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The Barrowmaze Halfling Race and Thief Class for The Black Hack

Thus far I’ve posted the Paladin, the Warlock, the Warrior classes (and Dwarf race).

Today is all about the Halfling and Thief.





Fearless: Halflings have Advantage to saves against Fear effects and spells.

Gregarious: Halflings are fond of fun, music, and fun.  Increase their Charisma to 13 if anything lower was rolled.

Halfling Luck: Halflings are weirdly lucky.  They have a number of Luck Points equal to half their level (rounded down).  This lucky aura allows a Halfling to be lucky themselves or help another person.  The Halfling can spend a Luck Point to give themselves or another target Advantage on a roll.  This must be done prior to rolling.

Two-weapon Fighting: A Halfling can fight with two weapons at one time and do not suffer +2 to their attack roll.

And now for the Thief


Thief 1
Starting HP: 1d6 + 4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d6
Weapons & Armor: All Swords, All Bows, Daggers, Padded, Leather, Small Shields
Attack Damage: 1d6 / 1d4 Unarmed or Improvising
Agile: Roll with Advantage when testing DEX to avoid damage or effects from traps and magical
Sneaky: Rolls with Advantage when attacking from behind and deals 2d6 / 2d4 + the Thief’s level damage.
Roguish: Rolls with Advantage when performing delicate tasks, climbing, hearing sounds, moving silently, understanding written languages and opening locks.


Thievery (Choose One)

Halfling 1

Lucky: Once per day, when making a Luck roll a Thief can roll twice and take the better of the two.


Disguise: When attempting to fool others by wearing disguises and make up, the Thief rolls with Advantage.


Quick Draw: Right before combat breaks out, the Thief is able to make a Dexterity check.  If successful, they pull out a small weapon (i.e., dagger, dart, pistol, hand crossbow, etc.) and can attempt an attack on a target.

Scavenger: Once per hour you can look through junk piles and make a Luck roll, if the result is 4-6 you find something mundane of use.  This could be a waterskin, some rations, a quiver of arrows (1d6 usage die), etc.  The GM has final arbitration on what is acceptable or not.


Poisoner: The Thief knows how to apply poison to their blade and do not have to roll to risk accidentally poisoning themselves.  The poison also lasts for one more charge than normal.

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for DEX or WIS.

Thief 2

Book Generator (Magical and Mundane) for Dungeon Dives

I decided to create a book generator for quick and easy use.  I particularly wanted to create some quick and easy passages to throw out there because oftentimes my  players will get a book and one will ask, “so what does it say…?” and I have to create something on the fly that may or may not make total sense.



Book generator

 Magical book

When characters are poking through a library in a dungeon or ruins roll 1d12 for the books name in an ancient language, then roll 1d12 to determine the subject of the book.  If a 12 is, the book is special (and magical).  Roll 1d12 on the Book is About (Special) Table to discover what the book is about and its special properties.
Need a passage of the book for when your group “reads” it.  Roll 1d4 twice on the particular book Passages in the Book.  Those are two passages found in the book to add flavor to it.  Cross those out once read and two more will remain if a book is ever discovered on a similar subject.  Write new passages for the book as desired.


Books Name in Ancient Tongue
Roll 1d12 Name
1 Ya-no-slyouth
2 Ju-nebal
3 Vez ‘aorith
4 Myn-botin
5 Fa-tra-sin
6 Wy-mysen
7 Coo-bydor-nagroth
8 Hnath-kruptor
9 Zyll-threlpt
10 Pra-vrelt
11 Kpluth-va-dyzor
12 Grult-ni-robar


Book is About (Regular)
Roll 1d12 Book Subject
1 Healing
2 Insects
3 Plants
4 Forbidden arts
5 Cults
6 Deities
7 The Underworld
8 Forgotten civilizations
9 Mammals of the world
10 Life and death
11 Diary of an adventurer’s dungeon dives
12 Roll on Special Table

