The Deity Generator- A Death is the New Pink: Going Medieval on Yo Ass Table


Deity Art 1

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Religion still exists in the Yet-to-be-Wasted World, but many Medieval Meat Bags are bitter and wary of deities, as none manifested to stop the Calamity.

Instead of a list of deities, what they oversee, and their followers this is a table to generate the deity’s form, special feature, sex, and size of religion.  Once these have been figured out by rolling on the table, the player decides the name of the deity and what the deity oversees/is responsible for.

Deity Art 2

Deity Generator
Roll 1d20 Head Torso Arms Legs Special Form
1 Cow Skull Mass of Tentacles Constantly Dripping, Churning Mud Gorilla Wreathed in Fire
2 Ball of Light Exposed Ribcage Humanoid Tentacles Nothing
3 Giant Eye Human Body Wolf Elephant Halo Around Head
4 Gorgeous Human Wolf No Arms Gorilla Body Covered in Blinking Eyes
5 Exquisitely Sculpted Rock Exposed Muscle Lion Humanoid Burning Heart Floats Around Head
6 Battered Porcelain Doll Elephant Snakes Wolf Spikes Bursting From Flesh
7 Elk Gorilla Tentacles No Legs Massive Two-handed Weapon
8 Moose Skull Shapeless Blob Humanoid, Powerful and Muscular Skeletal Burning Eyes
9 Wolf Mass of Writhing Worms Elephant Constantly Dripping, Churning Mud Batwings
10 Three Human Heads Constantly Dripping, Churning Mud Smoke Exposed Muscle Four Arms
11 Elephant Diminutive Body Humanoid, Thin and Stunted Goat Expensive Jewelry
12 Mass of Writhing Worms Body of Veins Crab Claws Lion Eagle Wings
13 No head Body of Living Bees Skeletal Chicken Four Legs
14 Angry Human Body of Smoke Long Bumpy Tongues Humanoid, Slimy.  Runs Like Molasses Suspended From Hooks and Chains
15 Gorilla Lion Two Human Heads for Hands Humanoid, Powerful and Muscular On a Throne Carried on the Backs of Halflings
16 Squid Three Human Bodies Merged Together Humanoid, Covered in Feathers Humanoid, Thin and Stunted Impressive Crown
17 Humanoid Head, Empty Chasm for Face Humanoid, Rotund Belly Constructed of Weapons Smoke Nothing
18 Mass of Wiggling Fingers Humanoid, Covered in Feathers Oozing Slime Spider Legs Scorpion Tail
19 Bleeding Heart on Neck Serpentine Exposed Muscle Constructed of Weapons Gargantuan in Size
20 Goat Mass of Wiggling Fingers Elongated Snail Eye Stalks Rests in Meditative Position
Deity Gender: Roll 2d3- 2) Female; 3) Male; 4) Both; 5) Neither; 6) Everything
Size of Religion: Roll 1d20- 1-4) Just you; 5-10) Small group of believers; 11-14) Devoted cult; 15-17) Good sized following; 18-19) Large following; 20) A predominant religion

Deity Art 3


Example Deity 1

Name: Veper

Deity of: God of battle and carnage

Head: Mass of Writhing Worms

Torso: Human Body

Arms: Skeletal

Legs: Constructed of Weapons

Special: Massive Two-handed Weapon

Gender: Male

Size of Religion: Small group of believers


Example Deity 2

Name: Ghastpra

Deity of: Disease, longing, and patience

Head: Humanoid Head, Empty Chasm for Face

Torso: Three Human Bodies Merged Together

Arms: Long Bumpy Tongues

Legs: Humanoid, Slimy.  Runs Like Molasses

Special: Rests in Meditative Position

Gender: Both

Size of Religion: Devoted cult

Deity Art 4

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

3 thoughts

  1. There is a chism in the devoted cult of Ghastpra – duofeminists believe two of the merged bodies are female, duochauvinists belive two are male… then there are the triplehermaphrodites, but nobody takes them too seriously. 😉

  2. Oh shit. This is cool. I could actually REALLY use this in my current game because they just got thrown into a brand new plane of existence and it doesn’t feature any of the original gods.

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