The Tech Specialist- Sci-Fi (or Star Wars) Classes for Black Hack

The other day I posted that I kicked off my Star Wars game using the Black Hack rules.  The classes I used are taken from my The Black Hack: Cyber-hacked! and my OSR/White Star Sci-Fi Toolkit, The Starrunner Kit.  I then posted my Bionic Soldier, Mercenary, and Scoundrel classes on the blog and my Assassin and Scout classes.

Today I’m putting up the Tech Specialist class.



Starting HP: 1d6+4

Hit Points Per Level/Resting: 1d6 HP/lvl

Weapon and Armor: Light armor and their weapons are limited to clubs (or large wrenches), knives, firearms, grenades, electro-knives, electro-blades, blaster pistols, carbines, and blaster rifles.

Weapon Damage: 1d6/1d4 Unarmed or Improvised



HACKER: A Tech Specialist has Advantage on rolls when dealing with computers, navigating cyberspace, or hacking including when “jacked in” to cyberspace.  Also, once per hour, while in combat when “jacked in” to combat in cyberspace, a Tech Specialist can regain 1d6 lost HP.  Must have a Computer Brain Cyberware for this ability.

REPAIR: A Tech Specialist knows how to repair all sorts of technological devices, including mechs, land vehicles, and starships. The cost to repair such devices is reduced by half when overseen/performed by a Tech Specialist (i.e a starship costs 20 credits to repair 5 HP. This would cost 10 credits for a Tech Specialist).

PUNCH IT: Sometimes a system in a ship goes down, an android is severely damaged, or a computer shorts out.  Once per situation (or combat), a Tech Specialist can whack the malfunctioning hardware with a hammer and get it working again.  Mechanically this means the system regains 1d4 HP back and sputters along until it can be fixed properly.

TINKER: See info on page XX.

Leveling Up:

Roll all Attributes to see if they increase, roll twice for STR or INT


WEAPONS: Blaster pistol, large wrench (as club), and vibro-knife

ARMOR: Light armor- 2 AP (1 AP/d4 Usage Die)

ADDITIONAL: Ammo for blaster pistol, communicator, smokebomb (usage die d4), rope (20ft) and grappling hook, and Medstim (1 Hit Dice of HP restored).

TINKER: Three times per session a Tech Specialist can use the items at hand to create one of the following listed below if they successfully pass an INT test (or the GM can simply rule that they always succeed).  Creating an item takes 3d6 minutes.


Personal Shield: An energy field surrounds the wearer, absorbing 10 points of damage before shorting out and becoming useless.

Phase Shield: This device allows the wearer to pass through a single wall before being rendered useless.

Stealth Armor: The target takes on a chameleon-like appearance.  Stealth checks are made with Advantage while targets attempting to locate the wearer are made with Disadvantage.  This lasts for 1 hour before shorting out and becoming useless.

Field Meds: When a Medstim isn’t handy a Tech Specialist is able to create a simple one in a pinch, healing 1d6 HP.

Communicator: The Tech Specialist can cobble together a makeshift communicator that allows them to get a quick message out to a target within a 1 mile radius before shorting out.  The communicator is not sophisticated or secure.  Anyone can pick up on the transmission if they are tuned to the right channel.

Flashbang: The Tech Specialist creates a dirty grenade that explodes, releasing a blinding flash of bright light.  Targets are blinded for 1d3 rounds and all actions are made with Disadvantage.

Enhance Laser Weapon: The Tech Specialist can enhance a laser weapon, doubling its damage. After each attack, make a Luck roll, if the result does not favor the shooter, the weapon shorts out and is useless and must be repaired.

Makeshift Blaster Pistol: The Tech Specialist can piece together a makeshift laser weapon from pieces lying around. The weapon functions like a blaster pistol and has a d4 Usage Die.  Once the Usage Die is consumed, the energy is drained from the battery pack and the item is useless.

Taser: The Tech Specialist can piece together a makeshift weapon that gives off an electrical discharge. The target hit by this is stunned for 1d3 rounds. Once this is used the device is ruined.

Android Repair Kit: The Tech Specialist can piece together the items necessary to repair the damage to an android. After spending 1d4 rounds working on the robot regains 1d6 HP.

Jitters: The Tech Specialist creates a concoction of chemicals (none of them good for a body).  When consumed, the target gains an extra full action per round for 10 rounds.  Afterwards the target must succeed a CON save.  If the target fails, they fall unconscious for 2d3 hours.  A successful target makes all rolls with Disadvantage until they rest for 1d3 hours.

EMP Pulse: The Tech Specialist can create an electronic device that gives of a single strong EMP blast that shorts out all electronics and computers (including androids) in a Nearby radius.  The GM may rule that advanced computers or androids have hardware that protect them from such an attack and are immune.

Cutting Torch: The Tech Specialist can create a torch that can cut through metal up to 1ft thick.  The flame lasts for 10 minutes before becoming useless.


Coming up next: The Diplomat and Pilot


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