Magical book 1

Book is About (Special)
Roll 1d12 Book Subject Special Feature
1 Healing The tome allows casting of Cure Moderate Wounds 1x/day.
2 Insects Read the book.  Make an Intelligence roll- if successful choose a specific giant insect (i.e., phase spider, giant beetle, fire beetle, carrion crawler, etc.) and gain Rangers Favored Enemy against them.  Only gain this once.
3 Plants Once per day a tree will grow from the book.  Functions as Goodberry spell, but summons for 3d4 berries.  Tree disappears once all berries are picked.
4 Forbidden arts The book contains three necromancy spells within.  Cause Fear (1st lvl), Ray of Enfeeblement (1st lvl), and Hold Undead (2nd lvl- functions as Hold Person).
5 Cults Gain knowledge of a strange ritual of a particular cult (must be deciphered).  You can now cast this as a MU equal to half your level, unless you are a MU).
6 Deities Choose deity in world.  Gain ability to speak once with that deity and ask it three questions.  Book becomes mundane after that.
7 The Underworld Within the pages is a contract to be signed.  Once signed, the person can summon a merchant of Infernal origins once per week.  The merchant will have a wide range of unique, crazy, strange, and bizarre goods (often illegal and deadly).  Their prices range from moderate to expensive or unique (i.e., “You want the tears of the fallen hero of the Battle of the Razor Swamps…?  I have them- collected from his eyes as he writhes in torment.  I only require the essence of four souls.”)
8 Forgotten civilizations Once per day you can summon a spectral warrior from an ancient civilization.  They will fight for you for 1 hour (or until destroyed).


Spectral Warrior: AL: N; AC: As Warrior; HD: 3; HP: 19; #AT: As Warrior, DMG: As Warrior (or by weapon); SP: Immune to critical attacks, fear effects; treat as 4 HD for saves against turning; can only be harmed by magic or magical weapons of +1 or greater.

9 Mammals of the world The book functions as the Summon Animal spell.  You can now cast this as a Druid equal to half your level, unless you are a Druid).
10 Life and death With the book in your possession you have an advantage over death.  The first time you fall in combat (die), there is a 100% chance you survive.  This is reduced by 25% until it reaches 0.  The book crumbles to dust at this point.  This does not recharge per user, but continues at current rate until consumed.
11 Diary of an adventurer’s dungeon dives The book has the location of a map of a terrifying dungeon filled with treasure.  It also shows several treasure stashes within the dungeon hidden by the adventurer.
12 Dragons You have +2 to Intelligence rolls about dragons.  The holder of this book is able to summon a spout of fire, ice, or lightning (as dragon’s breath) once per day for 4d8 damage (Dexterity save for half damage).

Passages in the Book (roll 1d4)


