Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Blesh

And we continue on our lovely journey of Savage Worlding the awesome Strange Stars!  Today we dissect the Blesh.


Blesh 1

The blesh are a gestalt species blending human and nonhuman. Their insectoid bioroid forms grow like fruit from cybernetic trees on their homeworld. Their minds are a fusion of post-sapient alien intelligence with one of 1,803 digitized human minds downloaded from a crashed ark. Blesh are a peaceful species with reverence for other sophonts. Perhaps due to the human component of their minds, they have a strong curiosity about ancient human artifact (SS, pg 11). Here’s Trey’s post on the Blesh.


Chitin: The thick carapace of the blesh gives them +2 armor (this can be negated with AP weaponry).

Cybernetic Enhancements: Blesh are “born” with several cybernetic enhancements when they emerge from their flesh pods that are attached to their cybernetic tree.  A blesh gets to choose two cybernetic packages at character generation for free (click here for cyberware package options, pg 17- actual conversion for Strange Stars coming soon).

Multiple Arms: Blesh have 6 arms.  This grants the blesh one extra non-movement action per limb and they do not incur the multi-action penalty (SWDX, pg 22).

Knowledgeable: Blesh all have an interest in ancient human artifact.  They start with a d6 in Knowledge (Ancient Human Artifacts)(Smarts).

No Harm: Blesh revere other sophonts and will not do deadly harm under any circumstances.  A blesh has the Pacifist (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 30).

Curious: Blesh are curious about the galaxy, species, and many other points of interest.  Blesh have the Curious (Major) hindrance (SWDX, pg 29).

Slow Healers: When the blesh are away from their cybernetic trees they heal slower than normal creatures.  Increase the time for natural healing rolls to 7 days instead of the normal 5 (SWDX, pg 78).

Blesh 2

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