New Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Class- The Dubstep Wizard

I’ve started working on an outline for a larger (potentially) adventure for Barbarians of the Ruined Earth.  I won’t go into deets yet as it’s still way to0 early for that :P.  Anyways, I was jotting down notes and remembered a class I wrote a class for Constacon when that was going on over on G+ (fuck I miss dem days) and thought I would freshen it up for Barbarians:).

Dubstep Wizard

Dubstep Wizards are an ancient order that travels the galaxy, dedicated to irradicating one of the greatest dangers the galaxy has ever faced: the Glemt.  Dubstep Wizards manipulate the raw energies of the cosmos into pulsing rhythms, high-pitch frequencies, low blasts of bass, and spatial temporal dimensional fractures.  When not hunting down their nemesis, Dubstep Wizards are the life of the party and tend to dress in colorful vinyl one-piece jumpsuits, bright electric lipstick, fishnet shirts, bucket hats, and oversized platform shoes. 

When a sentient species creates Dubstep music on their world, Dubstep Wizards know that the Glemt have arrived and will dispatch several of their order to battle the infection 

Any member of a species may join the order so long as they’ve got the pulse of the beat but being accepted means leaving one’s former self behind to become something new (meaning no racial traits). 

Quote: “Just when you think that pulsing beat’s gonna rip you apart… that’s when I drop the bass.”

Starting HP: 1d6+4

Hit Points: Per Level/Resting: 1d6

Weapon and Armory: Light armor, All shields, Brass Knuckles Daggers, Club, and Laser Weaponry

Weapon Damage: 1d6/1d4 Unarmed or Improvised.

Special Features

Holy Glowsticks: The Dubstep Wizard can summon glowsticks infused with the chaos of the cosmos. 

When summoning the glow stick the player decides one of three effects: 1) Armor: The holder gains 2 RP against the next attack; 2) Attack: The holder deals +1 damage on two attacks (does not stack); 3) Pulsing Rhythm: The holder can throw this at a target, releasing a pocket of Dubtstep music, dealing 1d8 damage.  The thrower makes a Luck roll, and if successful the target is stunned for 1 round; 4) Energy: When snapped and shaken, heals the holder for 1d4 HP. 

A Dubstep Wizard can summon a single glowstick per day at 1st level and gain an additional glowstick every even level for a max of 6 per day at 10th level.  They can summon one or all of them at once.  They can do this instead of moving on their turn.  The glowsticks are whatever color the player desires and remain until used or the sun rises. 

In the Zone: A Dubstep Wizard rolls with Advantage on DEX tests when performing movements that require finesse (acrobatics, balancing, dancing, pick pocketing, etc.) and on any tests against mind-altering effects.

Crashing: Once per day a Dubstep Wizard can chug an energy drink (gotta have one of those!) and make a Luck roll.  If successful they can blast another beat.

Blast the Beat

Starting at 1st level a Dubstep Wizard can channel the chaotic rhythm of their beats to produce the following effects listed below. They can use this ability an additional time per day every odd level (max of 6 at 9th level).

Each time the Dubstep Wizard performs a Blasting the Beat, they make a Luck roll.  If it favors them, they can perform The Drop, creating further mayhem on the battlefield (roll 1d8 and consult The Drop table). 

Note: Creature that cannot hear are immune to Blasting the Beat.