Passages Found in the Book

  • Healing
    • 1) “Setting the bone is a painful process, but remedies…”
    • 2) “The use of leeches to bleed a sickened patient is most agreeable when swelling or reddening of the afflicted’s flesh occurs…”
    • 3) “In ancient times, it was believed that healing was a source of witchcraft, wizardry, or touch of the divine; these methodologies are all correct.”
    • 4) “Blacked pustules will develop a yellow discharge after three weeks of contamination. The Witch’s Lament is a virulent plague, responsible for countless deaths and nearly impossible to cure.”
  • Insects
    • 1) “The proboscis of the Fetid Bloat Fly is barbed, making it harder for the creature to be dislodged once it has struck its intended meal.”
    • 2) “Fire Beetles are protective of their territories. You can tell when you are nearing these creatures’ den as the temperature becomes slightly elevated and the smell of sulfur lingers in the air…”
    • 3) “Stirges are putrid pests found mostly in bogs and swamps, however variant species have been discovered in dungeons, caverns, and even in harsh deserts. Their adaptability is quite impressive.”
    • 4) “Ticks suck…”
  • Plants
    • 1) “The Chiming Orchid Bell has many medicinal properties, including the ability to alleviate the cursed Goblin Flatulence and Swamp Bloat”
    • 2) “Crushing the dried bark of several different species of trees and grinding them into a fine powder creates a mixture that can be inhaled. Once the mixture is inhaled, the person experiences a euphoric almost dream-like state.  Risks of barking at the moon, biting the head off of bats, or bed-wetting are at risk, however.”
    • 3) “The Fire Vein Plant is a deadly predator, similar to its lesser kin, the Cracus Human Trap. Barbed leaves shred the flesh of its prey, while simultaneously injecting a toxin that causes unbearable pain and paralysis.”
    • 4) “The Violet Nightshade is a perfect remedy for insomnia. Also when mixed with honey, and a sprig of spearmint it is a nice aphrodisiac.  However, if prepared incorrectly causes impotence and bloating.”
  • Forbidden Arts
    • 1) “The art of eyeball necklace making is a grotesque skill passed down from parent to child in a perverse arts-and-crafts project. It is said that the wearer gains the ability to tell lies without fear of detection.”
    • 2) “The ability to pull blood from a victim is a reviled art practiced by Blood Witches, who use it in many of their mystic arts.”
    • 3) “The practice of storing one’s soul within a phylactery is to preserve oneself from death. However, doing such an act is unnatural and imprisons the practitioner in their unloving body.  Most commonly practiced by mad wizards…”
    • 4) “It is whispered that an ancient ritual was used to create tear between the world of the living and the dead, spewing forth countless entities into our world. The countryside was plagued with tides of the undead…”
  • Cults
    • 1) “The insidious Cult of Shadowed Time is believed to have infiltrated several branches of the kingdom, influencing things from politics to religion, until their expulsion nearly a century ago.”
    • 2) “Azgurath, demon lord of pain, sits on his throne of blood within his castle of pain which rests on a mountain of skulls. He is worshipped by his devoted cult, the Bringers of Famine.”
    • 3) “The Cult of the Total Eclipse of the Heart seek the still beating heart of lovers that have recently had an extreme fight or break up. They believe the sorrow and tragedy found in the lover’s heart is a potent additive to any potion.”
    • 4) “Long ago the Cult of the Withered Hand was put to the sword, their bodies flayed, and then burned in a holy fire of purity to stop them from rising again.”
  • Deities
    • 1) “It is foretold when the sun is blotted out by a moon of blood, the Lamented Flame Princess will arise from her prison of torment and bring plagues to the world.”
    • 2) “The Sleeping God of Tomorrow shall only awaken when the foretold prophecy of a bovine flying over the night time celestial orb occurs.”
    • 3) “Hazplath is the god of unknown knowledge and guards its secrets jealously. It is said it will bargain for new knowledge with gifts of powerful weapons, parted secrets, or divine blessings.”
    • 4) “The god of the sun is also god of healing, life and warmth. While a benevolent being, the god’s wrath is terrible and, should his ire be provoked, could reduce the world to cinders.”
  • The Underworld
    • 1) “The underworld is a terrible and bleak place, filled with the anguished cries of the damned. Cyca, one of the guardians of the underworld, punishes interlopers cruelly…”
    • 2) “Sometimes the anger of the departed is enough to call them back to the realm of the living, to forever wander as a vile spirit or trapped in undead flesh, constantly seeking to snuff out the light of the living.”
    • 3) “The Blackened Castle of Flesh is the home to Vrathgrad, prince of Hell. Vrathgrad was defeated and banished to the underworld thousands of years ago after his defeat by…”
    • 4) “Those who claim to have visited the underworld claim that it is always 98 degrees in temperature. Whether these accounts are to believed or not is not up for this scholar to decide, however…”
  • Forgotten Civilizations
    • 1) “The people of Heezoo-Peezoo were regarded for their prowess in battle, their fine craftsmanship in weaponry and arms, and their tall towers of alabaster. Their civilization came to an end when the Comet of Woe ripped their kingdom asunder.”
    • 2) “The Followers of the Veil were a religious order that governed the people of Hamphrata. They were said to be kind and benevolent; potent healers and brilliant philosophers.  It is unclear how or when, but something corrupted the order and, over millennia, they became horrible monsters, malformed and grotesque…”
    • 3) “The remains of the Crathfraw Empire still dot the landscape, showing just how wide and far their reach spread. The ruins are filled with riches, traps, and forgotten knowledge.  Only the bravest of adventurers dare to plunge into the depths of these ruins.”
    • 4) “While no great calamity befell the merchant empire of Belgrad, it was their greed and classism the lead to its downfall.”
  • Mammals of the World
    • 1) “The Redbacked Ape has four arms which it uses to snatch its prey and then bludgeon them to death by throwing them against rocks, trees, and the ground. Its fierce howl is enough to curdle the blood of any…”
    • 2) “The Bog Dog is a strange creature. It is a canine that shares qualities with smiles or oozes.  Able to dissolve its own bones and become a shapeless mass that hides in underbrush and waits for its prey to happen upon them.  The creatures hunt in packs, one remaining a sludge that hinders prey’s movement, while the others attack and bring their meal down.”
    • 3) “Spiderbats are hideous abominations of the world. Believed to be the crossbreed experiment of a mad wizard, these creatures resemble normal bats, but also have eight legs and eyes, long fangs that drip ichor, and are able to spin webs as a spider.”
    • 4) “The Filth Pig is a disgusting creature that resembles a mix between man and pig. It mews and makes noises that sound metallic and distorted, sending chills down the spine of those who hear it.  Oftentimes, government officials liken their rivals as Filth Pigs, a great insult indeed…”
  • Life and Death
    • 1) “Vile necromancers attempt to capture the souls (or life essence) of the recently departed to use in powerful rituals or imprison the dead into decay corpses to serve as foot soldiers in their ever-growing armies.”
    • 2) “Valeena is considered Queen of the Dead. Her gentle caress will bring even the healthiest being into her cold embrace.”
    • 3) “Many scholars believe that to die is only the end of one journey before beginning another. However, this scholar believes that the realm of the dead is a cold, terrible place.  Observation shows those that have been revived for a limited time plead and beg not to be sent back.  It was an upsetting observation that caused me some…”
    • 4) The Great Tree of Life is said to glow so brightly that even the darkest evil cannot dim it. Believe to be in a realm lost over eons, its roots touch each other realm of existence in some fashion…”
  • Diary of an adventurer’s dungeon dives
    • 1) “We delved deeper into the Ruins of the Bloody Princess- poor Fritz was impaled on a trap of strange design. Even I couldn’t see how it was sprung.  After the spike pierced Fritz’s chest, his head began to swell to great size before exploding and covering us in his brains!  When I sleep, I can still hear his garbled screams.”
    • 2) “Day 17- Somehow we are STILL in this god forsaken dungeon. They aren’t wrong to call it the Maze of Forever Time!  We have found mushrooms, bugs, and lichen to sustain us.  Fetid water fills our bellies and keeps us going.  The torches are old, and beginning to run low.  I swear it sounds as though the dungeon is laughing at us.”
    • 3) “This dungeon is of curious construction. The walls are smooth and made of metal.  The craftsmanship is more advanced than anything I have ever seen.  We ran across a hideous creature our first day in here.  He was short and green with a large bulbous head and black orb-like eyes.  We put him to the sword before he could get a word out.”
    • 4) “After 3 days we are looking to get out of this tomb of horror! 25 of us decided to raid this tomb, there are only 4 of us left… I fear I will finally meet my end in this terrible place.”
  • Dragons
    • 1) “Remember you do not have to outrun a dragon, for it is truly impossible. You merely have to outrun the weakest link in your party.”
    • 2) “Ostephis is a dragon who’s scales shimmer gold and bright. He is believed to be one of the few remaining dragons of good and law, before his kind fell in the Wars of Law.  He hides deep in a cave now, said to be amassing knowledge and power for the day when the forces of Law will rise again.”
    • 3) “Vileagous is a black dragon known for his potent powers for corrupting the landscape. Within hours of his arrival, fertile land will begin to wither and die.  Within days, rains, winds and dank air forms.  Within weeks, the land has become a fetid bog filled with snakes, toads, insects, froglings, and worse- goblins and stirges!”
    • 4) “Every dragon as an individual weak spot that they guard and keep hidden. It is a flaw that some hypothesis was created by design to keep dragons in check and provide the lesser races a means of fighting them.  It is believed that should this weak spot be struck, the dragon will be slain instantly.”


