Barbarians of the Ruined Earth Session Three- Heavy Metal Christmas Sleigh

We continue our Barbarians of the Ruined Earth campaign!

Last session we left off with the group getting ready to face off the vile witch, Grenzel and her cult, The Cabal of Shadows.

Again- not for BotRE, but I LOVE Matthew Adams art!


Chad– Medical Robot (named Marko Tron), rides a Giant Snailbadger.  Life Event: Has trouble understanding why humans whine so much, has mouthed off about it and been chased out of several villages. Trinket: World War II army helmet.

JohnBarbarian (named Dagor)- rides on a Giant Snailbear. Life Event: Mother was killed by croc-men when he was a child. Now he fights for the underdog!  Trinket: Silver dagger given by his father.

LiamSorcerer (named Fulgur Tenebris) Crazy Sorcerer appearance- grey skin, grey hair, cat eyes, jagged nails, yellow teeth, body changes color with emotion (50 shades of grey), has a metalic staff with spider web etching. Power manifestation black orbs with grey lightning. Life Event: Family was pushed out of village because of your birth.  Trinket: Golden necklace given to denote remarkable birth.  Rides one of the last Ancient Earth elephants (also has grey skin and yellowing tusks). Rules for Spellcasting here.

NateVek (Anthropomorphic dinosaur- raptor- pretty feathers. Named Valeran the Vek).  He thinks humans are savages.  Life Event: Father was a brilliant Vek who understood Stupendous Science. Father was eventually killed by a Sorcerer. Trinket: Headdress of bone, wood, and feathers.  Rides a camel.


Gene- Cougar Beastman (called Fanth).  Vicious fighter.  Watched many of his tribe vaporized in front of his eyes by the evil magic of a Sorcerer.

Not Present

FletchUrchin class (wasn’t able to play today).  More on this character later.

OmarDeath Priest (named Morg).  Wears totally Gothic stuff and has bone shoulder plates, a bone mace, and a Trump-like demeanor.  He was once the ruler of a village of humans, but was chased out and exiled.

Battle Royale!

Grenzel arrived riding through the air on a Christmas sleigh that had rockets attached to the side.  Flying around her were three robots.  Each had a blue glowing orb on their head which shot an energy beam at Grenzel, encasing her in a force field.

Initiative was rolled with Grenzel winning- and firing a rocket at a group of fleeing NPC villagers from Route 66, killing them off.  All the players either readied attacks, or shot ranged weapons at Grenzel, but when their attacks were deflected by the fore field they set their sights on the robots.

The next round three Ancient Earth pick up trucks came over the hill, each carrying cultists, towards the group.  The trucks came to a screeching halt and three cultists carrying maces and car door shields, two carrying halberds, and a cultist in elaborate robes with a white metallic halberd with a wicked looking blade on one end and a glowing blue light on the other ran towards the group, while three others pulled bows and went behind the trucks for cover.

Liam used the alternate casting rules to great effect and ignited the gas tank of one of the trucks, causing all three to explode, killing all three cultist archers before they could even fire an arrow.

John and Gene and a few NPCs engaged with the cultists while Chad and Nate took pot shots at the robots.

I rolled randomly for who Grenzel attacked, sometime it was just firing a rocket into the village of Route 66 itself, other times at the escaping villagers, and other times a laser bolt to sizzle one of the PCs.

John left the cultists to Gene while he went after the cultist leader with the killer looking halberd.  The fight was hard and John took a few hits from the blade and a couple shots from the glowing blue light  (apparently that end could fire lasers).  Eventually John gutted him and grabbed the Stupendous Device (called the Staff of Deliverance) for himself.

Eventually John and Gene killed all the cultists and there was only one remaining robot that Liam, Nate, and Chad were having a hell of a time hitting.  Liam summoned a floating disk from thin air (his could use his movement action to control it) and had Gene hop on and rose him in the air to smash the robot in the fucking face!

With all three robots destroyed the force field collapsed and the group set to work beating the living hell out out Grenzel.  First Gene attacking the Christmas sleigh itself to bring it to the group.

Gene stabbed his claws into the sleigh’s control panel, causing it to spin out of control and crash hard into the ground.  Grenzel stumbled out and began flinging spells at the band of heroes.  The group pummeled her with blade, spell, staff, laser beam, and claw.  She eventually fell beneath their onslaught.

She whispered a gurgled warning, “This is only the beginning” as she melted into a puddle of black goo.  After a few moments the goo evaporated by left the Cabal of Shadows mark etched into the earth.


Cabal of Shadows
Found this on the internet- decided it was the Cabal of Shadows symbol

With Grenzel death, the village went to work of burying yet more dead because of the witch (the first session started with robots controlled by the witch attacking Route 66).  While there was some celebration, it was somber; the victory came at a high price.

Over the next couple of days the group healed, talked with the important NPCs of Route 66, and bartered for some goods.  Chad installed a shoulder cannon he salvaged from the enemy robots on himself and Gene decided to accompany the group on their journeys.

A caravan from Nukatomi Plaza, led by the gruff Oog (brother to Ursula of the Yellow, who owns the Broken Motor Tavern).  The group bartered for some goods he brought from the human kingdom and pried Oog for information about the area.  He spoke of the Technodabbler’s Circuitry Tower to the north (a Sorcerer) and villages of snakemen and mutated winged men to the east.

Of most interest to the group was the ruins of Santa Mo (Santa Monica) to the West.  Oog said he was waiting for a group of scavengers to come from Fang’s Point (an outpost in the ruins) with goods to bring back to Nukatomi.

The group decided the would go into these ruins themselves and attempt to find some scrap to sell (their pockets were rather light of ceramic coins).

We ended the session here.  It was a fun session and the battle took up most of it- but it was a great time and they had a blast fighting on multiple fronts.  

Next time- Into the Ruins of Santa Mo!

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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