The Dubstep Wizard Class

This idea came to me while shopping…  I tried to keep it as system neutral as possible.  Feel free to have fun with this.

Oh and if you haven’t seen the Key and Peele Dubstep skit (above), I HIGHLY recommend it!

Dubstep Wizard

Dubstep Wizard art by Angie G.

The Dubstep Wizard channels the high energies, pounding bass, and piercing shrieks of Dubstep music to fuel their spells.  Each round the Dubstep Wizard calls upon the power of the bass, causing strange effects to occur and warp the very reality around them.


Dubstep Wizards do not dress in flowing robes like their wizard counterparts, but instead wear skinny jeans, a flannel with some decorative t-shirt underneath, high top shoes, large headphones, and a stylish hat of some sort.


Dubstep Wizards love showmanship, performance, and gathering a crowd.  They are usually very gregarious and love having a good time.  Not one to be stuck up in a dark tower, studying musty old tomes, a Dubstep Wizard is the life of the party!

HP: As Wizard

Saves: As Wizard

Armor and Weapon Proficiency: As Wizard

Attack Bonuses: As Wizard

Damage (Optional Rule): As Wizard

Skills (If applicable): As Wizard, but add performance


Spell Progression: As Wizard.  A Dubstep Wizard learns spells by studying a scroll while listening to their awesome Dubstep beats.  Resolve learning spells in same manner as Wizard studying scrolls/learning from mentor.


Wizard’s Converting to Dubstep Wizards: The awesome bass is addicting and who can blame a wizard for wanting to drop their must old tomes in exchange for some kicking beats.  A wizard can turn their character into a Dubstep Wizard, but are now two levels lower (i.e., a 3rd level Wizard would become a 1st level Dubstep Wizard, etc.).


Dupstep Casting

First round the Dubstep Wizard begins chanting and dancing, they mimic the sound effects of dubstep music with their mouths.  It is off-putting and sounds strange, but the effect is felt by those in the indicated area.  If the Dubstep Wizard continues their Dubstep Casting a second round, the sound of true dubstep begins to overlay with their chanting, filling the ears of those in a 120’ area.  If the Dubstep Wizard continues their Dubstep Casting for a third round, dubstep overpowers the area, its intense beats and synthetic sounds filling everyone’s ears.


To cast any spell the Dubstep Wizard must at least channel the power of dubstep for one round.  They can continue to channel each round, building on the debilitating effects of dubstep.  When a Dubstep Wizard begins Dubstep Casting, they roll a d8 and consult the chart below.  Each round the casting effect builds (up to three).  The Dubstep Wizard can switch to a different effect each round by rolling 1d8 should they desire.  If the Dubstep Wizard channels all three rounds on a single effect, but wishes to using Dubstep Casting, they roll 1d8 again.


When the Dubstep Wizard desires to finally release the energies of their Dubstep Casting and cast the spell, this is called The Drop. When the Dubstep Wizard brings on the Drop another effect happens (consult the chart below).



Dubstep Casting Effects
Roll 1d8 Name Effect
1 Time Jostled Reality shifts slightly, causing all in a 30’ radius to be effected.  Everyone rerolls initiative at the start of the round.  One the second round, the last action prior to the Dubstep Wizard’s reoccurs.  Movement resets to where it began at in the previous action (but only for those involved in that action).  If there was any rolling (i.e., to attack and damage, to see if a spell works, disable a trap, etc.) it is redone.  Damage sustained in the previous action (i.e., from an attack) does not disappear when the reoccurrence happens (that means a person could potentially be attacked twice, healed twice, gain two buffs from a spell, etc.).  On the third round, the last two actions prior to the Dubstep Wizard’s reoccur.


When the Dubstep Wizard does The Drop, time returns to normal.

2 Dizzy Those in a 10’ radius of the Dubstep Wizard must make a Wisdom based save or become loopy form the sonic beats blasting in their eardrums, suffering -2 to all rolls.  On the second round, the sonic vibrations reach targets up to 15’ away become too much.  Targets must succeed a Wisdom based save or suffers-4 (or Disadvantage) to all rolls and stumbles around (movement reduced by half).  On the third round, the epic pulsing beat reaches targets 20’ away.  The pounding bass is too much.  Target’s must make a Wisdom based save (-2 to the roll) or ears bleed and they suffer 1d4+1 damage and suffer -4 (or Disadvantage) to rolls and stumbles around (movement reduced by half).


This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds after the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop.

3 Mimicry The undulations and hypnotic beats of the Dubstep Wizard are intoxicating.  Targets that are in a 15’ radius of the Dubstep Wizard must succeed a Wisdom based save or begin dancing and chanting identically to the Dubstep Wizard.  On the second round, the radius is increased to 20’ and all suffer -2 to their Wisdom based save.  On the third round, the radius is increased to 30’ and targets become fatigued after the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop.


This effect ends when the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop.

4 Gravity Reversal The Dubstep Wizard’s hypnotic dance, gyrating, and rhythmic beats cause the very gravitational forces around them to alter.  Gravitational forces in a 30’ sphere around the Dubstep Wizard becomes less strong, causing targets to half to hop around (like on the moon).  Movement is reduced by half.  On the second round, the sphere is increased to 40’ and things float roughly 10’ above the ground.  Spells function normally, but ranged attacks have a 75% chance of missing and melee attacks have a 50% chance of missing.  To move must have a surface to push off from.  On the third round, the sphere is increased to 60’ and things turn upside down and all targets float to the “top” of the sphere and land and can move and fight as normal (but suffer -2 for being disorientated).


