Star Wars- Adventures in the Phynol System- Session 1

Yesterday we kicked off my Star Wars game using the Black Hack rules.  We had made our character prior to starting so we could jump right into the action.  For the classes I used a mix of ones from my Black Hack: Cyber-Hacked and I converted classes from my Starrunner Kit as well.

(Aside: I also used the Starrunner Kit to generate this whole sector of space and the planets and got to try my Cyber-Hacked hacking rules again and still really am pleased with them.)


The game starts roughly 5 months after the destruction of the first Death Star.  The empire has placed blame on the destruction of Alderaan on the Rebel Alliance and has begun clamping down on all systems, justifying it as “protection from the terrorists and their kind.”  Aliens are treated even more harshly and civil liberties and planetary government control are being stripped away.

The group is a band of smugglers/treasure hunters/bounty hunters.  They travel throughout the galaxy and Phynol Sector taking jobs as they can.

At the start of the campaign the Empire does not have a strong presence in the Phynol Sector.  The head of the House of Stars on Phynol Prime, who is a supporter of the Empire and its presence, has allowed a base of operations to be built near the capital.  The Empire arrived in the sector roughly over a year ago.  There are two cruisers in the sector (roughly 10 Tie Fighters), two AT-STs, about 100 Storm Troopers, a few officers, and an Admiral Valeese, who oversees it all.

The Phynol Sector is an area of space that is difficult to get to due to a dense asteroid field that requires patience and meticulous hyperspace coordinates.  There are six worlds, five of which are ruled by a House and a space station owned by Obsidian Industries that guards its corporate interests and harvests the asteroids for minerals.

At the end of this sector is a dense nebula that emits electrical discharges- very few are foolish enough to use it for cover, etc.  Harvesting the gases of the nebula are profitable and the Houses and Obsidian Industries send in droid collectors as well as small manned expeditions to gather the gases.

The group run on a ship called The Eye of the Storm or “The Eye” for short. The players had voted they’d rather have a NPC captain rather than one of them taking on the role, so the ship is owned by a grizzled, old human merc by the name of Ty’ven Ross and his daughter Elliana, who pilots the ship.


The Eye of the Storm (actually the Ezra from Dark Matter)


The Players

John- Rodian Assassin 

Liam- Twi’lek Bionic Soldier

Gene- Human Scoundrel

Nate- Human Tech Specialist

Trouble From the Start

The group had been hired to find wanted bandit named Volnick Anders, a human that stole thousands of credits from a bank on Phynol Prime and killed several P-Sec officers (P-Sec is the official law of the Phynol Sector.  The mark had been able to escape and was hiding out near Hutt Space, picking up smuggling jobs.

Clues and rumors had lead the crew to a small moon around an uninhabited planet, where a band of pirates had set up a base to stage runs.  The band was ran by a thuggish Rodian smuggler named Tesna.

The session started with the group going through the front door (what could go wrong with that, right?!).  Liam’s character nearly had his had blasted off by one of two thugs that were relaxing on the first floor.  An alarm began ringing through the small prefabricated and fiber-plastic structure.

Liam moved into the room, and John quickly followed, blasting at the two thugs, and Gene shooting from partial cover of the doorway.  Liam took down one thug, but the other caught John in the chest, the bolt burning through his armor and searing his flesh.

After the two thugs were dealt with, Gene dressed in the clothes of one of them and ran upstairs, and headed north, opening a door right in front of him.  He found himself staring into the barrels of two blaster pistols.  He shouted, “there are men down there!  They killed one of us!  I barely got away!”

His ruse worked and the two men made for the stairwell.  Gene shot one of the thugs in the back with a critical success, burning a huge hole in his chest.  The other thugs wheeled around and got a pot shot off at Gene, but missed.  John, Liam, and Nate ran up the stairs and fired at the thug, hitting, but not dropping him.  Another door in the hallway opened and a thug wielding a blaster rifle opened fire on John, nicking him.  The fight lasted a few more rounds before the thugs were dropped and looted.

