Five Days Left on the Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Kickstarter! Oh and some other bits!

We only have five more days for the Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Kickstarter! First- JV West has sent me a sketch of the alternate cover and I wanted to share it:D

Second- We are currently hovering near the $9k mark- only $500 away from the next stretch goal!

SECOND STRETCH GOAL $9,500: The Slaves Mines of Vindicus the Terrible! A level zero adventure by Mike Evans for Barbarians of the Ruined Earth.  More info will be forthcoming about the adventure, its release date will be forthcoming should stretch goal be reached.Note that all backers of “A Death Priest’s Whisper” and above will receive the PDF if unlocked. 

I ran this a couple times at Gen Con this year as well as my home group(s) and everyone seems to have a great time. The premise is simple and easy (from the intro):

The Slave Mines of Vindicus the Terrible takes its inspiration from the 1980s and early 1990s Saturday morning cartoons with a splash of the mine scenes in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  It is meant to be over the top cheesy, action-packed, and fun (well hopefully).  In this adventure, the players each take on the roles of four children that have been captured by the agents of Vindicus, a cruel Sorcerer, and have been forced to toil tirelessly in the mines below his fortress.

The adventure begins when heroes unknown raid Vindicus’ fortress and inadvertently set the captives held in the mines free.  Chaos ensues and the players must use their cunning to survive and make it out of the mines to freedom.  As the player characters (PCs) are inexperienced children (or young teens), they will most likely not win in a straight on fight against the robots that guard the corridors of the mines.  Maybe they’ll get lucky against one or two, but possibly take heavy casualties in the process.  The group will need hide, plan, scheme, run, climb, and use the environment to sneak past the guards and get out of the dungeon. 

This adventure, mechanically and thematically, is inspired by the character funnel from Dungeon Crawl Classics by Goodman Games.  If you are familiar with DCC, you’ll feel right at home here.  If not, totally ok!  It’s super easy and fun!  The players each control the actions of four level zero PCs with most of the rules outlined in Barbarians of the Ruined Earth (pg XX-XX) functioning normally with only a few exceptions which will be explained below.  During combat, on their initiative, the player can choose to have any number of their PCs act, taking a movement and action each.  When a PC is reduced to zero HP, there is no rolling on the Out of Action Table (Barbarians, pg XX).  They are immediately removed from play (see Zero HP, pg XX). 

Aside: Seriously, I highly recommend scoping out Dungeon Crawl Classics (it’s fun as hell) and the level zero funnel.  Sailors of the Starless Sea by Harley Stroh is a perfect place to start.  Here’s some links to where you can find these tasty books:

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Sailors of the Starless Sea

Rather than making characters or even rolling four level zero characters as per DCC rules, each player controls four humans (with a small chance of being a race), and has 4 HP. There are no stats to roll- instead there is a very simple mechanic called “Kid’s Luck.”

Kid’s Luck When performing an action or making a test, the player rolls 1d20.  A result of 1-10 is a success whereas 11-20 is a failure.  When a character is attacking creatures that are larger than them (which is pretty much everything- each monster indicates if it’s larger than the child for ease), they suffer Disadvantage to their rolls.  Characters do not suffer Disadvantage when defending against attacks.  Since the characters are small (they are children after all) they make tests to hide from opponents with Advantage. 

The third stretch goal isn’t far off either at $10,500! A gorgeous map by none other than Kelvin “the sexy man” Green!

THIRD STRETCH GOAL $10,500: Poster map (18″ x 24″) of the United States by Kelvin Green highlighting the territories of the eight power Sorcerer’s who rule this broken and twisted land.  Kelvin will make the map in similar fashion as the Western Sands illustration (see below).

  • Tygham the Fearless – Ruler of the Swamps
  • The Ice Emperor – Ruler of the Frozen North
  • Vyconia the Rapturous – Ruler of the South
  • Technodabbler the Artificial
  • Mazmogar the Ignominious – Ruler of the Blighted Lands
  • Skullator the Deathless – Ruler of the East
  • Helenoythious the Powerful – Ruler of the West
  • Octagon the Calculating – Ruler of the Lands Below

The backside will have some charts and tables for the GM to use as the players adventure across the destroyed ruins of the United States.

Note: All backers will receive a high resolution jpeg/pdf of the map.  Details about physical copies will be forthcoming if this stretch goal is reached.  

The Western Sands Map

I’ll be sharing more info on the Orcs! A High-octane Adventure over the next day or so!

A Video

A few weeks ago I did a small video showing the current proofs of the book, highlighting the colors, layout, art, etc. so please free to take a gander!:)

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