Blasting the Beat
Time JostledReality shifts slightly, causing initiative to scramble.  The Dubstep Wizard makes a Luck roll.  If it favors them, they players go first.  On the next round the Dubstep Wizard roll a die: Even: A random PC glitches, shifting through reality for an instant and immediately gains a second action.  Odd: A random enemy is frozen momentarily, covered in an opaque static energy and loses their next action and are considered helpless (powerful monsters are immune to this).
DizzyThe Dubstep Wizard releases a wave of sonic force befuddling 1d6 targets in a Close radius. Affected targets become loopy and disorientated from the sonic beats blasting in their eardrums causing them to wander in random direction for 1d3+1 rounds.  They suffer 1 point of damage per round and their ears bleed.  Targets with 2 HD or more are immune to this effect.  At 5th level the Dubstep Wizard can affect 2d4 targets in a Nearby radius of 3 HD or less.  At 10th level the spell can affect creatures with 5 HD or less.   Allies receive Advantage to all rolls against affected enemies.  When an enemy suffers damage, the effect is immediately broken.
MimicryThe undulations and hypnotic beats of the Dubstep Wizard are intoxicating.  2d4 Close targets (including allies) stop whatever they are doing and begin mimicking the movements and beats produced by Dubstep Wizard.  Allies must make a CHR test to avoid falling under this effect.  Targets with 2 HD or more are not affected by this.  At 5th level the radius is increased to Close and can affect creatures with 3 HD or less.  At 10th level the spell can affect targets with 6 HD or less.   This effect lasts as long as the Dubstep Wizard keeps performing Mimicry.
Gravity WeakeningThe Dubstep Wizard’s hypnotic dance, gyrating, and rhythmic beats cause the very gravitational forces around them to alter. Gravitational forces in a Not so Nearby radius around the Dubstep Wizard weakens, causing targets to float around, roughly 10’ off the ground.  Movement can only be accomplished by pushing off surfaces.  Spells function normally but ranged and melee attacks are made with Disadvantage (except laser weaponry, which are made with Advantage).  The Dubstep Wizard is immune to the gravity changes.    The Dubstep Wizard must succeed a CHR test each round to keep this effect active.
Shuffling FeetThe Dubstep Wizard gets caught in the flow of the beat and they begin to dance around in circles, their feet moving as if they are being repulsed by magnets.  As the Dubstep Wizard moves, they start to pop and lock, making it harder to be hit.  For the next 1d3+1 rounds, the Dubstep Wizard gains Advantage on DEX tests to avoid physical attacks.  At 3th level the Dubstep Wizard gains Advantage on DEX tests to avoid damage from spells.  At 5th the Dubstep Wizard gains Resistance to all damage for the duration.
Doing the RobotThe Dubstep Wizard begins making strange electric computerized sounding noises while performing pop and lock dance moves.  An instant later they transform into a Dance Machine Robot.  While in this form the Dubstep Wizard makes two “dancing” attacks per round and gains Metal Body and Machine special features from Robot (Barbarians, pg 31) but does not suffer Disadvantage to Charisma tests. This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds.  While in this form, on their action, the Dubstep Wizard can perform a high energy busrt laser show (this returns them to their normal form immediately).  All allies that can see the show regain 1 HD of HP and gain Advantage on their next roll.
Sonic HarmThe intensity and fury of the chaotic beats suffuse the Dubstep Wizard with thumping energy.  The Dubstep Wizard can release a blast of energy from their fingertips at opponents up to Not So Nearby distance.  The Dubstep Wizard must pass a DEX test to strike their foe(s).  If successful, the target is knocked back 5’ and is prone.  Damage is dependent on the number of targets being attacked: One target: 1d8; Two targets: 1d6; Three targets: 1d4.   At 7th level the damage is increased to: One target: 1d10; Two targets: 1d8; Three targets: 1d6; Four Targets: 1d4.
Woofer ThrobThe Dubstep Wizard releases a rippling blast of concussive force.  Close targets suffer 1d6 damage and are moved back a few feet. The Dubstep Wizard also makes a Luck roll.  If it is successful, they suppress the magic of any Sorcerer in that range with 2 HD or less (Sorcerer PCs are allowed a WIS test to avoid this) for 1 round.  At 7th level this is increased to 4HD at and 1d4 rounds. 
Electric ClampdownThe Dubstep Wizard spins around furiously, creating a ball of energy which expands out in a Nearby radius at the beginning of the next round.  This electrical discharge disrupts robots, technology, and certain Stupendous Science devices (GM’s call on what is affected).  Robots suffer 1d8 damage (no save) and are stunned for 1d4 rounds (Robot PCs must pass a CON test to avoid being stunned).  Technology and affected Stupendous Science devices cease to function for 1d10 minutes. 
Unnatural MovesThe Dubstep Wizard’s begins moonwalking.  While walking in this manner, they can walk on walls, upside down on ceilings, etc. at normal speed.  Duration: 10 minutes.
Flash MobDubstep Wizards are known for their ability to party!  The Dubstep Wizard makes a CHR test.  If successful, roll 1d10: The result is the number of individuals who join in dancing.  The Dubstep Wizard gains a number of ceramic coins equal to number of onlookers plus 1d10.  If a 10 is rolled, up to 30 people rush out and join the flash mob, dancing and having a great time.  The Dubstep Wizard makes 1d20+20 ceramic coins and gains Advantage on their next CHR tests for schmoozing that day.   Do perform The Drop when using Flash Mob.

