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DIY RPG Productions Rules Development Notes- A List of Thoughts to Cover

Yesterday I mentioned that I had decided to do both classless and class-based mechanics for my DIY rules and that the class rules would be house in Appendix C while rules for races would be in Appendix R.

What I plan to do is do a post on each of the following:

Note: These are all things that have bothered/irked me or caused me to ponder in some way over the years.

  • Character Creation
  • Ability Scores
  • Modifiers
  • Target Number VS Roll Under
  • Races and Classes VS Race as Class
  • Class-based VS Classless
  • Clerics and Deities
  • Magic Users and Spells
  • Abilities (in general)
  • Class Abilities VS Item-granted Abilities
  • Skills
  • Weapon Damage
  • Critical Hits and Fumbles
  • Dark Vision/Thermal Vision
  • Wounds, Death, Dying and Death Saving Throws
  • Monster Dynamics
  • Other Fiddly Bits (shit I can’t quantify right now)