Land of the Spirits Session Recap 2 and Switching to Black Hack

Yesterday the group continued their adventures in The Land of the Spirits.  Last session we ended with the group listening to Chieftainness Vynn explain how her son has been switched out for a Changeling and taken by a dark man for nefarious purposes.  She commands all in Ny Berjastad to aid in finding her child.  The only clues they have is that the dark man was taking her child into the Twilight Forest.

We started this session by my handing out new character sheets.  I had converted their characters to The Black Hack.  I had decided that while I was enjoying the rules I was creating (a mix of White Box and 5e), David Black basically did just that and it wasn’t as wordy as mine.

The Black Hack really fits what I was going after rules-wise.  Also it fits well with my players styles.  They don’t want to get bogged down by rules, or have to remember a crap ton of modifiers, or read lengthy spell descriptions, or track experience.  They want to come over, drink some beer, and play.  So I handed them their character sheets and their class Black Hack’d.  The other thing I did was switch the races to Race as Class (I’ll post those later), giving them three options each.

The Party

Angie- Clan of Fang Assassin

Emma- Clan of Fang Hunter

Nate- Human Fighter (Ranger)

Amelia- Barnlig Spirit Master

Tyler- Clan of Tusk The Wall

The session started with the group leaving the safety of Ny Berjastad and traveling from the Riverlands into the Twilight Forest.

Fantasy Forest

Day 1

The group came across a human-looking woman sitting by a tree.  When they got closer they realized that she was a spirit with skin made of bark and leaves for hair.  The spirit stood up, looking apprehensive.  She backed towards a tree and started melding with it.



“What are you doing in the forest?  Your kinds don’t come here often.

Angie replied that they are looking for a lost human child.  Amelia’s character started towards the Spirit and made some lewd, brash comment.  The Spirit looked taken aback and looked at Angie, “Beware the Blood Moon Fern- if you sleep near them, they will steal your life from you.” and then melded into the tree.

Tyler hit the tree with his axe to see what would happen… The forest around them seemed to rumble and moan, but nothing else occurred.

The group made camp and slept far away from any Blood Moon Ferns.

Day 2

Nate got the group turned and lost the tracks of their prey.  They came across three hulking figures assaulting a slender looking female, whom they had pushed on the ground and were poking with large fingers.

The group hatched a plan to have Emma lead the monster towards the rest of the group who would be lying in wait.  Emma took a pot shot at the monsters and ran into the forest.  With a roar, all set after her.

The plan worked.  Angie, being an assassin, got bonus damage for attacking from behind, and Nate and Tyler followed suit and dropped one of the beasts before they were aware of what was happening.



Combat was quick and the players enjoyed rolling to attack and dodge (in The Black Hack monsters don’t roll to attack- players roll under their STR or DEX to dodge- if they fail they take damage).  Everyone rolled really well and only Amelia and Emma were struck, their armor absorbing most of the damage.

The other two monsters were dropped after another two rounds of combat.

The group went back to check on the girl.  She was thin, with pale skin, and an ethereal appearance.  Amelia asked if she was ok.  The girl opened her mouth and musical notes, like a flute, issued from her mouth.  Tyler and Emma recognized the language as Elven, but none could speak it.  The girl smiled and vanished into a fog, leaving behind a small crystalline vial filled with a clear liquid.

The group slept that night to regain their strength.

Amelia took first watch- she heard a cough next to her.  Sitting against the tree was an odd looking Spirit.



“What brings your kind into the forest?  Rarely I see fleshsy ones.”

Amelia- “I don’t have time for your Spirity stuff!  Leave me alone.”

The creature vanished.

Nates badger Animal Companion took third watch and enjoyed a couple hours of being pet by the Spirit.

During the final watch Angie was visited by the Spirit as well.

They conversed for a few moments, and as the sun began to rise the Spirit said, “Keep traveling- two days to the west and you will come across Meoghl’s lair.  Be wary, for it is a place of evil and great power.”

Day 3

The group came across an area of the forest that was dead or dying.  Strange tubes covered in a milky-white film stretch across the ground, coming in and out of the earth.  The group followed the trail until they came to a burial mound down into the earth, two black iron-wrought doors and the tubing going into the walls beside them.  The area stank with rot and death- the group decided to come back to this location later.

Out of the trees a hideous creature burst from the underbrush

Snake Monster

This fight really fucked with the group- it was tough (a 5HD creature), making it really hard to hit with the Powerful Foes rules, but Angie got in a few back attacks and I rolled low on its HP (only 22), so the enemy was dropped.

Glemt Abomination: 5 HD: 3 attacks 2d3, can spit poison at target Nearby- CON test or paralyzed for 1 hour.

The group licked their wounds and rested for the night.

Day 4

The group walked on, the air becoming thicker with malice and magical energy.  Faces appeared on rocks and tree whispering warnings, “Beware…  Bad…  Evil…  Leave.”

Eventually the group came to a clearing and froze at the sight that greeted them.  Bursting from the ground, extending over 100′ in the air was the petrified remains of a great Purple Worm.   Stairs and ladders leading up to the top of the creature.

Purple Worm Dungeon.jpg

I’ve been wanting to use this dungeon for a LONG time!!

To be Continued

We left it here.  We had a great time and got a bunch done in 2 1/2 hours of play (we started late and I had to talk about Black Hack at the beginning).  I decided to let the group level up after this session rather than waiting until after they beat the dungeon (they’ll level up then too).  I wanted to see how they felt about it.

The group loved the simplicity of leveling up in The Black Hack and were excited about seeing their stats increase.

We’ll be playing again in about another 2-3 weeks.

I’ll also be stating to run TBH Land of the Spirits for another group starting on Sunday!


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