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Bar Nowhere for Death is the New Pink by Gennifer Bone

One of the many projects that I am currently working on is a Death is the New Pink zine (that will come out whenever I plan on releasing)- total punk rock-style!

Note: There’s a killer character sheet for DitNP here.

When I was writing stuff for a DitNP session I was listening to Lone Digger by Caravan Palace (see the video below) and dug the feel of it for a glitzy dive bar.  Also I was watching season 1 and 2 of Killjoys.  I love the character, Pree.  He’s funny and rambunctious and a badass.

I wanted to steal that zest for the bartender/owner for my DitNP location.


Pree was a big inspiration for the character.


Anyways, when I decided to start writing the first issue of the zine, I wanted to include the bar.  I also wanted to make the character transgender.

Instead of me writing a transgender character, being a straight white CIS male, I wanted to hire the awesome Gennifer Bone to do so!

So here is her art and words!  Enjoy!

Bar Nowhere


Siouxsie Khan by Gennifer Bone


On the outskirts of Scratchtown, hugging the wall that separate the dangerous wilderness of the Wasted World from the “civilization”, you can find Bar Nowhere. Built within the shell of a concrete dome, the Bar has no sign, though you can always identify the place by the garish neon light shining through the single window. Bar Nowhere is typical for a Wastlands pub- a bar, some chairs, a smattering of scrounged and home-brewed hootch. An old jukebox plays eccletic tunes. It’s the lady behind the counter, backlight by the huge “Bar” sign, that makes Bar Nowhere different.

She’s a tall, strong woman of Asian desent. She’s never seen without perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes, and her signature pipe. She’s Siouxsie Khan. A smart and well-connected woman, she’s known for either having the info you need, or knowing who to talk to to get it. A pleasant, charismatic sort, Siouxsie is a consumate bartender. She turns down any propostions with a wink and a smile.

Some newcomers stare at her broad shoulders, or comment on her deep voice. These newcomers get one warning- “Siouxise Khan is who and what she says she is.” Continuing to comment (or worse, laugh) is trouble- she’s an excellent fighter, backed up by the Clairance, the bouncer. (A huge man wearing a metal mask, who rarely speaks)

Siouxsie only talks about her trans*(MtF) status with people she trusts.

Siouxsie runs a good bar, a peaceful bar. All the locals know that Bar Nowhere is neutral ground- no fighting. One time, a trio of bandits decided to throw down in Siouxsie’s place. With a press of a button, they were ripped apart by drone guns hidden in the walls. Then she had their friends clean up the mess.


As the local’s say, “Nowhere’s like Nowhere”.


Hooks and Rumors

1) Siouxsie Khan has decided that she’s ready to match her body to her identity. The Meat Bags are hired to travel to a far Medical Research Lab, to retrieve a robot device- the Bio-Remix-Transmographier (B.R.T., or Bert). It has the ability to remake any living thing, so changing Siouxsie’s physical sex should be easy. The journey will not be easy, and when the Meat Bags finally get their, they will find that Bert, who has the mind and personality of a child, has been using it’s abilities to make “friends”. Some truly gnarly mutants wander the lab.

If sucessful the Meat Bags will be well-compensated, Siouxsie closes the bar for a week for the gender alteration(she won’t look any differet, she likes her looks, after all), and Bert does a brisk business altering Meat Bags for profit(gender alteration is free to select customers).

2) Nobody knows how Siouxsie gets her infomation- she rarely leaves Bar Nowhere. There are a few who would pay well for her secret. (Her secret is a military-grade radio\descrambler and spy drone comp in a chamber deep below the bar)

3) A persistant rumor claims that Bar Nowhere sits above an underground military bunker, full of weapons and supplies! (Looks to be true, but the way in behind the Radio Room was blocked off by a cave in years ago)

4) Siouxsie loves gifts. Meat Bags may want to search the ruins for a suitable gift, or are hired to find one. (she loves beauty supplies and fine dresses, both a rarity in the Wastes). She is willing to trade valuable information for quality goods.