Magical book 2

The Barrowmaze Dwarf Race and Warrior Class for The Black Hack

Thus far I’ve posted the Paladin and the Warlock.

Today here is the dwarf race and the Warrior class.





Hardy: Dwarves are stout creatures.  Increase the dwarf’s Constitution to 13 if original roll was lower.

Brutal Fighter: When a dwarf critically succeeds with their attack, they roll damage dice twice and take the higher of the two.

Fortitude: Dwarves have Advantage on Constitution rolls against poisons and diseases.

Know Stone: A dwarf lives much of their live life in caves, castles, and keeps. When passing within 10 feet of different types of stone, unique constructions, stonework traps, and structural stability they receive   -2 to their Wisdom roll.  If the dwarf is actively looking at the stone they roll with Advantage.

Darkvision: A dwarf can see in complete darkness (non-magical) up to Not-So-Nearby distance.

And now for the Warrior


Fighter 1
Starting HP: 1d10 + 4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d10
Weapons & Armor: Any and All
Attack Damage: 1d8 / 1d6 Unarmed or Improvising

Second Wind: A Warrior can pull from a reserve of stamina to reinvigorate themselves.  On the Warrior’s turn, as a free action, they can regain HP equal to 1d10 + Warrior level.   A Warrior can perform this once per day until 5th level when it increases to twice per day.
Combatant: As part of their action a Warrior can make 1 attack per odd level.


