Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Session Four- Into the Ruins of Santa Mo- Part 2

We continue our Barbarians of the Ruined Earth campaign!

In Part One the group fought some raiders, met some friendly, albeit cautious scavengers at the entrance to the ruins of Santa Mo, and decided to go the the small boomtown, Fang’s Point.


Chad– Medical Robot (named Marko Tron), rides a Giant Snailbadger.  Life Event: Has trouble understanding why humans whine so much, has mouthed off about it and been chased out of several villages. Trinket: World War II army helmet.

JohnBarbarian (named Dagor)- rides on a Giant Snailbear. Life Event: Mother was killed by croc-men when he was a child. Now he fights for the underdog!  Trinket: Silver dagger given by his father.

LiamSorcerer (named Fulgur Tenebris) Crazy Sorcerer appearance- grey skin, grey hair, cat eyes, jagged nails, yellow teeth, body changes color with emotion (50 shades of grey), has a metalic staff with spider web etching. Power manifestation black orbs with grey lightning. Life Event: Family was pushed out of village because of your birth.  Trinket: Golden necklace given to denote remarkable birth.  Rides one of the last Ancient Earth elephants (also has grey skin and yellowing tusks). Rules for Spellcasting here.

Not Present

FletchUrchin class (wasn’t able to play today).  More on this character later.

OmarDeath Priest (named Morg).  Wears totally Gothic stuff and has bone shoulder plates, a bone mace, and a Trump-like demeanor.  He was once the ruler of a village of humans, but was chased out and exiled.

NateVek (Anthropomorphic dinosaur- raptor- pretty feathers. Named Valeran the Vek).  He thinks humans are savages.  Life Event: Father was a brilliant Vek who understood Stupendous Science. Father was eventually killed by a Sorcerer. Trinket: Headdress of bone, wood, and feathers.  Rides a camel.

Gene- Cougar Beastman (called Fanth).  Vicious fighter.  Watched many of his tribe vaporized in front of his eyes by the evil magic of a Sorcerer.

Time to Ruffle Some Feathers

The group made their way towards Fang’s Point, walking for about a mile, with the mounts having difficulty with the terrain (especially the snails).

The group was happily talking to one another, except for Liam, who was trailing behind.  Liam heard the sound of giant wings.  He looked up and saw a grotesque creature flying towards Spaz!  Liam shot a bolt of grey energy from his staff, but his shot went wild.

Monster 1
Probably one of the best pictures of a harpy I’ve ever seen.

Spaz noticed the creature at the last second and dodged out of the way of its talons.  Vog shouted, “Oh no!  It’s Redfeather!”

Initiative was rolled and the group all took a few pot shots at Redfeather, all missing.  Vog pointed his sword at her, “Careful!  She’s cunning!  And she shoots fire!” As he spoke Redfeather’s mouth and throat became bloated and she spewed forth a large ball of fire that hit Grunt.  Grunt dropped to the ground screaming, rolling around to douse the flames.

After a few rounds the group had widdled some HP off of Redfeather.  She opened her mouth and screeched, “My children!  Protect me!”  From behind a building came three smaller, black-feathered, and younger looking Vulturefolk.  Aside: I treated them as 1 HP mooks.

The fight went on a few more rounds and it was pretty vicious.  Liam was dropped Out of Action by one of Redfeather’s fireballs.  Grunt was dropped to Out of Action by an attack from one of the black-feathered hags and John was scooped up in Redfeather’s talons and dropped from 20′ high, taking some damage but wasn’t stunned.

Chad shot his laser pistol and shoulder-mounted laser cannon at Redfeather, blowing off part of her wing, causing her to slam into the ground while John ran over and shoved a healing salve (restores 1 HD of hit points) to Liam.  Redfeather started limping and backing away from Chad, spewing a fireball at the robot.  Chad attempted to punch her in her gross, stupid face, but missed.

Redfeather’s mouth and throat became bloated again as she made ready to shoot another  fireball, but a grey ball of energy slammed into her face and she keeled over dead.  Liam stood, weakened and charred with his staff pointed towards were Redfeather stood.

After the fight, I had the group roll Out of Action (with Disadvantage) for Grunt, but he survived.  Charred, burnt, and crippled- sadly Grunt’s days of exploring and scavenging had come to an end.

Vog lead the weary and battered group the rest of the way to Fang’s Point.  The group was allowed access to this small settlement that seemed to be the remains of an Ancient Earth strip mall promenade.  Netting had been attached to the roofs of the surrounding buildings to create a protective canopy, and after the attack of Redfeather and the other Vulturefolk, it was appearent why.

The group noticed that people either had dead animal pelts on their personage, more often as a cloak, or a circuit-type belt buckle.  John inquired to Vog about this.

“Oh those are symbols to show which block these people show allegiance to at Nukatomi Plaza.  The ones with the animal pelts are from the Feral Block- they identify with spirit animals or some such, and the ones with the gizmos are from the Slums.  Their leader, Tinker Tok, is well… a tinker of Ancient Earth technology, from what I hear.”

Liam, wearily stopped at a small, rickety wooden kiosk with a painted sign, “Potions and Baubles” and asked if she had any healing salves for sale.  The woman stuttered and looked uncomfortable at being in conversation with a Sorcerer, but gave Liam the salve for free as thanks for killing Redfeather.  “Thanks.  Is there a doctor nearby?”

“Why yes there is!  The bonesaw is right over there!”  She points at a structure made of wooden posts and canvas tenting.  Liam stumped in there and found a man with a cybernetic arm, with a saw blade sticking out, cutting into a side of beef.  The man turned around and saw Liam, “Well it isn’t often I get to see a Sorcerer up close- least of all one that is close to death.”

Zed’s a good guy…  Just gruff!

“Are you the doctor?” Liam asked hesitantly.

“Yup!  Name’s Zed (yeah I totally went to Borderlands here)!  Welcome to Zed’s Butcher Shop!”

Liam twitched, “You’re the butcher and the doctor…?  Ok.” And then he passed out.

John celebrated with Vog and walked around the small settlement.

Chad went to the Junk Shop and haggled with proprietor, Vin, about getting some bags that could be made into saddle bags for his mount.

Sears Shooting Stars Competition 2014
Vin is very serious and doesn’t understand robot humor.

“Welcome to the Junk Shop.”

Chad busted out some “Welcome to the Junk Shop!  We got all your junk and games!”

Vin looked at him and frowned, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand robot humor…”

The group haggled and finally Vin pulled out three bags he scavenged from a nearby ruined building.  Chad looked at the hideous color, “Is that all you have?”

These will look GREAT on a giant Bearsnail!

“Yep.  For something big enough to fit on your snail’s shell!”

Chad thanked him for doing business, bought the bags, and left.

We ended here for the night.  

Next Time- Delving Deeper into the Ruins of Santa Mo!

Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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