The Updated Sorcerer Class With Layout Images

Thus far I’ve posted about the updated Barbarian and Beastman classes. Today is the Sorcerer! Feel free to take a look at the updated character sheet for Barbarians of the Ruined Earth.

I thought it would be fun to release the updated version of some of the classes, specifically the Barbarian, Beastman, and Sorcerer with the full images of the spreads that will appear in the book. Since those are the three main characters in Thundarr the Barbarian, thought it would be appropriate.

Lastly- if this is something you dig and think is cool- stop by the kickstarter page and pledge some support and also spread the word!

Anyways, here’s the images with the full text to follow below!


Sorcerers are not human; they are born of man and share similar characteristics, but that is where it ends. Though born from the womb of a woman, something happens during the pregnancy that transforms the fetus into a Sorcerer.  While most Sorcerers are selfish megalomaniacs that will stop at nothing to accomplish their own interests, regardless of who they harm, some are kind, valiant, and generous, while others are eccentric hermits that prefer to study in solitude.

“None have the powers that I do; energy surges through my body.  I could save civilization… or topple it; all with a mere thought and a few carefully chosen words.”

Starting HP: 1d6+4

HP Per Level/Resting: 1d6

Weapons & Armor: Light Armor, Short Sword, Long Sword, Dagger, and Staff.

Attack Damage: 1d4/1 Unarmed or Improvising

Magically Resistant: Sorcerers have Advantage on tests against magic and charm-like effects.

Sorcerer’s Staff: Sorcerers can channel their mystical power through their staff and release balls of energy from it at enemies. This energy deals 1d4+1 points of damage.  The Sorcerer can make their staff dematerialize, vanishing from existence until resummoned. When resummoned the staff will appear in the Sorcerer’s hand, no matter where they are.

If a Sorcerer’s staff is ever destroyed, a new, different looking staff, will appear by the Sorcerer’s side within 1d10 days (roll on Sorcerer’s Staff table, pg XX). 

Detect: The Sorcerer chooses to detect magic, Stupendous Science, or evil at the time of casting.  Everything Nearby that is considered that category glows. Duration: 5 minutes. If the Sorcerer studies the object for 10 minutes, it is identified for what it is and how it functions.  A GM can rule that truly complex or powerful items take longer to identify.

Spell Slinger: Sorcerers are powerful beings who have the ability to cast amazing spells.  See Spell Casting, pg XX.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for INT or WIS.


WEAPON: Wizard staff (see page XX)

ARMOR: No armor

ADDITIONAL: Rations (d6), waterskin (d6), bedroll, torches x6 (d6), and healing salve (1 HD of HP restored).

INTERESTING TRINKET (roll 1d6): 1) A friendly animal loyal to you; 2) An orb that allows you to scry on an individual (player’s choice- once made cannot be undone- this decision does not need to be made at character creation.  This effect lasts until person dies); 3) A music box; 4) A fine silk robe of vibrant colors; 5) An ornate crown; 6) A beautiful golden necklace denoting your remarkable birth.

LIFE EVENT (roll 1d8): 1) You used your powers to bully those in your village; eventually they rose up against you and you were exiled; 2) Your mother abandoned you in the wastes, but somehow you survived; 3) You battled another Sorcerer in your youth and won, but part of their consciousness is in you; 4) You were a loner and shunned in your village.  Only a friendly Barbarian stood by your side and eventually died defending your honor; 5) You have used your powers many times to protect your fellow villagers.  The village considers you a hero; 6) Your family was pushed out of the village because of your birth; 7) As a child you lost your temper and accidentally set fire to several of the houses in the village; 8) You came across a demon in your youth and battled it in a test of wills.  Somehow you survived, but at what cost?


Roll once on each table below to generate the following for your Sorcerer: Skin Color*, Hair Color*, Eye Color, State of Nails, State of Teeth, Weird Feature, and Wizard’s Staff.  A benevolent GM may allow the player to choose the features rather than roll.

*The skin and hair color options have two choices in each box, upon rolling the player chooses which color they desire.

Skin Color
Roll 1d10 Result
1 Natural
2 Blue/Lime green
3 Alabaster/Silver
4 Pink/Copper
5 Obsidian/Charcoal
6 Grey/Teal
7 Orange/Powder Blue
8 Yellow/ Plum
9 Purple/Fuchsia
10 Red/Sage
Hair Color
Roll 1d10 Result
1 Natural
2 Blue/Lime green
3 Alabaster/Silver
4 Pink/Copper
5 Obsidian/Charcoal
6 Grey/Teal
7 Orange/Powder Blue
8 Yellow/ Plum
9 Purple/Fuchsia
10 Red/Sage
Eye Color
Roll 1d8 Result
1 Normal
2 Compound
3 No pupils
4 Red
5 Cat-like
6 Orb
7 Static
8 Lava lamp-like
State of Nails
Roll 1d8 Result
1 Normal
2 Long
3 Jagged
4 Made of crystal
5 Blackened
6 Made of ivory
7 Made of circuitry
8 Made of rock
Roll 1d8 Result
1 Normal
2 Cat-like
3 Yellow
4 Metal
5 Stunted
6 Jagged and sharp
7 Tusks
8 Mandibles
Weird Feature
Roll 1d10 Result
1 Leopard-like spots on body
2 Extremely beautiful
3 Much of body is artificial or mechanical
4 Space-age helmet
5 Long arms
6 Exceptionally tall
7 Eyes glow
8 Body changes color with emotions
9 Always floats about 2” above the ground
10 Horns growing out of head pointing in all 8 directions
Sorcerer’s Staff
Roll 1d10 Result
1 Made of strange metal from another world
2 Made of oak from the oldest tree, will never burn
3 Made of the darkest obsidian
4 Made from the ivory of an ancient dragon horn
5 Metallic, etched with decorative spider webs
6 Made of resin, with a whirlwind trapped inside
7 A pitchfork that is said to be the first to ever till ground
8 A metallic rod that has strange glowing lights and buttons on it
9 A boring wooden staff, and you feel self-conscious about it
10 Made from the spinal cord of a great snake

The full magic casting rules can be found here.

Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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