Star Wars- Black Hack’d: Adventures in the Phynol System- Session Two- Enter the Free Roamers, Part II

After more than a months since the last time we played, my players and I were finally able to get together to continue our adventures in our Star Wars game using the Black Hack rules.  Aside: For the classes I used a mix of ones from my Black Hack: Cyber-Hacked and I converted classes from my Starrunner Kit as well.

Part I here.

The Players

John- Rodian Assassin 

Liam- Twi’lek Bionic Soldier

Gene- Human Scoundrel

Nate- Human Tech Specialist

Omar- Bothan Mercenary

Not Present

Fletch Mon Calamari Scout

Nalgraph Processing Station


The crew of the Eye of the Storm arrived on the small and dilapidated space station after a six hour journey through the Phynol Sector. The station hallways were full of clutter, junk, and the smell of grease and sweat permeates the air.

Not desiring to linger much, the group made their way to The Cantina to obtain the recording.  The bar was a little rustbucket hole-in-the-wall with uncomfortable hard metal seats and tables, mismatched bar stools, and a bar made of fiberplast, corrugated metal, and pallet wood.  Ten humans, an aqualish, a devorian, and an ithorian were in the place,  all look worse for wear.  Most of the customers are blue collar spacers who risk their lives daily collecting the gases from the nebula or maintenance crews who service the station.

The group approached the bar, taking in the gruff-looking human with his cybernetic left eye and a nasty scar from cheek to forehead.


Zin, the bartender contact

John walked up to the bar and ordered an Overdone Squid.  After the code was given, Zin punched in a code on the bartop and opened a hidden compartment, which was completely empty.  Zin let out a curse in Huttese and pulled out his communicator, “Rags!  Come in Rags!  You little Space Vermin, I know you took my stuff from the safe!  It’s not for you!  Come in!”

A young voice came over the com, “Forget it Zin!  I’m tired of being your flunky on this dead end space station!  I’m outta here!  I can get a fair price for this piece!”  A loud hiss, a squeal, and a noise of pain issues over the comm.  “I’m- uhh- already gone!  Don’t try to find me!”  The comm goes dead.


Rags, the little space vermin

Zin gritted his teeth and wiped his brow, “That idiot!  He must have a buy lined up.  Listen, it’s gonna be bad news for all involved if those plans fall into anyone else’s hands than my buyer’s.  Judging by the noises we heard, he’s down in the processing core.  His communicator is station issue, so that’s its range!  You gotta get down there and get those plans before he sells them”  Here’s the elevator key that will get you down to the processing core.  You’ll recognize Rags by his stupid green bandanna he wears!  It was his mothers and he’s worn it since she died.”

The group took the lift down to the processing core and walked out in to the humid environment.  Huge machines lined both sides of the grated walkway, whirring and humming and occasionally releasing a huge blast of steam.

The group made their way down the walkway, single file, carefully checking out the alcoves in between machines to make sure they were clear of anyone.  Eventually they can hear voices.  There is a gravely voice and a scared young voice.

The group moved up closer and could see the back of the youth, Rags.  He was facing a ragged-looking man with grey hair and a handlebar mustache.  Rags was protesting, “This isn’t the price that was promised!  I was offered more than this!”  The man with the mustache replied in a gravely voice, “it’s better than a blaster to the face, but take your pick, kid.”

The group started quietly attempting to hatch a plan.  However, before the group could launch into action the sound of a blaster discharge and a squeal filled their ears.  The group stared at one another surprised (actually all the player’s faces were surprised when I announced that Rags had been shot, was quite entertaining).  The group turned around to see Rags face down on the ground, “Captain Mustache” standing over him, rifling through the youth’s pockets, “Oh well.  It’s easier this way, kid.”

“Captain Mustache” looked up and saw Omar.  He let out a cry of surprise and pointed his blaster at his new opponent.

Aside: While the group was deciding how to handle the situation with Rags and “Captain Mustache”, I decided to time it and add a fuse to the situation.  I gave Rags’ life a d6 Usage Die (Usage Die rules are in Black Hack).  Every 30 seconds, I would roll the die.  At 30 seconds, I rolled the d6 and got a 2, thus Rags time was running out and the d6 now became a d4.  At 1 minute, I rolled the d4 and got a 1… bye bye Rags.

The fight took a while due to Disadvantage rolls for fighting single file and attempting to get around the big machinery.  There were two other thugs hiding in the shadows.  One was dropped by John, and Gene dropped “Captain Mustache”.  The third thug then surrendered quickly.

The group debated what to do with their hostage, but ultimately let him live after he offered to go on a run as a hired gun for them in the future, free of charge.

John took the record stick off “Captain Mustache” and then took the ragged bandanna and found a picture of a young boy and an attractive woman from his pocket.

The group made their way back to The Cantina and broke the news to Zin with John handing him the youth’s bandanna and picture. Zin sighed, “stupid boy…” Zin thumbed open his hidden compartment and place the items within. “Never had an ounce of sense.  These belong in here now.”  He collected himself, “that not important at the moment.  Did you get the record stick.”  Once that was confirmed by the group, he thanked them for their troubles and waved them away.


The group made their way back to the Eye while Ty’ven radioed his contact for the designated drop location.  Once back on board the group were told they were to meet a light transport ship, called “The Spacer”, in orbit around Phynol Prime.

After another six hour flight, the crew found themselves standing in a space tube latched together between the two ships.  Facing them was a humanoid in a set of heavy armor and a combat helmet with a blast shield.  When the individual spoke, his voice was disguised by a modulator.  “Thanks for retrieving this.  Hopefully there is something interesting on it.”  He then handed a credstick over to Ty’ven as payment.

The group asked him a few more questions, but he didn’t really answer, instead he handed Liam a small storage tube, “We may have need of skills like yours.  We’ll be in touch.”  Without another word, the humanoid turned and walked back into “The Spacer.”

The group filed back onto the Eye and headed to the bridge.  Once on the bridge Elliana (human pilot and daughter of Ty’ven) was reading her data panel.  “Dad… I’m reading a report of a large temporal disturbance off our starboard side.”  A few seconds later a Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace.


The Star Destroyer “Ravager” appears in the Phynol Sector

The massive starship filled their few screen.  The crew stared sadly at this behemoth with the realization that the first true strong presence of the Empire had just arrived.

Liam looked down at the small storage tube in his hands and opened it, finding a tightly rolled piece of paper inside.  Pulling it out, he unrolled it and peered at the imprinted picture.



This was a great session and really helped to solidify the groups sense of the Phynol Sector.  We are excited to continue playing and I’m looking forward to seeing their next decisions.

At the end of the session I asked them what type of mission they’d like to do next time: transport, smuggling, bounty hunting, or treasure hunting.  After a vote, the group decided on some bounty hunting.

I used one of my charts and tables to create four possible targets (see below) for the group to chase after.  I’m waiting to hear back from everyone on which they’ll start chasing.  I decided to make it fun, and did a little layout to make it look like an actual communication from Ty’ven rather than just an email from me.





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