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Back From Gen Con (flashing some pics)! Hubris Won an ENNIE and Demon City Joins DIY RPG Productions!

This is the first time I’ve had a breather since returning from Gen Con!  What a fucking blast!  I got to meet so many cool peeps while I was there!  It was a hell of a treat!  Snuggling with Jez Gordon was tops (he only cried for 20 minutes or so)!

Two pieces of big pieces of awesome came from Gen Con for DIY RPG Productions!  First- Hubris won a Silver ENNIE for Best Electronic Book!  Thanks to EVERYONE for the support and excitement for Hubris over the years and for voting for it in the ENNIES.


I guess there was a little stink because I threw my logo up at the Steaming video, but whatever:)

Here’s a link to that for anyone interested.  Should start at the point for best electronic book (if not, it’s time point 49+:47).

The SECOND piece of Awesome is that Zak Sabbath is teaming up with DIY RPG Productions to publish his awesome Demon City setting book!  This is gonna be delicious, sexy, and epic!  I am really excited about this opportunity and it’ll be a great book!  More on this coming soon!

If you haven’t heard of Hubris or need more info- here’s a great review!


Me getting ready for the ENNIES and practicing my acceptance speech


Awesome ENNIE pose with Jez, Zak, James, and Patrick!


Me rocking some delicious Jez Gordon Feral apparel (hey that rhymes!)


I did way too much of this at the con


Played in some RPGage a couple times run by Zak





Ran Hubris at the Con- It Came From… OUTER SPACE!!!  A level zero funnel!


19 poor souls got themselves perished in the funnel!


Ran Orcs: A High Octane Adventure (3rd level Hubris module- coming eventually)


Two pitiful souls died in this adventure- I was too soft 😛