The Magical Alphabet!!- U- Ulgarg’s Bag of Belly Buttons

The ancient and shriveled goblin shaman Ulgrag kept a bag of victim’s belly buttons as a trophy.  He would gladly take them out and show them to the other members of his clan at a moments notice. After an unfortunate incident where Ulgrag’s head ran into a knights war mace, the bag was collected and sold off to a mysterious pawn shop, simply known as “The Emporium.”  Now the shop keeper has a deal for you…


In the bag at any given time are the belly buttons of:

Virgins (There are 10 of these)– they can be put on the fingers of a person (like black olives) and become suction cups that allow the wearer to climb sheer surfaces.  Lasts for 2d10 minutes before shriveling up and crumbling to dust.

Children (1d4 of these)– Throw at a target and it acts like the Phantasmal Killer (Wizard, lvl 4) spell.

Old People (2d4 of these)– These shriveled and nasty belly buttons can be crushed into a fine powder and blown in the eyes of a target.  The target must make a DC 14 Fort save or be blinded for 2d10 minutes and being to have horrible, violent hallucinations.  Alternatively the user can crush up four at a time and throw them at an area, which acts as the Web spell (Wizard, lvl 2).

Goblin (3d6 of these)– Ah how Ulgrag liked to carve out the belly buttons of naughty lil goblins of his clan!  Each one of these thrown summons a loyal goblin soldier (2 HP, +1 attack, AC 12, 1d4-1 dmg- rusted dagger).  These lil bastards giggle, cause mayhem, and last for 2d10 rounds or until killed.

Women (1d3 of these)– The owner can stretch this belly button out and lower it around their head.  They will be transformed into a beautiful woman (Charisma 18, +4).  The perfect disguise… or just something to do on a lonely Friday night.

Men (1d4 of these)– This can be thrown on the ground and a level 1d4 fighter will appear and serve your will.  This is a mindless husk, but very capable with a blade.  Only one of these belly buttons can be used at a time.  The fighter lasts for 2d3 rounds before disappearing.

Once all these belly buttons have been used the bag will sit empty for 1 month.  After 1 month the bag must be set under the full moon and bathed in the blood of a yak, the venom of a spider, and the spit of a whore.  Once these rites have occurred the bag will refill.



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