You Gotta Shoot for the Moon

This is an update on my Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Kickstarter, but I wanted to share it here as well.

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well and kicking ass.

By now it it fairly evident that the Barbarians of the Ruined Earth KS will not be funded at the current level. While I am bummed that the KS hasn’t funded, I am NOT unhappy. 336 people believed in my book and pledged $12,237 (at the time of my writing this)! That, to me, is a win and is fantastic. Thank you so much for the support on Barbarians, it has meant the world to me. Thanks to everyone who was at Gen Con who stopped by to express their excitement on the project as well!

So What Happened

As the title said, I shot for the moon. I wanted to use Friesens to print the book- their production values are top notch and with that level of production comes a cost- hence the high funding goal for this project. I knew it was a lofty goal, but dammit I wanted to try.

When I design my Kickstarters, I’m a firm believer in keeping shit simple, which makes my life easier, but presents unique challenges for a project: I’m not a fan of tons of bling, fling, wild high-level pledges, or cumbersome stretch goals. I’ve seen/heard the horror stories of people going bankrupt, stretched too thin, dropping the ball on shit, etc. on their projects due to everything becoming overly complicated and burnout and that just is not enticing to me. I want to deliver a cool, kick-ass product without a bunch of craziness swirling on around me.

I knew that having my highest pledge level at $60 (minus the retail level), would add a layer of difficulty, but again- I wanted to shoot for the moon… Unfortunately, the moon was just a little too far away this time.

What Next?

Barbarians is still coming. I worked too hard on it to just throw my hands in the air and bury my head in the sand in an epic pity party. Everyone who is doing art, etc. is still keen keeping plugging away, so I will relaunch the Kickstarter, but will be going full POD for the project. There may be a limited print run pledge level option, but I need to research some of the smaller printers who aren’t ass-expensive. One of the challenges for that is the size of the book vs what the printers can handle/willing to do.

Obviously the funding goal will be MUCH smaller and with your support (which I’m hoping you will give me this second chance), it will fund no problem hopefully. The stretch goals, by and large, will be the same, but I may add some other stuff:).

This weekend I will be crunching the numbers and probably relaunch in two weeks or so. I just need to do my research and make sure everything is set with the new figures.

Thank you all so much for the support. Thank you for the excitement. Never stop shooting for the moon, peeps- no matter how many times you miss. Much love and a middle finger 😛

Mike Evans

Author: wrathofzombie

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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