Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Smaragdines

Here’s some more fun from the Savage Worlding of Strange Stars.


The Smaragdines are the visionaries of the Alliance, known for their psi abilities. All citizens are required to have at least rudimentary skills because the crystalline megapolis of Smaragdoz is ruled by a group-mind Consensus: The captured thoughts and desires of the citizens form an entity of pure thought that makes laws by decree. All Smaragdine children are tested for psi abilities, and the most promising are sent to one of a number of academies (SS, pg 11). Here’s a post by Trey on the Smaragdines.


Consensus: The great group-mind bestows base knowledge to all Smaragdines.  A player chooses two skills to start at a d4 for free at character generation.

Psionic: Nearly all Smaragdines have some psi capability.  Start with the Arcane Background: Psionics (SWDX, pg 104) with 10 power points and 3 powers.

Isolated: Smaragdines are shocked when they leave their homeworld and not connected to the group-mind, missing the constant whispers that trail through their mind.  They suffer -1 to all Spirit rolls when not on their planet.

Alone: Being part of the group-mind is an intense and wonderful shared experience.  When not on their planet they have the Outsider (minor) hindrance (SWDX, pg 30).

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