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Land of the Spirits, Group 2, Session 2- Troubles in the Village of Bibble Babble


Last session the group saved the Princess of the Moon from a Glemt Ruin and decided to make camp.


Omar- Brigam, Human Shielded Warrior

Liam- Ary, Clan of Fang Hunter

Nate- Heithcliff (it’s actually not this, but this is close and we kept calling him this because his character description was very close to the comic character) Clan of Fang Hexer

John- Bunq, Barnlig Spirit Master

Not Present: Fletch- Clan of Tusk Shaman


The session started with the Omar and Nate coming up to the village of Bibble Babble.  All the houses were massive turnips with bushy greens sticking out of the roofs.  The village was quaint and clean.  The group saw the inhabitants, and it was clear that this was a Spirit village.  The creatures had round bodies, mustard colored skin, skinny legs and arms, large bat-like ears with hair sticking out of them.  They wore typical peasant/farmer style clothing.

Omar and Nate walked into the village and saw Liam and John standing and talking to an older looking one of the Spirits in the center of town, next to the only two story turnip.

Both groups listened to the plight of the older Spirit.  “At night, after midnight, creatures of shadow appear in our village and wander the streets.  The bang and scratch on our doors and windows.  None have ever crossed the threshold, but they lurk just outside.  Any who have gone outside to confront these creatures, haven’t been seen since.

Omar said that they would gladly help rid the village of these pests.  And then asked, “What are you?”

The Spirit chuckled, “I’m not surprised you don’t know, human!  It’s not like we have seen many of your kind either.  We prefer to stick to the Twilight Forest and live a quiet life of farming.  I am Sbildam; that is to say we are Sbildams.  (Sbildams are actually Madlibs backwards- I have no idea what popped in my head to do that, but oh well).


Inspiration for the Sbildams- Tony DiTerlizzi


Exploring the Village

The group split up and decided to scope out the village of Bibble Babble, looking for clues, relaxing, and restocking on supplies.

Bibble Babble

Village of Bibble Babble

Omar went to Furgen and Gurden’s merchant house and bartered for a backpack and waterskin and met the bickering couple.

Nate and Liam went to the Left Foot Tavern and met the fun and bumbling Bumble and had one of their many turnip dishes.

Then Liam went and took a nap and Nate explored the village, finding a house that is abandoned and blood on the ground and looking as someone was drug off into the forest (this was the house on the right side of the Blacksmith shop).

John explored the village looking for clues and came across Hyssen the Healer and had a quick conversation.  She also asked if, after this was all over, if John and his friends would be willing to get the venom sacks of a few Nightstalker Spiders for their healing draughts.  Their stores have run dry and she doesn’t dare go attempt to get them alone.

After exploring the group met and exchanged findings and decided it was time to come up with a battle plan for the night.

The Plan

The group went to Furgen’s and bought bells and string and set up some noise traps by the blacksmith and at several other locations.  Liam went to Hyssen the healer and got a healing potion, a smoke cloud potion, and a potion of strength, fully cleaning out her stores of potions.

Omar would take up station near Furgen’s Merchant, Nate hid by the blacksmiths house, Liam hid in the well, and John took up look out on top of the Spirit Leaders two story house.

Best Laid Plans and All That…

The group waited for midnight- which came and went.  Tense, the group wondered what was going on.  Then John heard a noise behind him.

John turned around, “Oh shit.”


Shadow Spirit

A shadowy creature was behind him and took two swipes at him before he could react.

Coming out of the ground were more of these little creatures as well as one large hulking one and a lanky one that floated about a foot and a half off the ground.

Heartless Hulk

Hulk Shadow Spirit


Spitter Spirit

Spitting Shadow Spirit

The battle was pretty fierce and lasted 11 rounds.  Omar dropped one of the Shadow Spirits by Furgen’s.  Nate attempted to take on the Spitting Shadow Spirit and got a loogie in his face, blinding him (1 hour duration).  Omar ran over to Nate to defend hi, but got hit with a loogie as well and was blinded.  The Orb of the Moon (gained last session) helped Omar stave off some of the damaging effects of these creatures.  Liam was knocked around pretty good, as was Omar.  John took no damage and was able to get off three spells before failing his INT tests, losing his spell slots.

Liam used the well as cover, gaining Advantage on defense rolls from the two shadow creatures on him.

Eventually all four of Shadow Spirits were dropped, then the Spitting Shadow Spirit, and finally the Hulk Shadow Spirit.  The group gathered Omar and Nate up and surveyed the battlefield and their victory.  John noticed that the blackness of the creatures was evaporating, leaving behind a small figure on the ground with mustard colored skin.  John walked over to the one by Furgen’s and saw with a pang of sadness that it was Bumble, owner of the Left Foot.

This was a fun reveal- the group all had looks of shock and “Oh fuck!” on their faces.  They looked at all the other bodies- all were nameless faceless villagers, except for Bumble.

Aside- I rolled a 1 in 6 chance to have one of the Shadow Spirits be a named PC they had interacted with- and only the first one was.  Then I rolled a d6 for which NPC it would be and got poor Bumble.

The group started frantically asking what they were going to do.  Rain started coming down and a laugh echoed through the forest as more white orbs started appearing throughout the perimeter of the village.  The group started heading towards a turnip house to barricade themselves in for the night.

To Be Continued

Aside Land of the Spirits uses the awesome Black Hack rules and is a playtest for a future DIY RPG Productions publication.