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DIY RPG Productions Rules Development Notes- Small Thought on Class vs Classless

When pondering this I have gone back and forth between whether the rules should be class-based or classless… Each has pros and cons (I’ll go into those in more depth in a later post)… Death is the New Pink is classless… Barbarians of the Ruined Earth is class-based… If I ever get to my cyberpunk game, I see it having the archetype-style thing that Cyberpunk 2020 did (which is basically a class).

In the end I’ve decided to do both. The mechanics that I’ve been hammering out thus far are simple and hackable enough to facilitate both with ease.

For clarity and ease of understanding, the main rules will be classless and human-centric. Appendix C will give the rules for having classes in the book and Appendix R will give rules for races.