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Take a Stand- Black Lives Matter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police officers.

These latest acts of murder of African Americans has caused national outrage, shock, and sadness.  People are gathering together to show support for the families of the victims, to draw solidarity from their community, and to send a message to our government, “stop targeting black people.”

These murders have fueled new postings, rallies, gatherings, protests, etc. of #blacklivesmatter movement to get our communities motivated to take a stand at what is happening to black people, not just in America, but around the world.  But of course, with any posting or person saying “black lives matter,” someone has to chip in (almost as if they are correcting them), “No, ALL lives matter…”  Well fucking duh, all lives DO matter, but that’s not what is at stake here… Not all lives are being targeted by police and harassed by our government.  Whites are not being prayed on…  When I am pulled over by the police, even when I have been bullied by an overaggressive officer, it is an inconvenience- something to forget about over a pint of tasty beer- but NEVER once have I thought my life may be in danger when pulled over.  Never once have I ever had to face the fear or harassment that African Americans deal with.

What Can We Do

Be active; speak up; don’t settle.  I am NOT speaking about violence in any means.  Violence solves nothing and just creates more violence, a heightened police state, and it harms communities, and possibly means more loved ones end up in a box in the ground.

Killer Mike, during a radio interview gave an impassioned interview about taking money out of the hands of those that persecute or refuse to aid the black community, and keeping it within their own areas.

Nikia Jones, a black police officer speaks passionately about what can be done in black communities, being role-models, and stopping the violence.  She also talks about the shameful acts of the police and why she took up the badge.

I’ve spent more time on Facebook the last few days, reading articles and observing people’s reactions to these latest atrocities.  Often times I see people saying stuff like, “I pray for the families of the victims,” or “god save us from what the world has become!” First of all- don’t fucking pray.  It does nothing. It’s inaction to make you feel better about yourself and your “believies“.  Praying to a magical man in the sky before you go to bed is NOT going to stop cops from killing people, or from violence in general.  Shouting “God save us all from what the world has become” only validates your beliefs and does nothing for the victims.  It is an echo chamber.  If your god wouldn’t stop those two men from being shot unjustly, what makes you think he’s gonna give a rat’s fucking ass about the aftermath?  You’re on your own.  Get up and talk to people.  Read articles on the internet, Facebook, Google Plus, or the newspaper.  Take the time to read them.  Make sure you +1 them (on Google Plus), Like them (Facebook), retweet them, or *gasp* take time to actually comment on them.  Have a discussion.  Don’t be afraid of “offending” someone on your friend groups of whatever social media you use, because this.shit.matters.  This is about the state of our government, the treatment of an entire race of people, and their quality of life.  Brush of your apathy and “I’m so busy, I don’t have time” lifestyle and take the time to actually read about the stuff that is going on and comment on it, challenge the norm instead of liking a picture of about a fucking cat or someone’s fucking kid.

This is about taking a stand.  This is about, as a nation of so many different ethnic groups, beliefs, and cultures, speaking up and saying NOT IN MY COUNTRY!  No more murders! No more brutality or profiling!  It is about looking at our police state and different ways it can be restructured and reformed.

Don’t start tomorrow, don’t brush it off because of your oh so busy schedule.  Take a moment and reflect that people have lost their lives and it’s directly related to the state our country is in and that black people have to fear (and expect) this kind of behavior.  Take a moment today and start supporting.