Shield: The Warrior can use their shield to absorb the damage of a blow, destroying it and taking no damage.
Fighting Style (Choose One)

Fighter 2

Defender: A Warrior that has their shield out and is standing next to an ally that is being attacked can come to their defense, granting the ally Advantage to their defense roll.  This can only be done once per round and for only one ally at a time.


Archer: The Warrior is handy with a bow.  They are able to fire two arrows at one target (damage is rolled with Advantage) or fire the arrows at different targets (this counts as a single attack roll per round, but attacks are made with Disadvantage).


Duelist: When fighting with a one-handed light melee weapon (i.e., rapier, dagger, shortsword), the Warrior makes attack rolls with Dexterity instead of Strength.


Reckless Attacker: The Warrior puts all their efforts all into attacking their foes, sacrificing their guard. When attacking, the Warrior gains Advantage to attack rolls, but suffers Disadvantage to all rolls to avoid being attacked.  The Warrior activates or deactivates this at the beginning of their turn.

Fighter 3
Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR and DEX.

The Barrowmaze Warlock for The Black Hack

Yesterday I posted my Paladin class I’m using in my Barrowmaze campaign for the Black Hack.  Today I’m posting the Warlock.



Warlock 1

Starting HP: 1d4+ 4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d4
Weapons & Armor: 1-handed Sword, Dagger, Scythe, and Staff
Attack Damage: 1d6 / 1d4 Unarmed or Improvising


Eldricht Bolts: The Warlock can channel the power provided by their Otherworld Patron and hurl balls of energies at their foes.This is made in place of the Warlocks normal attack and is considered ranged up to a Nearby enemy.  The Warlock has a Usage die of 1d8 for this ability.  Once it is reduced to zero, the Warlock must sleep for 8 hours to regain the ability to use Eldricht Bolts.

Forbidden Knowledge: The Warlock can speak and read infernal and has Advantage on any knowledge pertaining to the occult or supernatural.


Spellcasting: The bond between the Warlock and Otherwordly Patron grants the ability to cast a number of Arcane Spells per day, see the Spellcasting section.

Known Spells
Warlocks know certain spells that they are then able to cast from memory.  The number of spells a Warlock knows are shown in the column below.  Warlocks do not need spell books.  They can cast from spell scrolls.


Otherworldly Patron (choose one): The otherworldly patron of the Warlock grants special powers.

Warlock 3

  • Cthulhu: Advantage against tests against madness or fear.
  • Death: The first time during the session that a Warlock must roll on the OofA table, roll two dice and use the lower of the two.
  • Fire Primordial: Gain Resistance to fire damage (take half damage).
  • Life: Once per day heal for 1d8 HP as a free action. This is a free action on their turn.
  • Infernal: Gain a small 1HD Imp (1d6 damage) as a companion. The Imp can deliver touch spells on behalf of the Warlock.  If killed, returns within 2d12 hours.
  • Arcane: Once per day the Warlock can summon an energy field that surrounds them that absorbs an amount of damage equal to the Warlock’s level. This is a free action on their turn.
  • The Fae: Once per day a Warlock can summon a sprite to aid in combat (or in a task). The Sprite has 1 HD per every three Warlock levels (minimum of 1).
  • The Ice Queen: Gain Resistance to ice/cold damage (take half damage).
  • The Cosmos: Can see in starlight as if it is daylight. Once per day can divine portends of the future from the stars.  Mechanically you can turn a failure into a success or a success into a failure (i.e., a monster critically attacks you, etc.) for yourself, an ally, or creature.
  • The Sightless: You appear blind, but see in shades of grey, white, and black. You cannot be blinded by attacks and have Advantage against Illusion spells.

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for INT or CHR.

Warlock 2

Warlock Level Spell Slot Level Known Spell
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 1 2
2 2 3
3 2 1 4
4 2 2 5
5 2 2 1 6
6 2 2 2 7
7 2 2 2 1 8
8 2 2 2 2 1 9
9 3 3 2 2 2 1 10
10 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 11

The Barrowmaze Paladin for The Black Hack

When I decided to create my megaduneon, I first looked at which classes I wanted to allow (and the answer will be ALL of them- this will be a Flailsnail game, after all), but first I wanted to limit the choices to give some focus, etc.

