Is This a Bloody Sign of Something Violent Coming? Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure! Celebrating Three Years in Release!

Good day everyone! Four years ago I launched the Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure Kickstarter and what a fucking fantastic ride it has been since then! In the three years since the book was released it has gone Platinum on Drivethru RPG, won a Silver ENnie for Best Electronic Book, has had several kind reviews (here’s a couple: here and here and here), and I even babbled about it on the Drink Spin Run podcast!

Additionally the awesome Ben Milton did a video review on his Questing Beast Youtube Channel.

So needless-to-say, I’ve been extremely proud of this book! And while I have not been solely focused on Hubris for the last two years, I have been releasing a bunch of other books and have Barbarians of the Ruined Earth coming soonish; so I have not been idle either.

In September I released images showing the spreads for Orcs! A High-Octane Adventure– a 3rd level module for Hubris- art commissions will begin soon- and in August Max from Weird and Wonderful Worlds created a random generator for the GM section of the book. On my blog I have released several new races and classes for the setting: The Lupine, The Blood Acolyte, and The Klind Exile. So there is new stuff to enjoy.

With the three year anniversary here, I wanted to share some news on new project(s) and DIY RPG Productions as as whole!

So without much further palaver…


Art by Mike Faille, font and poster design my Matt Hildebrand.

Current Projects

First up is Orcs! The layout is generally complete and I’ll be commissioning art soon! Then I’ll send it off to Joseph for final approval and then release, hoping not more than a few months from now! I have run Orcs for several groups and at three consecutive Gen Cons and everyone has had a blast. Artists that are lined up for Orcs are none other than: Alex Mayo, Carmin Vance, David Lewis Johnson, and Jason Sholstis! Layout has been done by the awesome Jez Gordon.

Donn Stroud (of Mothership and Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion) is working on a Hubris module and that will be out at some point- I don’t have a firm date on the module’s first draft being completed, so we’ll just say, you know, somewhere in futuretime.

Both of these modules will use the awesome Dungeon Crawl Classics rules.

Side Note: I also have notes for a dungeon that is set in the Junk Town of Undra The Great Spire, but have not moved forward into fully flushing this one out yet.

The New Hubris

Wait, what…? Not only is the above image a fun promotional piece (it is pretty exquisite, isn’t it?!) it is also a glimpse at the new things to come. The first part to talk about is for the past year I have started working on my own rules that are quick, lite, deadly (most likely, yeah), and OSR-inspired with some modern game design worked in. I’ll be touching more on these in future posts in a kinda Developer’s Blog-type shit but, yeah, more soon.

My plan is to take Hubris and moving that needle from 11 to 12 (I’m hoping to do that, anyways). In 2018, I did a post showing inspirational images for a new territory/land in Hubris, called Downpour, and that location will still make an appearance, but the thing is… all of those images, music and music videos, movies, etc. constantly inspire me and I wanted to channel that to Hubris in general, not just a new territory- specially Evil Dead, Hellraiser, Mad Max: Fury Road, and the imagery from Marilyn Manson music videos from Antichrist Superstar.

I want to push the bloated dead corpse of medieval fantasy through a meat grinder and play in the bloody meaty bits. My desire is to pump up the grindhouse, horror, and slapstick even further in this new book, clearly pushing it into “Mature Viewing Territory” (as if it wasn’t already) and enhance some of the weird aspects of the world, like the Floating Island of Terror, locomotives and automobiles, wheellock weaponry, mechs, etc.; basically I want to make a grindhouse version of Final Fantasy VI, because why the fuck not!

I’m looking at this new Hubris as a retelling of the same story. Don’t like where I take it? That’s cool, there’s still the original version and adventures. And if you do like it, you’ll be able to use the territories and info with the existing one. The art from the original Hubris will be in the new book as well as new images. While new version of Hubris will still be predominantly black and white images, I will be working with Mike Faille to add a splash of horrific color to each chapter!

As I said in the introduction of the book, I wrote Hubris for me and just hoped people liked it… in the years since I’ve written the book, I’ve learned new tricks, new ways to run games, and delved deeper into what I want from a setting/gaming book at the table, and I hope to show that in the new version.

I’ll be releasing more info on this in the future and hope you enjoy it.

Other Tidbits

Oh yeah… It’s gonna be a shirt

The DIY RPG Productions Shopfy store will be opening soonish. Unique merchandise I can’t sell via Drivethru will be found there. Shirts, maps and posters, signed books, buttons, dice bags, jewelry, and much more! Preorders for the DIY RPG Productions t-shirts will be available when the shop goes live!

Oh yeah… I’ll be selling Hubris stamps to celebrate when characters get themselves perished.
See how pretty it’ll look on a character sheet?!

I look forward to dropping more info on Hubris and DIY RPG Productions in the near future! Be well everyone!

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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