5) Siouxsie’s estranged family have come calling! A ruthless, well-organized band has appeared, demanding that she “return home, and cease this shameful life”. Naturally, her allies rally to her defence- This looks like all-out war! Meat Bags may be hired by Siouxsie, to protect the bar, or by the Khan family, to assult it. They may even be called upon to mediate between the two parties!

Dr. Mac N’ Cheese’s Handy Dandy Hydroponics Clone-a-Nator- a Fancy Doodad Service for Death is the New Pink

Dr. Mac N’ Cheese’s Handy Dandy Hydroponics Clone-a-Nator!

Clone 1

This is for use with Death is the New Pink (but can be hacked to about anything, really).


“Now listen here my soft and squishy Meat Bag!  It’s a dangerous world out there!  Crazed raiders, inbred beasties, and other terrifying Nefarios lurk out in those wastes!  And all of them want to murder your face!  Now there is no shame in dyin’!  It happens!


However, don’t let dyin’ be the end of your life!  No siree, for those who can afford the small fee in Gold Bits (a pittance, really), you are guaranteed to be brought back to life in NEARLY the same shape and personality as you were!


Now let’s be honest, you aren’t exactly a winner right now anyways, and what’s the harm of random twitches, weird hairy moles, paranoid personality disorder, your skin turning blue, or hell even warts on your ass if it means you get a second shot at life, eh?!  Some of my best clients are on their third or fourth shot!


Now if you’re looking for a second shot at life, let Dr. Mac N’ Cheese take a look at your brain matter and get you suited up with a chip and you’ll be right as rain.  Careful, don’t sneeze now. “




The life of a Meat Bag is short and brutal, however with cloning technology a life that was reduced to a bloody smear on the ground can be revitalized!  After spending 600 x Meat Bag level in GB (i.e., cloning a Weenie Meat Bag will cost 600, while cloning a Full Pound Meat Bag would cost 3,600), the Meat Bag has a copy of its DNA put into Dr. Mac N’ Cheese’s data banks and a chip is implanted in their brain.  At the point of death all memories, experiences, etc. are uploaded and stored.


Once Dr. Mac N’ Cheese has all he needs, he goes to work of growing a new you that will wait in stasis until you die a horrible death.  Once Dr. Mac N’ Cheese has received notification of your greasy demise, he uploads your consciousness into the clone.  You emerge from the stasis pod, covered in goo and smelling strangely of cinnamon and cloves, but otherwise unharmed.


Cloning isn’t without it’s risks however.  Each time a Meat Bag clones, there is the risk of cellular degradation.  Make a Luck roll for each stat.  If it favors you, there has been no degradation for that stat.  If it doesn’t favor you, permanently reduce the stat by 1.  You also lose an additional 1 MOXY (hey, getting killed fucks a person up, ok?!).


Additionally, being cloned brings out a crazy quirk in the new body.  Roll 1d10+1d20 on the table below to discover what quirk you’ve gained.


Cloning Quirks
Roll 1d10+1d20 Result
2 Warts on your ass
3 Hear voices inside your head
4 Constantly twitchy
5 Mindlessly pet soft things
6 Body covered in disgusting hair moles
7 Teeth chatter when nervous
8 Turned on the smell and taste of smoked meat
9 Become OCD (player chooses what they are OCD about)
10 You have an imaginary friend named “Ben.”  He’s a troublemaker
11 Has to list at least three reasons why something won’t work
12 Count your pimples as you pop them
13 Sniffs loudly when irritated or disapproving
14 Body hair is baby fine and stands on end when music plays
15 Loves lizards!  Like can’t get enough of the cute little buggers!
16 Your skin turns- Roll 1d6: 1) Blue; 2) Green; 3) Yellow; 4) Orange; 5) Red; 6) Purple
17 Hums constantly when bored
18 Have an extra finger on one hand
19 Needs a security blanket
20 Start having night terrors
21 Loves birds!  Keeps one in a cage with them at all times
22 Addicted to eating honey (when you can find it)
23 Calls people by the wrong name all the time- they have to be doing it on purpose, right?!
24 Your teeth are backwards
25 Paranoid personality disorder
26 One eye is a different wacky color (player chooses)
27 Compulsive liar
28 Head hair grows like leaves and blood is muddy water (hydroponics, yo!)
29 Gain a Mutation (DitNP, pg 18)
30 Roll twice!