One I knew I’d want (especially as I was pondering a Barrowmaze campaign in the interim) was Paladin.

I looked at S&W, Pathfinder, and 5e for inspiration for how I wanted to craft the Paladin for my Black Hack game.


Paladin Art

Starting HP: 1d10 + 4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d10
Weapons & Armor: Any and All
Attack Damage: 1d8 / 1d6 Unarmed or Improvising

Combatant: Paladins gain an additional attack at 3rd, 6th, and 9th level.

Divine Blessing: A Paladin can channel the might of their deity and have access to several powers.  At first level, a Paladin has 1 Ability slot.  This is increased to two slots at 5th level and three slots at 10th.  When a Paladin uses an ability, they must test their Charisma.  If they succeed the slot is not consumed and they can use another ability (and test again).  If they fail the slot is consumed and they cannot use any further abilities without resting for 8 hours.

  • Lay on Hands: Once per day, a Paladin can channel the power of their deity and heal a target with their touch. The touched target regains 1 HD of HP back.
  • Detect Good and Evil: Functions as Detect Evil spell (pg XX).
  • Smite Enemy: The Paladin’s weapon is bathed in holy light. They gain Advantage to an attack against their target and deals additional damage equal to Paladin level.\
  • Aura of Faith: Allies and Paladin in a Nearby radius are immune to fear effects for 1 turn per Paladin level.
  • Radiant Weapon: The Paladin summons a spectral version of the holy weapon of their deity.  The weapon flies at the target designated by the Paladin and strikes (no attack roll needed). The weapon deals Paladin class damage +1 and is treated as magical for purposes of overcoming any form of resistances, etc.

Prayer: After a Paladin has expended all their Divine Blessing slots, they are able to rest for an hour and pray.  At the end of the hour, they test their Charisma to see if their deity heard them.  If successful, the Paladin regains the use of 1 slot.  This can be done once per day.

Immune to Disease: Paladin’s are blessed with divine health.  They are immune to all natural, supernatural, or magical diseases.

Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or CHR.
Paladin 1

Barrowmaze Session 1- So It Begins…

This session started running- the group had made their characters earlier (3d6 in order- swap any two scores).  They told me what race and class they were interested in playing, so I had sent those head as well, including starting equipment for each.

For more information on the premise and house-rules of my campaign, go here.

The Party

  • John- Half-demon Paladin (follower of Sylvanus)- Occupation Healer (started with extra healing potion)
  • Omar- Human Paladin (follower of Sylvanus)- Occupation Falconer (started with pet falcon)
  • Liam- Elf Wizard- Occupation Alchemist (started with Cure Disease Potion- rolled on Erik Jensen’s awesome Potion Chart)
  • Chad- Halfling Thief- Occupation Trapper (started with pre-made snare trap)
  • Stan- Human Torch Boy (15 year old Hireling)
  • Fritzblart- Human thief, 1st level (Hireling)

Made Characters (but not present)

  • Nate- Human Warlock
  • Gene- Dwarf Warrior
  • Fletch- Gnome Druid

The Start

Barrowmaze Art

This is ironically exactly what happend…

I gave the group the option of starting topside and looting the burial mounds or going into the maze itself.  They opted to dive right in and explore.

The group stood at the entrance to Barrowmaze, staring at the wrought iron doors with intricate carvings of skulls and strange runes.  Liam was able to read the ancient language, “Tread carefully for the sleep of the dead is tenuous.”

Someone slapped the following words on the door, “Make no sound.  They will seek you out.”

The group made it through the front door and traveled down a hall to the door.  Fritzblart did not detect any traps, so John went inside and was instantly cut off from the rest of the party by a portcullis.  A door on the other side opened and three skeletons ushered through.

Aside: John got lucky here, because the dungeon states there are actually 7 skeletons, but I misread.  Oh well.

The fight took a few rounds.  The group fired arrows (suffering Disadvantage) through the portcullis.  Stan the Torch Boy critically failed and his dagger dug into the back of Fritzblart, who nearly died from the unexpected wound.

John took a beating, but wasn’t down for the count.  He summoned the powers of Sylvanus and flung a radiant axe at one of the skeletons, slaying it.  After a few more rounds all the skeletons were slain and Fritzblart was able to trip the mechanism allowing John to escape.  John then summoned the power of Sylvanus again and healed Fritzblart, but sadly he felt the ability to cast miracles leave him after this kind act.

