Hubris POD Update and Some New Reviews!

KlindClassesfinal (1)

The Evil Klind of Hubris!  Art by Jeremy Duncan

THE POD, THE WHOLE POD, AND NOTHING BUT THE.. awww- you get the point.

I wanted to keep people up-to-date on the Hubris POD.  It’s a harrowing tale filled with paper, ink, art, and words.  Oh and waiting- did I mention the waiting?!

Awhile back I requested a copy of the softcovers of Hubris through Drivethru.  The turnaround time through that organization is not the best when waiting for the product (roughly 2-4 weeks).  I got a copy of both covers and was elated!  However, imagine my disappointment when I opened up the book and saw how the art turned out.  I won’t go into details, but needless-to-say, I wasn’t thrilled.

Alex and I put our heads together and tried to figure out if it was a mistake on our end or theirs.  In the end, it seems the rate that PPI/DPI used at One Book Shelf doesn’t handle the gradient (and grey scale) of Hubris art well.

Soooooo…  I started a Lulu account, went through all the steps, and received my proof of the book.  I’m MUCH happier with the quality of the book, the service, and the packaging and turn around time of Lulu in matters of POD.

I need to mess with the colorization of the back cover, format the Limited Edition softcover, and both versions for hardcover for Lulu (their specs are different than OBS) and request proofs of all three.

I’m hoping to get these covers done this weekend/early next week and then request proofs.  My goal is to have the POD version of Hubris available to the general public early February!



Which path does the party travel…?  Art by David Lewis Johnson

Recently Derek Pennycuff did a review of Hubris on Drivethru RPG

I’m not really an OSR gamer. I’m barely familiar with the Dungeon Crawl Classics system, and honestly I’m turned off by any system that I can’t play using my already extensive dice collection. I find FATE unappealing for the same reason. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about Hubris. I just open with that to point out I’m ill-suited to pass judgement on any of the mechanical stuff. And I won’t even attempt to do so.

Let me tell you what Hubris does right.

There’s a god named The Stillborn Unwanted Child. There’s a territory called The Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow. There’s a disease called The Retching Laughter. This is like if Rob Zombie directed a reboot of The Beastmaster. Maybe that\’s appealing to you. Or maybe it’s not. But it should be pretty easy to sort out which is which. Hubris is anything but bland.

This isn’t the world building of a frustrated novelist. The whole book is set up to serve the GM in putting together an interesting story at the table. For example, chapter 3 is nearly 100 pages long, but packs info on 10 different territories into that space. Each one gets a brief write up, an counter table, a geographic features table, and a handful of interesting locations get their own mini write ups with a couple plot hooks/rumors.

Getting Out of My Way
Once the creative juices are flowing there’s very little canon details, canned world threatening miscreant, or overarching metaplot to stumble over. Plenty of settings pay lip service to the idea of the GM having free reign to remix and homebrew. But rarely do I see a book whose content embraces that fundamental tenant of our odd little hobby like Hubris does.


Today Brie Sheldon released part 1 of her review on Hubris right here!

Some highlights:

The Mutant powers are so disgusting I am still just kind of grossed out but they’re so inventive and brilliant I’m amazed. I laughed and gagged. Amazing. (Stomach maggots. Worm infested skin. Plague skin. Acidic belch. Ooze-like body. Ant colony. Boneless.)

“A blood witch can play a dangerous game and jump through a living creature that is the same size or larger than herself, traveling through their blood and can emerge from another living creature on the same plane of existence.”

Like. Fuck. Yes. This is totally my kind of ability, and it’s so gross. To be honest, I said to John (husband) that it is one of the coolest abilities I’ve ever seen. A+. (Oh, and the Familiar ability is really cool and gross, too. You’ll have to see the book to find out why!)



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