What is Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo’ Ass? Oh and Here’s a Loot Die Drop Chart!

I’m about done with the first draft of Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo’ Ass (DitNP: GMoYA), which is the “fantasy” version of Death is the New Pink!  Now that I’m nearly done with the first draft I can start playtesting it.  I will be running my group through the Forever Dungeon.

What is Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo’ Ass!

DitNP: GMoYA is a fantasy version of Death is the New Pink.  It is inspired by rpgs like Earthdawn and Warhammer and movie

This strange, zany, twisted, and bizarre world setting uses a mash-up of the fun Into the Odd rules by Chris McDowall and The Black Hack by David Black plus my own variations/house rules and is inspired by Tank Girl, Mad Max, Adventure Time, the Evil Dead Trilogy, and RPGs like Earthdawn and Warhammer Fantasy Role-playing Game.  Players take on the roles of Medieval Meat Bags that wander the twisting, packed and malformed streets of Flotsam, travel through this newly formed jungle world on various beasts of burden, or catch a ride on a zeppelin (should they dare).  Their goal: to find Doodads, obtain materials for trade, or to cause mayhem, death and destruction just for the sake of it.  Medieval Meat Bags have lost everything, their world is gone, and the new one is filled with horrific creatures and strange inhabitants, nearly all whom want to kill and devour the tender body of a Medieval Meat Bag, so the prospect of death is common and accepted as par of course.  Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo’ Ass! is brutal, bloody, and chaotic.  Things should be kept fast-paced and it’s more than fine if it doesn’t make sense!  Character death is fairly common and should be embraced; a particularly blood death should be applauded and celebrated!  Enjoy spreading chaos in the Yet-to-be-Wasted World (trust me, eventually it’s gonna go tits up… big time)!

The State of the World

“It was pretty bad… the skies turned upside down, the air became fetid and choking, my insides boiled, and I wretched until there was nothing left but dry heaving.  And then nothing… Just empty darkness.  I awoke covered in my own filth and someone had drawn huge genitals on my fucking forehead!  That’s why I don’t dare drink Nasty Mimi’s hooch anymore!  You’d have thought I’d have learned that after I got drunk on the stuff and got a giant tattoo on my back of me snugglin’ a kitten!  Anyways, the way I felt after drinking that hooch was nothing compared to how I felt after waking up from The Tanks.

No one really knows how it all started, but basically every fucking bad thing you could imagine happening happened.  The seas turned red, the skies boiled, death and disease, violent earthquakes, robot overlords (I didn’t even know what the hell a robot was until one blasted off my damned leg with their laser beams!), the undead rose up and walked the earth, horrible mutated beasts wandered the wilderness stalking us, demon princes spewed forth from the bowels of hell, killer clowns (have you see how scary those fuckers are?!), human sacrifices, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria, and worse all happened at once!  We call it the Calamity.  Simple, right?  Gets the point across…

No two ways about it; we were fucked.  The great sages concocted a plan to save us.  They called it The Tanks.  These large vats were built in underground vaults constructed by the dwarves and filled with slimy alchemical liquids brewed by Mystics and elves.  The chosen few (don’t ask me how I got on that list- I thought I was gonna die) were strapped into seats (they weren’t very comfortable) and submerged into the goo.

The idea was we’d sleep for just long enough for the evil crazy fucked up shit going on around the planet to burn itself out and we’d emerge, well-rested mind you, and reclaim our world.  The sages anticipated that we’d sleep for two hundred years… well the jokes on us because we slept for two thousand years and all those crazy evil bastards are all still here.  Now there may not be as many nasties as when it all started, but there are still plenty out there wanting nothing more than to fuck our faces with lasers, wear our hearts as jewelry, or lay eggs in our chest cavity!

The world as we knew it is gone!  It’s all about setting out and killing the bad shit, finding Doodads to make us stronger, and getting piss drunk to blur out the horrors.

