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Barbarians Kickstarter Funded- New Sexy Art

The Barbarians of the Ruined Earth kickstarter concluded 12 days ago and we managed to hit three stretch goals along the way!

Here’s the update I posted right after.

As I stated on the KS, thank you to everyone for spreading the word, support, excitement, etc.! Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in to this blog for the nearly three years I’ve been posting about this shit.

Post-kickstarter art commissions have gone out while I’ve been tweaking the Slave Mines of Vindicus the Terrible so that can go to proofing. Matt and I have been discussing various layout options as the adventure has been written in a non-traditional manner for RPGs, so we’ll see where that takes us.

Anyways- let’s get to the good stuff… NEW ART!

Here is the variant cover (exclusive to backers until Gen Con 2020), sans title, by JV West.

Here are two new pieces by the awesome Sam Mameli!

Beware the stealthy attacks of the Fungal Assassins!

Behold the damage wrought by a Giant Praying Mantis

Here are four new pieces by JV West!

Zora the Barbarian yawns as Rhatu explain the how exactly a talon is not a cellphone… mean while Atook the Beastman spots something delicious that needs investigating.

Rhatu the Sorcerer observes a golden ceramic coin from the realm of Skullator the Deathless.

Earth… over 2,000 years from now.

The Ant Queen holds audience over her kingdom, her loyal Ant Warriors stand at attention by her side.