The Changeling Race/Class for White Star

I wanted to do a class/race inspired by Odo from DS9.  Thought it would be a fun fit for White Star.


The Changeling

Changeling 1

Here’s the PDF- The Changeling

Changelings are a strange race that hail from the farthest reaches of the galaxy.  No one knows if these creatures have their own homeworld or a society of their own.  Encountering a changeling is extremely rare and they are usually regarded with suspicion due to their ability to change into nearly any shape they desire.  Changelings have two natural states in which they exist; a liquid state (when they are at rest) and a humanoid form.


Changelings are often hired as spies or assassins.  Others take up the mantle of law officer or bounty hunter.


Level XP HD BHB ST Shapses/Day
1 0 1+1 +0 13 3
2 3,000 2 +1 12 4
3 6,000 3 +2 11 5
4 12,000 4 +3 10 6
5 24,000 5 +4 9 7
6 48,000 6+1 +4 8 8


The Changeling Abilities

Weapons and Armor Restrictions:  Changelings are proficient with clubs, daggers, mono-daggers, swords, mono-swords, laser pistols, and laser rifles.  Changelings tend not to wear any armor as it interferes with their ability to shape change, but can wear up to light armor.  Shape changing out of armor and into a different form takes an additional round.

Shape Change:

Changeling 3

Changelings are able to change their shape into any creature that they have seen or studied previously for at least five rounds.  The creature can be as small as a mouse or as large as a grizzly bear.  The changeling gains any attack that the creature has (IE. claw, bite, tentacle, etc.), and any movement ability (IE. swimming as a fish, speed as a cheetah, flight of a bird, etc.), and any other natural abilities the creature may have.  Changelings do not get special or supernatural type powers when changing into a creature.  A changeling can even coat themselves over technical displays and take on a chameleon-like appearance.  Anyone attempting to notice a changeling in this state must succeed at an Intelligence check -4.  A changeling surprises any target in 1-5 on a d6.

Changelings can take on the appearance of people and aliens as well, but do not gain access to their memories.  Changelings cannot replicate people who have overt cybernetic body parts, as they cannot change into things with gears or many moving parts.  Changelings can transform into inert objects like rocks, trees, fallen logs, vases, furniture, etc. as well.

A changeling can use this ability a number of times per day as indicated on the table above before becoming exhausted and having to remain in the last form or revert to their humanoid form.  Each transformation takes 1 round.

Pseudopods: If a changeling takes no other action (including movement or attack) they can form up to 4 pseudopods that reach up to 10’ and make an attack with each.  They deal 1d6-1 damage.

Unknown Physiology: Changelings do not need to eat or drink, are immune to most (GM’s call) diseases and poisons, and are immune to critical hits (if the GM is using that optional rule).

Regeneration: Every 24 hours a changeling must revert to a liquid state and regenerate for 8 hours.  During this time they regain HP as per the normal rules.  Each hour past the initial 24 a changeling must succeed at a Savings Throw to remain in the shape that they are in.  They cannot shape change at all.  Each additional hour the changeling suffers -1 to their roll (IE. a changeling that has gone on for 29 hours suffers -5 to their Savings Throw).

Changeling 2

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