Anyways, all of this really isn’t important- I mean really- who cares about how the world got this way?  The reality is at some point you’re gonna end up a bloody smear on the ground!  It’s kill or be killed.  Might as well fucking enjoy it!”

The Forever Dungeon

No one knows who built the Forever Dungeon, and let’s face it- no Medieval Meat Bag worth their weight in smoked sausage gives a shit.  It’s a twisting labyrinth of rooms; some constructed of drab grey stone, others of smooth obsidian, others made of large vibrantly green jade bricks, and others of cool metal with alien technology infused throughout- so on and so forth.

Riddles and puzzles, traps, Nefarios, Gold Bits, and most importantly, Doodads, can be found throughout the rooms of the Forever Dungeon.  Medieval Meat Bag after Medieval Meat Bag runs into this dangerous dungeon in the hopes of striking it rich or nabbing a powerful Doodad!  Many don’t make it out, instead ending up a bloody smear on the ground.

However, there’s a couple catches (isn’t there always?): First- almost every time the Forever Dungeon is vacated of Medieval Meat Bags, it seems to rearrange itself (that’s just mean, right?!), so it makes mapping the damned thing impossible!  Second- you may think you made it big with a bunch of powerful Doodads, but there is a pretty good chance they are illusions that only function when you’re in the Forever Dungeon.  The moment you walk out the door: poof, they’re gone!  Not all Doodads are illusions though, and that’s what keeps Medieval Meat Bags going back, time and time again- like rats in a maze hitting a button for a fucking food pellet!

Looting the Body

To find out what is on the body of a fallen Nefario, a player can roll 2-6 d6’s on this table.  Whatever square the die occupies the most is what the player obtains.  If multiples are rolled (i.e., two 3’s, four fives, etc.) then that means the item is cursed, trapped, or a random encounter occurs.  If a die rolls off the table, it counts as finding nothing on the body, but the number still counts towards determining multiples.  Feel something is unique– just cross it off and write something in it’s place.

Here’s the PDF: Death is the New Pink Loot Die Drop Chart PDFDeath is the New Pink Loot Die Drop Chart


Death is the New Pink is Now Available on POD- Oh and a Tasty Character Sheet

II finally got my Death is the New Pink proof from Drivethru post Gen Con and it passed the test, so it is NOW up for sale for both PDF and POD!

Eric from Bloat Games did a great unboxing video of it!

And finally Evlyn M did a fantastic character sheet for your usage pleasure!


Other Goodies

I’ve begun writing a sequel to DitNP called Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo’ Ass!, Angie is working on a t-shirt design for DitNP, and I’m jotting down stuff for a supplement for Hubris (more on that in the future.

Back From Gen Con (flashing some pics)! Hubris Won an ENNIE and Demon City Joins DIY RPG Productions!

This is the first time I’ve had a breather since returning from Gen Con!  What a fucking blast!  I got to meet so many cool peeps while I was there!  It was a hell of a treat!  Snuggling with Jez Gordon was tops (he only cried for 20 minutes or so)!

Two pieces of big pieces of awesome came from Gen Con for DIY RPG Productions!  First- Hubris won a Silver ENNIE for Best Electronic Book!  Thanks to EVERYONE for the support and excitement for Hubris over the years and for voting for it in the ENNIES.


I guess there was a little stink because I threw my logo up at the Steaming video, but whatever:)

Here’s a link to that for anyone interested.  Should start at the point for best electronic book (if not, it’s time point 49+:47).

The SECOND piece of Awesome is that Zak Sabbath is teaming up with DIY RPG Productions to publish his awesome Demon City setting book!  This is gonna be delicious, sexy, and epic!  I am really excited about this opportunity and it’ll be a great book!  More on this coming soon!

If you haven’t heard of Hubris or need more info- here’s a great review!


Me getting ready for the ENNIES and practicing my acceptance speech


Awesome ENNIE pose with Jez, Zak, James, and Patrick!


Me rocking some delicious Jez Gordon Feral apparel (hey that rhymes!)


I did way too much of this at the con


Played in some RPGage a couple times run by Zak





Ran Hubris at the Con- It Came From… OUTER SPACE!!!  A level zero funnel!


