Hubris Has Gone Silver, a Great Review By Jeff Rients, and T-Shirts COMING SOON!

This has been a grand weekend!  I got to go cross country skiing for the first time in two years (I couldn’t go last season due to wrist surgery- insert your choice of “spanking it” jokes here)!  I also saw that Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure went silver on Drivethru RPG and even BETTER Jeff Rients posted an awesome review of Hubris on his blog!  I have long respected Jeff’s work on his blog and his standing in the OSR community, so having him enjoy my book is very humbling and exciting!

Here are a few clips of the review:

Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure is a 350 page campaign setting from Mike Evans.  When I first opened the PDF file I hesitated for a moment, because I’ve reached a point in my life where a two or three hundred page infodump does not meet my needs as a referee.  Fortunately, Mike understands this problem and offers a solution to it.  But I’ll get to that in a bit.


My favorite parts of the book require no real changes whatsoever, while much of the rest can be adapted with just a little tinkering.


As I paged through Hubris I got a very specific vibe from it.  That vibe is playing D&D inside the World of Heavy Metal Album Covers.  Eddie from Iron Maiden would fit into the world of Hubris, as would lycanthropic Ozzy barking at the moon.  Korgoth of Barbaria would probably do well for himself in this setting.


One way Hubris communicates how this world differs from others is by offering a bunch of new options for PCs.  I highly approve this method because new stuff enters play organically, rather than being pooped out in boxed text the DM has to read aloud.

and finally:

The real meat of this book is chapter 3, called “Territories of Hubris”.  In about a hundred pages ten regions of the world are detailed.  The format here makes all the difference.  Instead of an encyclopedia entry, we get the following format for each locale:
  • A few short paragraphs giving the basics of the region.
  • A d100 “Lay of the Land” chart providing thumbnail sketches of locations in the region.
  • A d100 encounter chart for the region
  • One or more brief write-ups for special locations, with rumors/adventure hooks
  • Some extra thing unique to the region, like rules for eating the mushrooms of the Bogwood Swamp

The trick here is that, taken together, this stuff is suggestive rather than comprehensive in nature.  Pick a region (or roll d10), throw percentile dice a couple of times, and select an adventure hook.  The result isn’t a complete adventure but it is sufficient to launch sketching out an evening’s gameplay.  You can’t move across this world strategically and explore every nook and cranny, as one could with a numbered hex map style campaign book, but you can easily achieve the effect of the Ace paperback version of Conan the Barbarian, where individual adventures are loosely connected.  I’m quite taken with this approach.  It makes me rethink what the heck I’m doing with my own campaign setting.

Again, I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who has reached out prior to and after the Hubris release to express their interest and appreciation of the book!  It’s been a very awesome and kick ass experience!

I am nearly done with the first draft of the a Hubris adventure.  I plan on this being a level 3 adventure, however I’ll need to playtest it to see if the numbers are right.  I’ll most likely run some G+ Hangout games after I fine tune the mechanics with my home groups.


I am expecting the proofs of the softcover version of Hubris to arrive at my house any day now!  If they look good and I’m Jake with them, they’ll be up for sale on Drivethru/RPGNow very soon.  The Hardcover formatting took some tweaking and I have submitted it to Drivethru for approval.  Once that happens, I’ll request my proofs!

I will soon have DIY rpg shirts for sale in the near future!  For those who want to support DIY RPG Productions, but don’t want a huge middle finger on your chest, I have created a “PC” friendly logo!  The shirts will be coming soon.


Art by David Lewis Johnson


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