Barrowmaze Season 5- Muck, Blood, Angela Lansbury Tattoo, and… Hey- No One Died This Time!

My Rochester delved once again into Barrowmaze!

Note: I am using my homebrew rules for The Black Hack to run this.  For more information, click here.


  • Emma- Elf Ranger
  • DJ- Dwarf Fighter
  • Tyler- Halfling Thief
  • Angie- Dwarf Druid
  • Nate- Half Demon Warlock
  • Sammi- Half-elf Wizard
  • Kevin- Human Thief

Couldn’t Make It

  • Jamie- Elf Cleric (Deity is Silvanus, the Green Man)
  • Katie- Half-elf Warrior

The group started about by carousing.  My next group (playing on Sunday) will get to use my carousing table made specifically for my Barrowmaze groups!  I’m pretty jazzed to give that a go.

A few peeps annoyed the local constable, but avoided serious trouble.  Sammi had a grand time.  Angie one big money at the Gambling Hall.  Tyler made an ass out of himself, but didn’t attract too much attention.  DJ got a tattoo of Angela Lansbury on his ass.  She has dicks for eyebrows.


The group woke up the next morning and decided they were too poor to hire out any help or buy any health potions or ANYTHING…

The group decided to shake things up this time and explore the Barrowmounds.



  • Black obelisk of crumbling stone. Glowing runes etched on sides.  Carved skull with candles in eye sockets.  The obelisk is recognized as honoring Nergal.  Kevin (half-orc paladin of St. Ygg) decides it’d be a good idea to blow out candles.  Fails Luck roll.  An angry voice bellows through area, “You dare defile this holy land!”  A Corpse Coffer appears.  Sami successfully casts sleep on it and the party runs.

Barrowmound 18

  • Group finds remnants of dead toads (from battle in online group). Mound previously plundered.  Knee deep fetid water.  Discover a large fist-sized ruby under the water (this was missed by online group).

Barrowmound 21

  • Group punches through wall and finds two stone slabs with the skeletal remains of a human on each, a decaying shall resting atop the bodies. The stone slabs each housed a secret compartment.  Skeletons animated and were immediately slain before they could act.  Treasure found: gold (Nate the half demon warlock stole it while no one was looking), an unidentified dagger, and two unidentified scrolls.

Barrowmound 20

  • Group finds mound already plundered. Explores inside and finds a stairwell leading down into the Barrowmaze.  Group decides to head down and explore the new area of the maze.

The Maze

Room 50

  • Group goes down stairs and finds large centipedes crawling on wall. Emma kills one with an arrow and Sami again successfully casts sleep, putting them all down.

Room 56

  • Encounter a ghoul on ceiling while walking to this room. It is killed quickly thanks to high initiative rolls.  Find graffiti in room, “They are coming.”  Angie casts “Alarm” on a mouse and sends it into room 57.


Room 57

  • Room is empty save for a few dead bodies of animalistic-looking humans (mongrelmen).  Group finds a little bit of gold on the bodies and finds a secret door to room 92.

Room 91

  • Third Session- Group searches long hall and discovers several burial mounds. Searches through them and finds riches and isn’t attacked.

The group headed back to Helix and divided up the treasure and got XP.  Angie was the only one who leveled up (pays to carouse and be the GM’s wife- means she’s always at the sessions).

We will meet up again in November.  I run Barrowmaze for my online group on Sunday!


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