19 poor souls got themselves perished in the funnel!


Ran Orcs: A High Octane Adventure (3rd level Hubris module- coming eventually)


Two pitiful souls died in this adventure- I was too soft 😛

Death is the New Pink Update- Character Sheet- and Quick Reviews!

So the Death is the New Pink POD is still coming.  I got the proof, but for some reason two of the pictures backgrounds were screwy and the color on two other pictures came out red instead of pink… sooooo those need to be fixed.  Angie needs to fiddle with her pieces, but she’s out visiting family back in MT.

Hopefully by the end of July, I’ll have a new POD proof in my hands that’ll be gorgeous and right- then I’ll put it up for sale.

Character Sheet

Death is the New Pink Character SheetsHere is a picture of the character sheet- here’s the PDF- Death is the New Pink Character Sheets.

Feel free to use em for some DitNP action.

Lastly here are two reviews of DitNP!

Based on the Into the Odd rules system, Death is the New Pink is a rules-light RPG that focuses on playing the game and creating the atmosphere rather than complex mechanics and convoluted background fluff. I’m always looking for a game that is good for getting a one-shot to the table that is immediately fun for the players – Death is the New Pink fulfills that desire with fully flavored character creation in minutes and rules that are grokked by everyone just as quickly. The book sites a number of pop culture post-apocalypse influences, but I think the most apt reference is Tank Girl. It paints a wasteland background, but throws out the oppressive/depressing feel and instead opts for a campy fun environment of violent abandon. The artwork and the tone is excellent throughout the book as well. Highly recommended!




A fun and colorful post-apocalyptic game, based on the elegant Into The Odd rules. Character generation is fast and throws you a few curveballs, getting you ready to play within minutes.

I hope to have a printed version some day, as the art really deserves it.


Death is the New Pink Out Now!!


Death is the New Pink was released last week on Drivethru/RPG Now in PDF format (here’s the link)!  The POD version will be coming out soon.  I’m waiting to get approved by OBS for formatting.  Once I get my proof, and if it looks good, I’ll put it up for sale.

Anyone who buys the PDF of DitNP will get an email with a discount to get the POD as if they purchased the bundle.

Here is other things I’ve posted about Death is the New Pink on the blog.

If you’ve purchased DitNP and enjoy it, please feel free to leave a review on Drivethru/RPG Now

Here’s the summary of DitNP

This bizarre, crazed, post-apocalyptic setting uses the fun Into the Odd rules by Chris McDowall and is inspired by Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, the Fallout and Borderlands video game series, and Mad Max.

Players take on the roles of Meat Bags that wander the packed and filthy streets of Scratchtown, or buzz through the wasteland on souped-up hot rods.  Their goal: to find Doodads, obtain materials for trade, or to cause mayhem, death and destruction just for the sake of it.  Meat Bags feel they’ve seen and done it all, so the prospect of death is one of the only exciting “unknown” things left in the world.  Death is the New Pink is brutal, bloody, and chaotic.  Things should be kept fast-paced and it’s more than fine if it doesn’t make sense!  Character death is fairly common and should be embraced; a particularly blood death should be applauded and celebrated!


Doodads, mutants, bullets, dead bodies, and some booze and pizza are all in a day’s adventure in the Wasted World.

Strap on your ass-kicking boots and grab your big guns, Meat Bag!

It’s time to get your killin’ (or dyin’) on!

Burn rubber and enjoy spreading chaos in the Wasted Worldin this scrappy RPG!

What’s In the Book


Death is the New Pink is rules-lite and keeping with the rules designed by Chris McDowall, characters can be made in 2-5 minutes!  There are rules for vehicles, new equipment, rules for Doodads (strange and powerful scientific devices), Muscle Ups! (perks that give special abilities to the Meat Bag), bunches of Nefarios (bad enemies that want to hurt your squishy bits!), info on the expansive city called Scratchtown, an adventure called “A Bloody Romp Through the Catacombs,” and a Point Crawl through the the Wasted Earth near Scratchtown (including map). The book comes in at 90 pages!