Barbarians the Ruined Earth: Episode 4- The Terror of Isotope, Part 3- The Finale

We continue the adventures of our heroes as the enter the vile Sorcerer Isotope’s Devastation Machine!

The Players

Note: All these classes linked on my blog are the old versions and several changes have been made to the final product.

Angie- Isosceles the Sorcerer

Emma- Robbie the Robot

Nate- Pongo the Armadite

Sami- A Death Priest

Kevin- Short Round the Urban Urchin

Jamie- Kermie the Toad Beastman

Katie- Xena the Barbarian

Brian- A Vek

Note: I’m still a jerk because I got busy and never looked up Brian’s and and Sami’s characters names.

Part one here and part two here.

What is Wrong With Your Brain…?

The session started with the group at full hit points, standing at the entrance of the Devastation, located at the base of this monstrous metallic pyramid.  Short Round opened the door and was immediately blasted out of the way by a large laser beam.  

Two robotic heads, the size of a child, emerged from the door.  The heads didn’t float, but instead walked on robotic arms attached to their heads where there ears should be.  

One of the robots turned to Xena the Barbarian and opened its mouth.  A high pitched screech issued, stunning the barbarian for a moment.  In the moment of confusion, the second robot turned to Isosceles and blasted her with a laser beam from its mouth.  

Aside from those two lucky shots, the group rolled really well and kicked the shit out of the robot heads.  After the fight the group asked where I came up with those enemies and I said, “I had a dream about them.”

Someone (most likely my wife, I think) said, “What is wrong with your brain?”  After a few jokes about my brain and a few laughs, we moved on.


Note: You can find all my images on my Instagram, if ya are interested.

The first floor was dilapidated, dark, and ruined. It looked like repairs were underway, but weren’t very far along. The group had fun on the first floor, mostly with the Pot-bellied Pig Raider. I described the little anthropomorphic piggie baddie with a stomach that hung down between its legs and dragged behind it like a wet, deployed parachute. That grossed them out- win for me. Someone had a vomit bomb, can’t remember who, and threw it in the room causing the Pot-bellied Pig Raider to begin barfing its brains out, taking a little bit of damage.

The group rushed in and made quick work of the porker (I was REALLY bummed that I didn’t get to use its swallow whole ability. I think there would have been something said, about a human creature squirming in its belly as it bobbed around attacking people with a huge cleaver… but alas!). The group then had to deal with two new head with arm sentries, but instead of walking on the ground, these had propeller arms coming out of their ears and fired lasers from its mouth from afar.

After the battle, the group decided NOT to look the Pot-bellied Pig Raider, giving the corpse a wide berth… but Emma did loot the propeller arms to attach to her robotic body at a later date.

The second room of note was the room with more art work of Isotope going through the various stages of aging, to then become young and start the process over again.

After the floor was explored, they stepped onto a teleporter and ascended to the second floor.

Second Floor

Like the first floor, this floor was in a state of repair, but looked much more put together. Lights worked, the floors and walls were cleaner, etc. The group hit all the rooms in the second floor (as there were only four, might be a little sad if they didn’t:P). The group was horrified at the room of thousands of urns, which they believed held the remains of those Isotope siphoned the life out of to remain young.

They freed the slaves from the pens, convinced a few to help them fight Isotope, and met a young man named Vin, who told them if they were ever at Nukatomi Plaza, to visit him in the Park Block.

In the Ceremonial room they were happy to find some Stupendous Science items, but didn’t have time to analyze them.

With the the second floor clear, they hopped onto another teleporter and ascended to the third, and final, floor.

Third Floor

The group appeared in a large open room, pristine compared to the first two floors. Against the far northern wall and attached to the ceiling was a large metal orb with wires and transistors protruding from it. Underneath a woman was strapped into a machine and she was screaming, lighting and energy arcing off her body, traveling up the wires to the transistors above. Another second later and a pile of ash was all that remained of the woman.

A powerful voice filled the room, “Who dares enter the chambers of the great Sorcerer, Isotope?!”

The metallic orb split open and a man with stern features, clad in purple clothing and an intricate octagonal purple helmet with a red game at the crest, floated to the floor.

“You are like insects to me! I am a god amongst the weak! Forever! Eternal!”

The group shouted some shit about only being able to live because he was stealing the life force of others and that he was a bad, bad man!

Isotope shouted a cliche super-villain response like, “I will show you power!” or something and small fleshy tendrils began to grow from his fingernails, each ending with a small bulb, like a tulip (think of the the old Stretch Armstrong dolls when you’d pull the arms really far… or silly putty, come to think of it). The tendrils grew about 15′ long and the bulbs opened like flowers, revealing tiny infant-like hands. The infantile hands slapped on the ground, sounding like wet lunch meet hitting pavement, raising Isotope high into the air.

And with that, we rolled initiative. This fight was pretty brutal. The group had only fought robots and raiders up until this point and I’ve never thrown them against a Sorcerer. He blasted them with radiation beams (Xena the Barbarian became mutated and now has a forked tongue she can make attacks up to 10′ away with it… lucky). He hit them with telekinesis, lasers, summoned more sentries, energy webs, and more. It was an awesome fight and when Xena landed the last blow, it was very satisfying.

Xena drove her blade into Isotope’s stomach; he leaned into the blade, blood trickling from his mouth, “there is worse in this dessert than me. You will be sorry for what you have done.” His flesh flaked, cracked, and crumbled to dust. Short Round was quick to pick up his helmet (which had become damaged during the fight).

Alarms began ringing and a low rumble was felt in the floor plates. The group vacated the Devastation Machine with all due haste. We flashed forward to the group standing at the edge of the Snakeman Village, watching in awe as the Isotope’s Devastation Machine shook off the sand; the metallic pyramid gleamed in the sunlight. Near the top of the pyramid, where’s its ears should be (heh) on all four sides, huge portals opened and massive metal tubes telescoped out, hands forming on the ends, slamming into the ground, lifting the mammoth structure up.

The group watched as Isotope’s Devastation Machine began lumbering across the Western Sands.

“Well that’s something you don’t see every day…” Said Short Round.

With that we leveled up and ended the session.

Aside: This was a great end to the session! We only get to play once a month, so it is quite an exercise in patience for me wait so long to see all this shit come to fruition, but man it’s worth it 😀

Author: Mike Evans

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