Barbarians of the Ruined Earth- Appendix B- Bonds

Beyond the Wall is a nifty game that has a great way to quickly band the players together and give them reasons to keep adventuring together.  I knew I wanted to include an optional rule to do something similar.  I decided to build off a thing I created for the Starrunner Kit to create episodic events between session (or at character creation).

I used this rule in my current Barbarians of the Ruined Earth campaign and it was really fun to see the creative juices of my players and creating quick bonds that they still reference in play.

“Ha ha remember that time when we almost got eaten by those monkey people and you, like, TOTALLY saved me?!

Appendix B- Bonds

A GM may desire that members of the group have a quickly established bond at the start of the game.  This gives them a reason to be traveling together.  After all characters have been created, have each player roll 1d6 and consult the chart below.  Tell each player that they have five minutes to create their story that fits the theme they have just rolled and the event includes the player to their right.  Once the five minutes have elapsed, have each player introduce their character and describe the events of their story.  The other player involved is welcome to embellish the story to involve their character more as well.


Events Chart

  1. Tough Times– You’ve had hard luck. Something bad has happened in your past.  Maybe it was your fault, maybe it wasn’t, but either way people got hurt.
  2. Good Times– You’ve had a string of good luck. Something positive has occurred in your life.
  3. Someone Likes Me!– You met someone in your travels that has now become a true friend. How’d this happen?  Who are they?  Where do they live?
  4. Life Can Get Complicated– You somehow got yourself in a pickle. How’d you get out?  Who saved you?
  5. My Enemies Lie Dead at My Feet!– You triumphed over something, be it a person, monster, or other challenge. What was it?  What happened?
  6. Knife in the Back– Someone betrayed another. Was it you?  Were you betrayed?  What happened?  Do you have an enemy seeking revenge?


Example: After character creation, the GM has all the players roll 1d6 and consults the Events Chart and tells each of the player’s their result and explains that this event involves the player to their right in some fashion.  After a few minutes have passed the GM asks Diana about her character.  She explains that she is playing a Scavenger (pg XX) and that she rolled a 4, getting the Life is Complicated result.  Diana describes a story of how she had attempted to sneak into a human settlement in an attempt to steal some of their Ancient Earth technology and she was discovered by a Barbarian, (who was John’s character- the player to her right) and that he took pity on her scraggly, emaciated appearance, and invited her in for food.  They have been friends ever since.


John then adds a small bit about how the tensions between his character and the village’s sheriff finally spilt over because John refused to turn in Diana’s character, so they decided to leave and adventure together.


Author: Mike Evans

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