do whatever it take to further the work on restoring the 10 moon-sized artificial worlds.  They will abandon their compatriots, steal, kill, cheat, etc. should it be necessary in the service of the Great Work.

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Gnomes

Another fantastic voyage with Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars.



The gnomes are small humanoids who live and mine within asteroids. Their society resembles that of eusocial insects; they have two castes (managers and workers) and only one Mother at a time produces young per clan. A gnome Mother is actually an external womb generated by the mating of a female and male. Gnomes are gregarious and inquisitive but slow and deliberate in their thought process (SS, pg 11).  Trey’s post is here.


Caste System: Choose one- Manager (start with d6 in Smarts); Worker (start with a d6 in Strength).

Likeable: Gnomes are gregarious and friendly.  They start with the Charismatic edge (SWDX, pg 41) even if they don’t meet the requirements.

Infravision: The gnomes are a subterranean race and have evolved to be able to see heat signatures in the dark (SWDX, pg 131)

Natural Weapons: Gnomes have small claws that aid them in burrowing and delving tunnels in the asteroids they inhabit.  Their claws do Str+d4-2 damage.

Small: Gnomes are small and suffer -1 to Toughness.

Agoraphobia: Gnomes dislike open spaces and become panicked when in them.  They have the Phobia (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 30) when in open spaces.