The Gelatin Lich, Gelatin Ghoul, and Gelatin Contagion for Hubris

So these monsters are totally Carmin Vance‘s fault (you can support her through her ko-fi page). She sent me picture of that horrible gelatin salad mold (why the fuck does it have a nose? What is the nose?!) and challenged me to stat it up. I hope I did it justice. Enjoy, peeps!

The Gelatin Lich, Countess Gertrude de Mab

Int: +1d12; Atk: bite +5 melee (1d8 plus Gelatin Contagion) or claw +3 (1d6); AC: 14; HD: 8; MV: 30’; Act: 2d20; SP: un-dead traits, gelatin contagion, infravision 100’; SV Fort +2; Ref +5; Will +5; AL C.

Countess Gertrude de Mab was known across the land for her beauty.  As the years passed, she became obsessed with her aging visage and a way to reverse it.  After witnessing the beheading of a warlock, the head whispered the secrets of immortality to the countess.  Believing them true, she absconded to her castle with the head and set to work gathering materials and sacrifices needed for such a powerful incantation.

Under the light of the blood moon, the countess was entombed in an iron sarcophagus that was filled with herbs, spices, and various noble delicacies while her servants slit the throats of 1,000 goats, letting the blood flow ceremoniously on the ground.  Finally, a Primordial Slime was placed in the sarcophagus and the ritual began. 

For days, the screams of the Countess rang through the countryside, but none dared intervene.  What rose from the sarcophagus was not the revitalized and beautiful visage of the countess, but a horrific gelatin lich.  Now Gertrude is filled with wrath at her countenance and desires to enslave the world in her gelatin empire.

With his trickery accomplished, the severed head of the warlock never spoke again.

Primordial Slime Properties: A Gelatin Lich has an Ooze Special Property (DCC, pg 424) that changes daily.  Roll 1d10 and consult the table. 

Gelatin Contagion: A living creature bitten by a Gelatin Lich must make a DC 16 Fort save or contract Gelatin Contagion (see below).

Alchemist: A Gelatin Lich is extremely skilled at potion brewing.  They can brew potions per the rules in DCC, pp 223-225). First roll 1d12 and reduce the DC of the potion making by that amount.  Additionally, a Gelatin Witch rolls 1d24+5 when brewing a potion.  Their skill allows them to brew any spell effect on the Wizard Spell list (DCC, pg 127).  The DC for these effects are” 1st level: 15; 2nd level: 20; 3rd level: 25; 4th level: 35; 5th level: 40.

Always has 2d6+2 potions on them.

Undead Traits: A Gelatin Lich is immune to non-magical weapons, takes double damage from fire, cannot go out in sunlight (or suffers 1d10 damage per round), is immune to critical hits, disease and poison, sleep, charm, and hold spells as well as other mental effects and cold damage.

Deathless: A Gelatin Lich can never be killed so long as their sarcophagus is intact.  When slain, their body will reform in their tomb in 1d10 days.

Favor: The Countess values loyalty and favors those who have aided her in some fashion with sustenance from her very body. 

