The Barrowmaze Dwarf Race and Warrior Class for The Black Hack

Thus far I’ve posted the Paladin and the Warlock.

Today here is the dwarf race and the Warrior class.





Hardy: Dwarves are stout creatures.  Increase the dwarf’s Constitution to 13 if original roll was lower.

Brutal Fighter: When a dwarf critically succeeds with their attack, they roll damage dice twice and take the higher of the two.

Fortitude: Dwarves have Advantage on Constitution rolls against poisons and diseases.

Know Stone: A dwarf lives much of their live life in caves, castles, and keeps. When passing within 10 feet of different types of stone, unique constructions, stonework traps, and structural stability they receive   -2 to their Wisdom roll.  If the dwarf is actively looking at the stone they roll with Advantage.

Darkvision: A dwarf can see in complete darkness (non-magical) up to Not-So-Nearby distance.

And now for the Warrior


Fighter 1
Starting HP: 1d10 + 4
HP Per Level/Resting: 1d10
Weapons & Armor: Any and All
Attack Damage: 1d8 / 1d6 Unarmed or Improvising

Second Wind: A Warrior can pull from a reserve of stamina to reinvigorate themselves.  On the Warrior’s turn, as a free action, they can regain HP equal to 1d10 + Warrior level.   A Warrior can perform this once per day until 5th level when it increases to twice per day.
Combatant: As part of their action a Warrior can make 1 attack per odd level.


Shield: The Warrior can use their shield to absorb the damage of a blow, destroying it and taking no damage.
Fighting Style (Choose One)

Fighter 2

Defender: A Warrior that has their shield out and is standing next to an ally that is being attacked can come to their defense, granting the ally Advantage to their defense roll.  This can only be done once per round and for only one ally at a time.


Archer: The Warrior is handy with a bow.  They are able to fire two arrows at one target (damage is rolled with Advantage) or fire the arrows at different targets (this counts as a single attack roll per round, but attacks are made with Disadvantage).


Duelist: When fighting with a one-handed light melee weapon (i.e., rapier, dagger, shortsword), the Warrior makes attack rolls with Dexterity instead of Strength.


Reckless Attacker: The Warrior puts all their efforts all into attacking their foes, sacrificing their guard. When attacking, the Warrior gains Advantage to attack rolls, but suffers Disadvantage to all rolls to avoid being attacked.  The Warrior activates or deactivates this at the beginning of their turn.

Fighter 3
Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR and DEX.

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