So What IS Hubris…?



Hubris has been out for a few weeks now as a PDF release and a few people have messaged me about what the book is about, what’s in it, etc.  So I figured now would be a great time to answer a few of those questions

Aside: For those who have nabbed Hubris, thanks!  I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to the book!

Will Hubris be out on POD?

Yes it will.  I am awaiting my proofs of the softcover versions of the book.  They should arrive in the mail in the next week or so.  Alex is finishing the last bits of formatting for the hardcover version and then I’ll get proofs for that as well.

Those that purchase the PDF now will receive a discount on the POD as if they purchased the bundle version.

What is Hubris about?

Hubris a weird fantasy setting that uses the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules.  The book takes a rules-neutral approach to many aspects in the game (particularly the meat of the book which is the territories and the GM tables and charts).

The setting is grim, dark, gonzo, and often-times silly.  I wrote the book to be hacked apart and used as a GM wants.  The goal in mind was not to create a concrete setting full of tons of lore (that to me is often unimportant and not usable), but give the GM tools to make each Hubris unique and crazy.  Or hell- just need a strange desert territory, a deadly jungle, or a blighted land?  Well these are all ready made and easy to use from the get go!

What’s in Hubris?


Inside Hubris you’ll find the following:

*A brand new list of d100 Hubris occupations for level zero characters

*Four new classes- the Alchemist, the Blood Witch, the Druid, and the Shadowdancer.

*Five new races (as classes per DCC)- The Avarian (anthropomorphic bird person), the Ekrask (anthropomorphic lizard person), the Half Demon, the Murder Machine (a human that has been  magically fused with a set of armor), and the Mutant (a being with several tables for cosmetic, power, and calamitous mutations).

*Three new spells- Furnishings of the Mad Wizard, Necrotic Mass, and Summon From the Void.

*Four Patrons (each with Invoke Patron and three spells):

           The Charred Maiden– Spells- Lullaby, Souls of the Consumed, and Demonic Embrace

           The Floating Island of Terror– Spells- Consume Nightmare, The Terrible Sanctuary, and The Corruption

           The Spider Goddess– Spells- Summon Spider, Warrior of the Goddess, and Idol of the Spider

           The Twisted One– Spells- Warts, Madness, and Shape Flesh

10 Territories (each with a d100 encounter and d100 lay of the land generator- You can see a sample of the layout of one from an old blog post here): The Blighted Sands, Bogwood Swamp, Canyons of the Howling Red Rock, Frozen Wastes, Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow, Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire, Mountains That Crawl, Sea That Runs Red, Unsettled Expanse, and Weeping Forest of Forgotten Memories

*12 Strange and Terrible Deities (each with a new DCC mechanic for Clerics- Invoke the Name- calling upon the power of their god by speaking Its name).

          Bailey– God of Trickery and Deceit

          Corpulent One– God of Excess and Want

          Digradia– Goddess of Shadows and Assassins

          Drallic– Flayer of the Flesh and Deity of Eisenbar

          God of the Terrible Whisper– God of knowledge and secrets

          Great Slumbering Monolith– God of sleep and dreams

          The Heathen Below– God of death, decay, and corruption

          Set– the Serpentine god of the Klind- revels in depravity, degradation, and sexual deviance

          The Stillborn Unwanted Child– Deity of kindness and healing

          Vralkar– God to Ingvar and battle and bravery

          Yelsa-Goddess of Sex and Violence

          The Great Behemoth, Zxyldon– Monster god of the sea, lakes, and rivers

*2 adventures- a level zero funnel, It Came… FROM OUTER SPACE!!! and a level 1 adventure In Her Realm.

*51 new monsters of Hubris including several tables to generate random and unique Orcs, Metalphage, Fey, and Fallen Angels.  And a table of objects to loot of their corpses and a table of Contamination From Demonic Contamination.

*28 New Magical Items

*14 Tables and Charts for a GM to use on the fly- generate towns and villages, inns and taverns, planes of existence, plants and herbs, and much more!

*Not to mention a bunch of great art by talented mofos: Alex Mayo, David Lewis Johnson, Jeremy Duncan, Angie G., Wayne Snyder, Jason Sholtis, and Doug Kovacs!

Is there expected to be further releases for Hubris?

Yes- I am nearly finished with the first draft of a 3rd level Hubris adventure and have notes for a Hubris supplement (all of which will follow my mantra of keeping fluff light and usable at the table and fun and random).  I’m also working on the possibility of a comic book!

Other People’s Thoughts

Here are reviews I’ve posted previously:

Hubris is quite possibly the best D&D book ever. It is just so inspiring, but most importantly it’s usable, it’s hackable, it’s fast, it’s fun. It’s exactly the kind of stuff I want when I sit down to do a session prep and I don’t have a lot of time. Basically it’s what all D&D books should be and now that I have it I can’t imagine not using it.

Randal A.:

This is by far the best value out of any DCC product that I have ever bought. The setting is great, and very dark. There are TONS of charts in here that can be used to populate the settings or even just drop into your own campaign. The bestiary even includes a ton of charts so you can make all your monsters uniquie. Very highly recomended book. I’ve never reviewed anything on DriveThru before because I’ve never found anything this good.

Buy it, you won’t regret it!

(As soon as POD comes out I’ll be buying that too!)

Anders Hedenbjörk Lager Shared:

Just downloaded my Kickstarter PDF of HUBRIS. Dang. This might be the one that pushes me into DCC-land. My players have been mightily resilient when I have suggested some DCC, but this might do it. Otherwise, the material will sneak its way into my Blood & Treasure or Castles & Crusades game. Well done, man with the mighty finger! +Mike Evans


Even if you don’t play Dungeon Crawl Classics, this is a fun setting book by +Mike Evans. Dozens of random tables to use or just give you inspiration. Not just boring text about gods and wars and people from 3000 years ago – actual stuff a GM may want to put into their game.


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