Starrunner Kit: The Black Hole Edition Announcement and Alien Race Archetypes

Starrunner Kit- The Black Hole Edition Announcement

I am pleased to announce that a new edition of the Starrunner Kit will be released soon(ish)!  I really haven’t posted anything about it except a few classes that I have Black Hackified.

At first I was just using my Starrunner Kit and Black Hacking the classes for my players (my players and I really enjoy the Black Hack- it’s become our preferred system- well that and DCC).

Starrunner Kit is inspired by stuff like Star Wars, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Traveller, White Star, etc.

Starrunner Kit: The Black Hole Edition

It’s time to set a course through the stars! The Starrunner Kit- The Black Hole Edition uses the awesome Black Hack rules and is inspired by White Star and the original Starrunner Kit to provide rules and suggestions for sci-fi space adventure!

What’ll you find in this book?

Eleven space-faring classes including rules to generate a wealth of alien cultures.

A bunch of blasters, explosives, advanced technology, black market goods, and cyberware for your players to buy, sell, and use to blow stuff up!

Rules for the Black Hack for vehicles, Mechs, and Starships including rules to modify them to make the faster, stronger, and able to take a beating.

A chapter of thirty one new adversaries/enemies to pit against your group as well as a table to generate new alien culturs and strange and interesting creatures!

And finally twenty awesome charts and tables to help you generate adventures, planets, cargo, NPCs, merchants, etc. all on the fly!

The galaxy is your backyard; It’s time to adventure…

What is Different in This Book From the Original Starrunner Kit?

The GM charts and tables have been reworded to fit the current version and stripped of White Star references. There are also two new tables included.

The classes that were in the original book are included here and fit The Black Hack mechancis and feel.

As does the Advanced Technology and Cyberware included in the original book.

The original book was 78 pages, while the Black Hole Edition is 138 pages (including a character sheet).

Alien Archetypes

When I started writing the book, I didn’t want to create a bunch of alien races that wouldn’t fit the GM’s theme/vision.  Instead I created archetypes that can be pieced together to create a theme desired by the player or GM.

For example: if the player wants to play a Mon Calamari in Star Wars they would select the Aquatic Physical Attribute and the Smart Mental Attribute.

To play a Rodian, a player might choose Agile Physical Attribute and the Violent Mental Attribute.

Here are the pages from the book.

Starrunner for Black Hack- Alien Archetypes Page 1

Starrunner for Black Hack- Alien Archetypes Page 2


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