Gene decides to try his luck again with the ruse on the next floor, but this time the bandits didn’t buy it.  Two droids and a human thug fired at Gene, two of them hitting him, lighting him up like a Christmas Tree, and sent him tumbling back down the stairs.  Liam threw a frag grenade up the stairs.  The explosion shook the house and killed the thug and one of the droids.  The fight between the last droid and the group took some time and John took a few more unlucky shots, but eventually the droid was dropped.


The Pirate Thugs lair.  I found the map online and just threw this together


For the fourth and final floor, Gene decided to attempt his ruse one more time (especially as they saw that whoever was upstairs had barricaded the stairwell and two human thugs with carbines were positioned as guards).  Gene started running up the stairs with John shooting at him (to sell the ruse, of course).  The thugs let Gene through the barricade while returning fire at John, but missing.  Gene looked around the room and saw a harassed Rodian and next to him, another battle droid.

Gene walked over to Tesna and then attempted to grab the blaster out of the droid’s hand, however the droid’s strength proved to be too great and Gene merely tugged ineffectually at it.  The droid’s voice cracked, “Intruder!  Intruder!”  Tesna swore in Huttese and took a shot at Gene, seriously injuring him.

Liam charged up the stairs and used the enhanced strength of his cybernetic arms to push the table barricading the stairs back against the wall, knocking the two thugs prone.  John and Nate followed and then began shooting at the droid and Tesna.

Ty’ven’s voice came in on their communicators, “What the hell is going on down there?!  A shuttle just blasted off from the roof and I’m guessing our mark is in it!   The Eye will be there in one minute.  Get your asses up there or we’re leaving without you!”

Liam hopped over the battered barricade and throat stomped a stunned thug, instantly killing him.  The concentrated attacks from John and Gene took out the overwhelmed Rodian and battle droid, while Nate slung his blaster rifle over the table and fragged the other prone thug.

The group quickly looted the room and made their way to the roof.

Chasin’ Through Space!

The group hoped into The Eye of the Storm and blasted off into space after the shuttle craft with their mark on board.

Ty’ven’s voice issued over the loud speaker, “Alright!  We need to take this guy ALIVE.  I need two of you to man the guns.  Nate, see if you can hack into the shuttle’s life support system and shut it down.”

John and Liam manned the guns while Gene went to the med bay to see if you could find a medstim and Nate began running his program to hack the shuttle’s system.

During the fight, I had Gene rolling for Elliana, the NPC pilot, and he was able to keep up with the shuttle’s evasive maneuvers.  Liam scored a direct hit on the shuttle’s weapons, and John scored a hit on the shuttle’s engines.  The ship drifted lazily as the Eye came upon it, pulling it into the cargo bay with its tractor beam.

Nate then hacked the shuttle’s life support system and I got to use the hacking rules I came up with in Cyber-hacked.  It was great quick fun and Nate enjoyed it.  He nearly was ejected from the system as his hacking usage die had gone from a d10 to a d4.


Here is the hacking map.  Drop dice and consult the book for the results.  Each round the hacker must make an Int test to successfully move on to the next “node.”  Each round, roll a Usage Die.  This represents the computer firewall defending against the hacker.

Eventually Nate was able to hack into the life support and shut it down.  The crew waiting for the mark to pass out due to lack of oxygen.  They rounded up their mark and threw him in the holding cell.

With the nav-coordinates set, the ship entered light speed for the 9 hour journey to the Phynol Sector.  Most of the crew used the time to sleep and regain some HP.

We fast-forwarded the group turning in the mark to on the P-Sec space station and getting their reward (100 credits each (10% of the 1,000 credit take).

The End of the Session

We ended with The Eye docking at the spaceport on Phynol Prime and heading to Undertown, which exists in the catacombs of the city capital.  It is where all the downtrodden and poor go on this lush and beautiful world.

The group went to their old haunt, a rundown bar called The Fried Mon Cal run by an old Mon Calamari smuggler named, Gr’ack Vin.  Vin greeted the group with a smile as they sidled up to the bar, ready for some drinks and putting their ear to the ground for more work.

We leveled up to 2nd level and will pick up in two weeks with the group exploring Undertown and going where the wind blows them.


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