There is no saving throw to avoid this effect.  The Dubstep Wizard is immune to the gravity changes.  This effect lasts until the Dubstep Wizard Drops the Base. If the third result has occurred when the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop, targets fall from 60’ and suffer falling damage (5d6).

5 Shuffling Feet The Dubstep Wizard gets caught in the flow of the beat and they begin to dance around in circles, their feet moving as if they are being repulsed by magnets.  As the Dubstep Wizard moves, they start to pop and lock, making it harder to hit (granting +2 to AC).  On the second round, the movement becomes faster and even more fluid and unpredictable.  The Dubstep Wizard gains +2 to AC and even if an attack successfully lands, melee attacks have a 20% chance to miss and ranged attacks have a 35% chance to miss.  On the third round, percentage is increased to 35% for melee attacks and 50% for ranged attacks.


This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds after the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop.

6 Doing the Robot The Dubstep Wizard begins making strange almost computerized sounding noises and begins to pop and lock.  Their skin takes on a metallic sheen and they ignore 1 point of damage from physical attacks.  On the second round, the Dubstep Wizard’s skin becomes metal and they ignore 2 points of damage from all sources.  On the third round, the Dubstep Wizard gains Resistance (half damage) from all sources.


This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Dubstep Wizard’s level after they perform The Drop.

7 Sonic Harm The intensity and fury of Dubstep permeates the beats of the Dubstep Wizard.  They channel that energy into one target.  The chosen target is blasted by the sonic energy, being thrown to the ground (prone) and suffering 1d6 damage (Constitution based save for half damage).  On the second round, the chosen target is lifted from the ground and torn up by sonic vibrations, suffering 1d6 damage per round for 1d4 rounds (Constitution based save for half damage).  On the third round, the Dubstep Wizard can choose a second target to be effected by Sonic Harm at the second round effect (Constitution based save for half damage).  If there are no other targets, the first target is blasted with an additional 1d6 damage (Constitution based save for half damage).


When the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop, affected targets suffer an additional 1d6 damage.

8 Physical Warping The powers of Dubstep physically alter those who listen.  Targets in a 30’ radius must succeed a Constitution based save to avoid these effects (this is each round of chanting).  On the first round the fingers of the effected begin to stretch in time with the pulsing beat, making it difficult to hold items or perform delicate tasks.  Attacks suffer -2 and doing things like pick pocketing or picking a lock are impossible.  On the second round the eyes of the affected begin shifting up and down, side to side, and blinking alternatively with the beat.  This is very distracting, causing all targets to suffer -4 (or Disadvantage) to all notice or spot checks and -4 to attacks.  On the third round the skin covers the eyes and mouth of the affected targets.  Attacks are hindered (with -4 or Disadvantage) and they cannot shout warnings or cast spells.


This effect lasts 1d4 rounds after the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop.


The Drop

The energies of Dubstep are not to be trifled with… their very intensity ensnares the senses, hiccups time, and warps the physical world.  When a Dubstep Wizard releases the energies of Dubstep to cast their spell, this is called The Drop.


When the Dubstep Wizard performs The Drop, a deep baseline fills the ears of all in the affected area, the spell goes off per normal rules and the Dubstep Wizard rolls on the chart below.



The Drop Table
Roll 1d6 Name Effect
1 Ground Break The ground underneath the Dubstep Wizard in a 30’ becomes superheated and cracks, breaks, and becomes rumble.  Dust flies all around, covering all in the area.  Movement in the area is reduced by half.
2 Sonic Scream The Dubstep Wizard lets out a reverberating, high pitched shriek, their eyes turn black and blood leaks from their nose.  Targets in a 30’ radius must make a Constitution based save or be deafened for 1d4 rounds.
3 Reality Splinter The Dubstep Wizard moves their hands around in time with the beat.  The moment The Drop occurs the Dubstep Wizard opens their hands in time with the base, as though they are dropping a microphone.  Reality shatters as though it is made of glass.  All in a 60’ area are absorbed in darkness and have visions of falling through nothingness.  The effect lasts for 1 round (these figures disappear from combat).  On the next round all return, but are in different locations than when they started.  All must roll a Wisdom based save or be disorientated, suffering -2 to all rolls until they make a successful save.
4 Epicness The Dubstep Wizard is not to be trifled with.  They impress all those around them, in spite of themselves.  The Dubstep Wizard gains +4 (or Advantage) to one roll in the next 24 hours.  The Dubstep Wizard can only have one level of epicness saved.  If they have not used the roll and this effect is rolled again, it does not stack.
5 Aweness The Dubstep Wizard glows with a bright electric halo, inspiring awe in all those around him.  The Dubstep Wizard gains +4 to Charisma and enemies must make a Wisdom based save to attack them (a GM can rule that powerful/epic enemies are immune to this effect).  This effect lasts for 1 hour.
6 Dance-o-matic Like Mimicry, the fevered intensity of Dubstep is too much for those in a 60’ area.  When the Dubstep Wizard performs the Drop, a flash mob is created.  All targets begin to dance (-2 Wisdom based save to resist) and move about in epic, crazed unison (including the Dubstep Wizard as the lead- they must participate).


This lasts for 1d4 minutes.  At the end targets in the area must succeed a Constitution based save or become fatigued.

7 Energize The Dubstep Wizard invigorates all allies in the affected Dubstep Casting radius with vigor.  Allies in the area regain 1d4/every odd Dubstep Wizard level in Hit Points.  Additionally, allies roll a 1d6.  If the result is even, they gain +4 (Advantage) on their next roll.
8 Mutation The crazy beats of Dubstep have taken a toll on the Dubstep Wizard.  They must succeed on a Constitution based save or gain a mutation (choose from favorite source).  If the save succeeds the Dubstep Wizard is fatigued.






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