The group looked throughout the room and, finding nothing of interest, decided to head past a few doors and down a left corridor.  They came across a locked door and Fritzblart tired his luck again.  The room was a quiet crypt that had clearly been emptied previously.  Painted on the walls were the words, “Pullo was here,” and a single gold coin from a foreign land in the center of the floor.  Liam took the coin.

The group looked down the hall and saw a bricked up wall.  Man that got their attention.  John took to smashing the bricks with his two-handed mace.  I rolled three random encounter checks, but no luck.

Eventually the group knocked the wall down and were able to step into a small alcove with a mosaic of a skull (it had fallen apart with age).  John and Omar succeeded their Intelligence checks and were able to recognize the skull as the symbol of the god of death, Negrul.  They then decided it would be a good idea to open the door.

In the room was a fresco of shining knights being slain by demons and a wizard with a skull mask.

Liam critically failed his perception roll and decided that he wanted to step in the room to look for more gold coins.

The group watched in horror as three Shadows emerged from the fresco (their tails still attached to piece of art).

Stan failed his morale check and fled down the hallway (I rolled a random encounter and he ran into zombies- so sad, by Stan).


The fight was brutal.  Shadows can only be harmed by magic and magic weapons of +1 or better.  They deal 1d4 damage and a successful Constitution save must be made or the target suffers 1d4 Constitution damage (heals 1 per day).

Liam got smacked by two of the three Shadows (one missed), taking 6 damage and losing 5 Constitution).  The group experimented the first round on what would hurt the Shadows, and none of their mundane weapons had any effect.  Oh and if you die, you rise up as a Shadow in 1d4 rounds.

Omar decided to summon forth the power of his deity and throw a radiant weapon at the fresco.  It chipped away at the painting and the Shadows stuttered and flickered like a bad television connection.

Liam opened up on the fresco with magic missile, destroying it.  One of the Shadows writhed for a moment and then faded into nothing.

Liam tried to back away then, but sadly the remaining Shadows ganged  up on him and Liam fell. John then said, “Liam died the way he lived; getting his ass kicked.”

Omar got lucky with two more radiant weapons and John used his half-demon ability to cast Flaming Hands.  Thankfully the remaining Shadows went down.

Aside: I had decided that the Shadows would be connected to the fresco when I read the room description.  The fresco had 10 HP and half of the damage dealt to the art would be done to the Shadows.   This allowed the group to kill one Shadow right off the bat and deal significant damage to the other two.

The group pulled themselves together and decided they would spend time looting the burial alcoves.  They can search 10 alcoves a minute and there are three people searching while Omar stands guard, facing the hallway.

Before First Minute Starts– Liam rises up as a Shadow.  Omar blasts him with a radiant weapon for max damage and sends Liam’s Shadow to Hell.

First Minute– No encounter- recover a shiny shield and nice leather armor and 300 gold pieces.

Second Minute– Stan returns as a zombie with six others- they Thriller danced at the group and a fight broke out over which version of Michael Jackson is the best.  The fight hurt- John got his face chewed on by a zombie.

Found 300 more gold.

Third Minute– the fighting and smell of blood attracts 5 skeletons.  Another fight breaks out.  Chad slides beneath the legs of the skeletons, attached to a rope- uses the rope the hit the legs of the skeletons, knocking two prone.   John gets REALLY hurt.  Chad gets knocked to 0 HP and is dropped.

After the fight John takes a potion to get some HP back and Chad succeeds his Luck roll to survive and rolls a 2 on the Out of Action Table (only knocked unconscious).

The group decides to do the last three minutes to clean out the whole room getting a whopping 1,800 gp.

We decided this was a good stopping point, so the group made it back to Helix.

They divided up the loot (and that taken from Stan’s and Liam’s corpses), identified the shield and leather armor found (100 gp each), and got 2,340 experience (base XP for monsters) and 1 per 1 for gold.  John, Chad, and Omar leveled up to 2nd level.  Liam will make a new character.

Leather Armor- Armor of the Thief +2 armor (2 ticks- more expensive to repair)

Shield- Righteous Shield of the Warrior- reduces number rolled on dice by one for defensive rolls.  Once per day gain a second attack.

Next session will start with the group getting a chance to carouse and go shopping before hopping into the dungeon.

The Graveyard


Liam- Elf Wizard (1st level)

Stan Human Torch Boy (Hireling)