The Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Kickstarter Has Launched (again)!

That’s right! It’s time for another go! So here it is- Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Kickstarter (part 2)!

The last kickstarter didn’t fund- as I explained in my last post, the funding goal was so high ($24k) because I really wanted to do a full on print run. To reduce the needed capital to make this book a reality, I’ve decided go print-on-demand via Drivethrurpg.

So the important question- what’s different between the old kickstarter and the new one?

Note: this is an update I posted on the old kickstarter the other day. It gives the info of the differences:)

What’s Changed

I have adjusted the numbers to run the KS as lean as possible.  I’m happy to say that initial funding will occur at $6,000!  The book will be POD through Drivethrurpg.  

Additionally, JV West has agreed to do a variant cover of the book and Kelvin Green has signed on to do a new stretch goal- a map of the Ruined Earth version of the United States (more info below)!

Pledge levels will be the following: $15 for PDF; $30 for at cost POD for the regular cover; and $50 for at cost POD of both the regular and variant cover

This is just a summary of the pledge levels for the KS and once it’s live, you’ll get greater detail on each.  

Now let’s talk adjusted Stretch Goals, because I know some people will have questions about those. 

FIRST STRETCH GOAL $7,000: Fully Illustrated Bestiary- Every monster entry will get an illustration!

SECOND STRETCH GOAL $9,500: The Slaves Mines of Vindicus the Terrible! A level zero adventure by Mike Evans for Barbarians of the Ruined Earth.  More info will be forthcoming about the adventure, its release date will be forthcoming should stretch goal be reached.Note that all backers of “A Death Priest’s Whisper” and above will receive the PDF if unlocked.

THIRD STRETCH GOAL $10,500: Poster map (18″ x 24″) of the United States by Kelvin Green highlighting the territories of the eight power Sorcerer’s who rule this broken and twisted land.  Kelvin will make the map in similar fashion as the Western Sands illustration (see below).

Note: All backers will receive a high resolution jpeg/pdf of the map.  Details about physical copies will be forthcoming if this stretch goal is reached.  

The Western Sands
  • Tygham the Fearless – Ruler of the Swamps
  • The Ice Emperor – Ruler of the Frozen North
  • Vyconia the Rapturous – Ruler of the South
  • Technodabbler the Artificial
  • Mazmogar the Ignominious – Ruler of the Blighted Lands
  • Skullator the Deathless – Ruler of the East
  • Helenoythious the Powerful – Ruler of the West
  • Octagon the Calculating – Ruler of the Lands Below

The backside will have some charts and tables for the GM to use as the players adventure across the destroyed ruins of the United States.

FOURTH STRETCH GOAL $13,000: Orcs!  A High-Octane Adventure!  A 3rd level module for Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure!  More info will be forthcoming about the adventure, its release date will be forthcoming should stretch goal be reached. Note that all backers of “A Death Priest’s Whisper” and above will receive the PDF if unlocked.

FIFTH STRETCH GOAL: $40,500- An Animated Intro- Rather than a bunch of exposition explaining the setting to new players, just show them the Saturday Morning-like cartoon intro!  This animated intro will be on Youtube for all to see!

DIY RPG Productions will be partnering with Hieronymus to deliver this awesome animated intro!

Here’s more information about them: Hieronymus is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in Soho, NYC. We craft sound brand strategies, create compelling storylines, and put our clients’ stories into motion. And we have fun doing it.

I’ll post another update when the project goes live!  Here’s hoping for a successful (revised) Kickstarter!

NOTE: Please not that these figures are not final and may change before the KS officially launches if I catch an error in there somewhere, but thus far everything looks great:) .

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