Firefly: The Complete Space and Sci-fi Kit: A Full Vornheim Hack


I’ve been mentioning this for awhile and it’s finally done: Firefly: The Complete Space and Sci-Fi Kit- A Vornheim Hack.

I like running sci-fi games for my group and it usually is either Star Wars or Firefly.  Currently I am running a Firefly game using Savage Worlds instead of my own Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse.  I just wanted to try something different.

On to Details

First I wanna thank Zak for being fucking cool with me hacking the shit out of his book.  It’s been fun and I plan to do it again soon.

I tried to keep this book as system neutral as possible that way it can be used in a plethora of gaming communities.  I also tried to add enough stuff that was from the Firefly world, but also make up a bunch of shit that could be used with Traveler, Rogue Trader, Star Wars, etc.  All you gotta do is file off some of the serial numbers and you have yourself a nice generic sci-fi kit book.

Anyways, I hope that people get some use out of this and enjoy it.

As always feel free to leave feedback and comments.


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