The Magical Item Alphabet!!- V- The Violin of the Lamented Exile

The Violin of the Lamented Exile- Isaac Thamuel, a once a renowned and celebrated musician, fled his beloved nation after he wrote a symphony of such passion and heartbreak it caused all in the audience to go insane, many dying of a seemingly broken heart.


As the years in isolation and exile passed Isaac became more engrossed in his grief and torment.  He played his violin at many inns and taverns along his travels, and the result was nearly always the same… chaos, crushing sadness, insanity, and death.


Eventually Isaac was killed by a frenzied mob as he wandered into a new town, but his violin survived.  This violin is fueled with the energies of sadness, bitterness, and chaos that coursed through Isaac’s soul.


Should a person play a song of sadness and loss on the violin, all within a 100’ radius must make a successful save DC 18 Will save or be driven mad, suffering a permanent 2d3 Wisdom loss.  Each day the target must make another Will save at the same DC or lose a further 2d3 points of Wisdom.  Once a target has dropped to 3 or below Wisdom, they are permanently insane, lost in the prison of their own mind.  A successful Will save causes the target to snap back to reality, but does not recover the lost points.


Each time a person plays this violin they permanently lose a point of Charisma as their become a more surly, moody, and tortured soul.


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