The Drop Table
Roll 1d8NameEffect
1Ground BreakThe ground underneath the Dubstep Wizard in a Nearby radius becomes superheated and cracks, breaks, and is reduced to rumble.  All in the area are covered in dust and debris.  Movement in the area is reduced by half.  
2Sonic ScreamThe Dubstep Wizard lets out a reverberating, high pitched shriek as their eyes turn black and blood leaks from their nose.  Nearby targets are disorientated for 1d4 rounds, suffering Disadvantage on all rolls.  PCs are allowed a CON test to avoid and Robots are immune.  Creatures with more HD than the Dubstep Wizard are immune to this.
3Reality SplinterThe Dubstep Wizard moves their hands around in time with the beat.  The moment The Drop occurs the Dubstep Wizard opens their hands in time with the bass, as though they are dropping a microphone.  Reality shatters as though it is made of glass.  All targets in a Not so Nearby Radius are absorbed in darkness.  In an instant and a flash of light all reappear but in different locations than when they started.
4ShadowA shadow version of the Dubstep Wizard is created.  It has 1HD, 8 HP, 1 RP, and deals 1d6 damage per attack (fists only).  The Dubstep Wizard control this shadow on their action.  Duration: Until slain or 24 hours.
5Epic FinishThe Dubstep Wizard is surrounded by a strange holden light.  They are immune to all magic for the next 1d4 hours.    During this time, treat the Dubstep Wizard’s CHR as a 16 if it is less.  If already at a 16, gain Advantage on CHR tests.
6DubrotThe Dubstep Wizard becomes oversaturated by the music.  Their fingers taken on a blackened circuit board-like appearance.  They are contagious with Dubrot and must touch a target to transfer the disease.  A touched target becomes covered in sores that resemble circuitry and flashes of static.  Targets suffer 3d4 damage. If they survive, their complexion returns to normal.  Once a Dubstep Wizard touches a target, they are no longer contagious.  A Dubstep Wizard cannot use The Drop again until they are no longer contagious.
7EnergizeA pulsing ring of technicolor energy radiates from the Dubstep Wizard, washing over all their allies.  Each ally is healed for 1d4 HP per every third level of the Dubstep Wizard (max of 4d4 at 9th level). 
8MutationThe crazy beats of Dubstep have taken a toll on the wizard.  They must succeed on CON test or gain a random mutation (Barbarians, pp. 71-76).  If successful they are fine.

Leveling Up:

Roll all Attributes to see if they increase, roll twice for DEX or CHR


WEAPONS*: Club or dagger and laser pistol.

ARMOR: Light armor (1 RP).

ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Ammo for ranged weapon if taken, rations (d6), waterskin (d6), bedroll, torches x6 (d6), and healing salve (1 HD of HP restored).

*All starting weapons for Dubstep Wizards are made of metal.

INTERESTING TRINKET (roll 1d6): 1) A strange device that called an “MP3 Player.” It has several thousand songs on it; 2) A set of driving goggles; 3) A boombox and batteries (1d10 UD); 4) A holocube showing the visage of your family (they are missing); 5) A laser blade given to you by your master before they died. (Class damage, ignores armor.  Needs an energy cell, 1d8 UD); 6) A communicator badge giving you to link to a contact off-world.

LIFE EVENT (roll 1d8): 1) You were a slave and escaped; 2) You got into a tussle with some unsavory space pirates.  They’ve put a bounty on your head; 3) You were unable to save a community from becoming infected by the Glemt; 4) While traveling to the current system, you witnessed a schism in space and saw intelligence beyond the veil; 5) You owe quite a bit of money to smuggler of ill-repute (you have 1d100 x10 Galaxy Credits but owe that amount plus 25%); 6) Your sister saved your life when you were a child.  You were almost devoured by a creature of hideous intent, an Intellect Devourer; 7) Your starship flew through a strange nebula.  Occasionally you hear whispers in your mind; 8) For a brief spell you served on a rundown trade frigate.

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