Sustenance from Countess Gertrude de Mab
Roll 1d10ResultEffect
1PeasEach pea consumed heals 1d4 HP but causes the consumer to roll all Will tests to avoid possession one step lower on the die ladder for 1 hour.
2OlivesEating these allows the consumer to see in total darkness (even magical) for 1 hour.  They must make a Fort save or gain a mutation.  Roll 1d6: 1-3) Cosmetic; 4-5) Power; 6) Calamitous. See Hubris pp. 43-49.
3CucumberThe consumer becomes cool and collected, taking half damage from ice and rolling all Will tests one step higher on the die ladder for 1d4 hours.  The target suffers double damage from fire. 
4Bell pepperThe consumer becomes energized, gaining 3d6 temporary hit points (lasts until consumed) and rolls STR rolls one step higher on the die ladder.  You give off a faintly sweet smell, which doubles the range any undead will detect you.
5LimeSucking on the lime forces any living target within 30’ to make a DC 14 Fort save or have their mouths pucker and be unable to speak (spell casters must make an additional save or be unable to cast spells).  Effect lasts 1d10 minutes.  Sucking on the lime deals 1d8 damage and the consumer must succeed at a DC 12 Fort save or permanently reduce their Stamina by 1.
6Baby CornAfter consuming this the target’s skin becomes covered in bumpy yellow nodes. They take 50% damage from all normal/natural physical sources for 1 hour. Additionally there are 1d6 large yellow nodules that can be picked off the target’s flesh and consumed, granting +2 AC for 1 hour.
7ChickpeasThese chickpeas can be thrown at targets, dealing 1d10 damage and releasing a small puff of stinky yellow/green smoke.  A target slain by the chickpea has a 20% chance to rise up as a zombie the next round and will serve their attacker until slain.  Creatures with 3 HD or more are immune to this effect.
8Candied apricotYour skin becomes caked in a hard crusty substance, increasing your armor class by +3 for 1d4 hours.  During this time all Agility and Ref saves are rolled one step lower on the die ladder.
9ChickenThose that consume the shredded chicken will not need any food for one month.  However, they will develop a strange new appetite when the effect wears off.  Roll 1d6: 1) Forever chicken from now on…; 2) Butterflies sure look tasty; 3) Raw garlic bulbs; 4) Licking rocks before and after dinner; 5) Paper; 6) Grass/leaves and you chew like a cow.
10Glob of gelatinAfter the consumer chokes down the large ball of gloopy snot, their skin constantly has a clammy countenance.  They make all saves against Primal Ooze abilities one step higher on the die ladder and only suffer half damage from all attacks (not magical spells).  Every morning the target takes 1d6 points of damage from the tiny Primordial Ooze that is eating their stomach.  If the consumer is ever reduced to 0 HP in this manner, a full Primordial Ooze will burst from their abdomen then next round (DCC pp 423-424).
*Roll 1d4 for quantity given

Gelatin Ghouls

Int: +1; Atk: bite +3 melee (1d4 plus Gelatin Contagion) or claw +1 melee (1d3); AC: 12; HD: 2d6; MV: 30’; Act: 1d20; SP: un-dead traits, gelatin contagion, infravision 60’; SV Fort +1; Ref +0; Will +0; AL C.

These horrendous creatures are the reanimated remains of poor gluttons who foolishly ate cursed gelatin salad of Countess Gertrude de Mab.  Much like eating a bad egg salad sandwich, their death painful, messy, and sweaty.  Once laid to rest, the victim’s body begins transforming into a Gelatin Ghoul, which will rise up in 1d4 days after its had a chance to set and cool.

Gelatin Ghouls are undead have an insatiable need for any food grown from the earth and are a blight to farmers across the land, consuming entire crops like a flock of wobbly locusts.

Primordial Slime Properties: Each Gelatin Ghoul has an Ooze Special Property found in DCC, pg 424. Roll 1d10.

Undead Traits: A Gelatin Ghoul is immune to non-magical weapons, takes double damage from fire, cannot go out in sunlight (or is destroyed instantly), is immune to critical hits, disease and poison, sleep, charm, and hold spells as well as other mental effects and cold damage.

Gelatin Contagion: A living creature bitten by a Gelatin Ghoul must make a DC 12 Fort save or contract Gelatin Contagion (see below).

Call of Mother Mab: When a Gelatin Ghoul is slain, roll 1d6.  If the result is a 6, they whisper something to the effect of, “mother of slime… queen of darkness and sustenance… carrier of blight, avenge your poor child who has been slain.” The Gelatin Ghoul will dissolve into the earth and an apparition of The Countess will appear before the one who felled her child. The target must succeed a DC 14 Will save or suffer 1d10 Personality damage and lose all their Luck points.

Disease Name: Gelatin Contagion

Delivery: Bite from a Gelatin Lich or Gelatin Ghoul or consuming Cursed Gelatin Salad

Fortitude Save: DC 16 (Gelatin Lich); DC 14 (Gelatin Ghoul); DC 12 (Cursed Gelatin Salad)

Onset: Immediate

Effect on Successful Save: You take on a pallid appearance.  Your eyes become spongey and you swear you taste muted citrus in your mouth.  Roll all tests one step lower on the die ladder for 1d4 hours. 

Effect on a Failed Save: The infected creature’s skin becomes wobbly, their eyes take on the appearance of uncooked eggs and they suffer 1d6 Stamina drain (temporary).  The target must make a new Fort save each day or suffer an additional 1d6 Stamina drain.  If the target is reduced to 0 Stamina, they die and will rise up as a Gelatin Ghoul in 1 hour, ready to serve their new queen. 

Recovery: 3 consecutive Fort saves.

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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