Hubris POD, More Hubris Stuff, and a Few Reviews!



It’s been just over a week since Hubris came out!  And it’s been awesome hearing people’s responses about the book!  The POD formatting for the softcover has been submitted to Drivethru and I’m just waiting to hear when I can order my proof of the book.  Alex Mayo is still tweaking the formatting for the hardcover version, but I should have that by Sunday for submission.

Secondly, I’m nearly done with a first draft of a module for Hubris.  It’ll be a 3rd level adventure.  It’ll have orcs!  It’ll have Skeletal Gun Runners!  It’ll have Abominations!  It’ll have a new playable class!  And a few new Alchemical Tinkering creations!  That should be in the near(ish) future!

Here’s a few more reviews that have popped up for Hubris!

Noah Stevens posted on G+:

Suffering from post-food poisoning malaise, so I am not able to muster the strength to blog properly. Made it all the way through my backer’s PDF of +Mike Evans‘ HUBRIS setting for DCC

So much good stuff in here – it’s nuts! I think he surpasses his aim of ‘making something as useful as Vornheim’ (loose quote) in that this book and it’s implicit and explicit setting will allow you endless hours of gaming right from the opening. It’s better in many ways. It’s imaginative, existentially taxing, slightly-but-not-overmuch ‘gonzo’ (more on this issue, later), and very well put together – I think the layout was done beautifully by +Alex Mayo IIRC. There’s lots of sex, blood, mutants, robots, blood, stillborn babies, blood, and sex cults. Not to mention a wide range of diseases, scary spells, a fun funnel and great lower-level adventure. If you have a set of dice, all you gotta do is pick a page, roll some, and whatever turns up ought to set your group in the path of Hilarious Calamity. I can attest that the funnel included (dubbed IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE) will make for some terrifically weird PCs, assuming they ‘graduate’. I segued it right into ASE a couple of months ago since I didn’t want to leak too much of Mike’s content and it was a good excuse, but I consider now it’s ‘out’ to give it a spin and build a world based on what he’s set out. It’s got some ‘edgy’ sexuality and blood-spillage but not in the way that I’ve come to find puerile and titty-lating in other works

It’s got Fairies, Robots, Mutants, Blood Witches, Bio-Power-Armored Shocktroopers, Metal-morphing Diseased hellspawn, ghosts, planar travel of all kinds and more pseudorandom goodness than you can shake a stick at. Art by +Jeremy Duncan and other greats (including Mike’s wife!) a map by +Doug Kovacs. A bunch of classes and new custome occupations for 0-level schmucks

Lastly, although Mike’s hair smells terrific, I will never hug him quite so close again since what lies in the recesses of his noggin is maybe not so horrifying as Carcosa, say, but I get the sense that he must have HELD BACK SOME. I’d include a suitably cheery and (now, to me) terrifying picture of him casually drinking a beer but the fever dreams fueled by his work last night have sapped me of all my strength…

GET YOU SOME HUBRIS, MENDICANTS! (Image below not included in Hubris, it’s actually Mike Evans on vacation in Hawaii recently).


Trey Causey, the sexy beast, over at From the Sorcerer’s Skull did a review of Hubris:

Mike subtitles his work “a world of visceral adventure” and everything in here works to support that tone. It is, after all, a world made from the “fetid corpse of a dead god.” Mike uses the Dungeon Crawl Classics ruleset which (to my mind) is sort of blacklight poster/70s comic sword & sorcery. It’s a good fit, but Mike twists it into a “90s comic by Danzig with art by Simon Bisley” sort of direction. Mike’s world-building is aided and abetted in this regard by the art work which includes stuff by Jeremy Duncan and Doug Kovacs, among several other worthies. This group knows how to draw weird shit and monsters.

Dan Domme said:

“I love what I’m reading so far…  I think we need a big paradigm shift in how we think about settings in general, and Hubris is a big step in a new direction.”



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