Quick Summary of Hubris Sessions 1-3 and Sketch for Orcs! A High-Octane Adventure Cover!

First I wanted to share the kick ass sketch cover for Orcs! A High-Octane Adventure! Mike Faille is doing awesome on this!


Now on to the Session Notes

During Christmas I kicked off my new Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure campaign. For this campaign I am not utilizing DCC but playtesting my own rules. We’ve had three sessions thus far so I thought it’d be a good time to update all my notes and pop em up on the blog.

First Session: Meat Grinder

Group investigated a thorp that hadn’t sent trade to Fairweather in several days.  Found the community and it was abandoned.  Thick fog clung to the air.  Signs of violence everywhere.  Group saw some terrible shit like cut off fingers, dried vomit, blood, graves.  Oh and a woman sticking a spoon behind her eye and popping it out while giggling, “I see you.”  Yeah that.  Oh and when a dude was stabbed with a pitch fork and started oozing oatmeal out of the wound- then grabbed the pitchfork and kept plunging it into himself shouting, “fuck my holes. Fuck me!  Fuck me!”…  Necroids… fucking Necroids.  Vile gross disgusting bastards that linger in the Void.  The final one was a father burst from the floor with his dead baby on his hand like a puppet and he talked to it and with it.  That was a fun fight.  Some of the group survived but not many.

Necroids are inspired by Deadites:)

Second Session: The Silverfish

The group took a train to the Floating Island of Terror and arrived safely (no Orcs this time) in Outer City, the permanent grounded ring in the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire with the main area floating above it, rails built to connect the two for travel.  The group was greeted by Onyx, an Officiant of The Black Queen, with two guards holding strange weapons (basically machine guns like in Wizards, 1977).  Slaves, under watch of Skeletal Gun Runners and Murder Machines were loading heavy box into a small black metal train car across the platform.  Slaves dropped the box and it opened, revealing a large bluish glowing rock.  Box tipped and a small fragment broke off and landed at characters feet.  Onyx gave his blessing to keep the fragment, explained it’s called Morphite and is what creates the amazing technology in Floating Island of Terror; it can also be used to create a powerful hallucinogenic drug.  Morphheads run rampant through Outer City.  Group found a small shoddy townhome in Ashtown to rent from a blading stooped human, Clovis.  Went to Onyx for work and was hired to find the culprit of a string of murders in The Slops.  Group followed clues and the trail and eventually went hunting in an abandoned sewer.  Met a crazy mutant with gecko-like powers who was lonely.  They talked.  Life was good.  Then they left to explore more and found a dire silverfish that had become crazed on Morphite.  Fight was cool- fun moments.  Then they killed it, took its head and went galloping back to Onyx.  Got paid and went to the local pup, The White Queen, ran and owned by Ami, an exiled drag queen from Fairweather.

Machine guns…. ooooooooo
My group was rather disgusted by this monster.

Third Session: The Murderous Chesspeople and the fae Thrape

Group took another job from Onyx, an Officiant of The Black Queen because why not…?  They were driven in a truck-like vehicle two days across the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire, eventually reaching Mining Camp #7.  Group starts scouting and spots pale buff humanoid creatures with weird helmets.  A man in rags is being beaten by two and a screaming woman is dragged into the mine by one.  Group tries to sneak up and spring a surprise but the Avarian squawks alerting the creatures, because why not…? 

Creatures rush group in three waves.  They resemble humans but their heads are chess pieces.  Fun fight.  Most of the group went after the Queen but pawns kept appearing in front of her, taking the blow and dying like good little pawns.  A couple went after Rooks that kept headbutting them with their massive rooky noggins! 

Group saved the man explained that a giant crystal was found in the mine and they went to harvest it.  Next day he and his wife woke up and the creatures were all over the place and no one was left.  He and his wife have been hiding for 4 days and were sneaking around tents for food.  Group decides to go into the mine. 

It’s weird down there with giant plants growing on the wall, one had a human face and wanted to talk.  One of the members decided NOPE! Lit a torch and burned the fucker off the wall.  Furniture was sticking out of the rock face.  Group finds giant crystal.  Woman on the ground sobbing.  Two slimly mushroom people standing over her.  A humanoid figure with stumpy emaciated arms with the head and hooves for feet and hands of a horse twitching and ready greeted the group. 

Crazy fight.  Avarian got mutated- now has mandibles and a beak.  The hostage was mutated as well- has suction cups on her skin and a consistent wet hair.  She cried.  One of the characters pulled a suction cup off the woman’s hand to see if it was real… eeewwwww.

Group attacked the crystal and broke it, releasing the captive fae, Thrape.  Thrape has a skull for a head that is hollow and filled with goop. The top of his skull is open like a mug and slops out strange yellowish goop (can make potions!).  Glowing yellow eyes and a grin.  He is a master at illusion and transformation. 

Thrape game them the following rewards:

Each player choose a potion to boost one of their attributes for a limited time and rolled for an attack potion.  

Helpful Potion: Select Attribute of choice, you will row with Advantage for 1 hour on all test.  Body- grow big muscles; Agility- become lithe and limber; Rapport- get shiny white teeth and a sexy gleam in your eye; Focus- Perpetual scowl and annoyed look as if someone is talking about shit they don’t know. 

Attack Potion: Roll 1d4- 1) Smoky firecracker- deals damage and Body save or blinds target for 1 round; 2) Pigglet Bomb- throw at a target and small little liquid piglets form from the droplets and stab the creature.  1d4 damage per round for 3 rounds.  Ignores armor; 3) The Ol’ Switcheroo- The targets butt cheeks and face switch places.  Disadvantage on all rolls and can only move or attack in the round.  Lasts 1 hour; 4) Transforms the target into a flutter of moths that skitter and flutter about.  Lasts 1 hour.

The Thrape Whistle: Ivory whistle to a member of the party.  If the group is in trouble, blow on it and Thrape may come in a poof of magical smoke to help.  Use it too much or annoy Thrape and he’ll take it back but not before transforming everyone into something nasty!

Thrape was inspired by this enemy from Night of the Full Moon card game. Yeah I play it, wanna fight about it?:P

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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