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Land of the Spirits Session Recap 2 and Switching to Black Hack

Yesterday the group continued their adventures in The Land of the Spirits.  Last session we ended with the group listening to Chieftainness Vynn explain how her son has been switched out for a Changeling and taken by a dark man for nefarious purposes.  She commands all in Ny Berjastad to aid in finding her child.  The only clues they have is that the dark man was taking her child into the Twilight Forest.

We started this session by my handing out new character sheets.  I had converted their characters to The Black Hack.  I had decided that while I was enjoying the rules I was creating (a mix of White Box and 5e), David Black basically did just that and it wasn’t as wordy as mine.

The Black Hack really fits what I was going after rules-wise.  Also it fits well with my players styles.  They don’t want to get bogged down by rules, or have to remember a crap ton of modifiers, or read lengthy spell descriptions, or track experience.  They want to come over, drink some beer, and play.  So I handed them their character sheets and their class Black Hack’d.  The other thing I did was switch the races to Race as Class (I’ll post those later), giving them three options each.

The Party

Angie- Clan of Fang Assassin

Emma- Clan of Fang Hunter

Nate- Human Fighter (Ranger)

Amelia- Barnlig Spirit Master

Tyler- Clan of Tusk The Wall

The session started with the group leaving the safety of Ny Berjastad and traveling from the Riverlands into the Twilight Forest.

Fantasy Forest

Day 1

The group came across a human-looking woman sitting by a tree.  When they got closer they realized that she was a spirit with skin made of bark and leaves for hair.  The spirit stood up, looking apprehensive.  She backed towards a tree and started melding with it.



“What are you doing in the forest?  Your kinds don’t come here often.

Angie replied that they are looking for a lost human child.  Amelia’s character started towards the Spirit and made some lewd, brash comment.  The Spirit looked taken aback and looked at Angie, “Beware the Blood Moon Fern- if you sleep near them, they will steal your life from you.” and then melded into the tree.

Tyler hit the tree with his axe to see what would happen… The forest around them seemed to rumble and moan, but nothing else occurred.

The group made camp and slept far away from any Blood Moon Ferns.

Day 2

Nate got the group turned and lost the tracks of their prey.  They came across three hulking figures assaulting a slender looking female, whom they had pushed on the ground and were poking with large fingers.

The group hatched a plan to have Emma lead the monster towards the rest of the group who would be lying in wait.  Emma took a pot shot at the monsters and ran into the forest.  With a roar, all set after her.

The plan worked.  Angie, being an assassin, got bonus damage for attacking from behind, and Nate and Tyler followed suit and dropped one of the beasts before they were aware of what was happening.



Combat was quick and the players enjoyed rolling to attack and dodge (in The Black Hack monsters don’t roll to attack- players roll under their STR or DEX to dodge- if they fail they take damage).  Everyone rolled really well and only Amelia and Emma were struck, their armor absorbing most of the damage.

The other two monsters were dropped after another two rounds of combat.

The group went back to check on the girl.  She was thin, with pale skin, and an ethereal appearance.  Amelia asked if she was ok.  The girl opened her mouth and musical notes, like a flute, issued from her mouth.  Tyler and Emma recognized the language as Elven, but none could speak it.  The girl smiled and vanished into a fog, leaving behind a small crystalline vial filled with a clear liquid.

The group slept that night to regain their strength.

Amelia took first watch- she heard a cough next to her.  Sitting against the tree was an odd looking Spirit.



“What brings your kind into the forest?  Rarely I see fleshsy ones.”

Amelia- “I don’t have time for your Spirity stuff!  Leave me alone.”

The creature vanished.

Nates badger Animal Companion took third watch and enjoyed a couple hours of being pet by the Spirit.

During the final watch Angie was visited by the Spirit as well.

They conversed for a few moments, and as the sun began to rise the Spirit said, “Keep traveling- two days to the west and you will come across Meoghl’s lair.  Be wary, for it is a place of evil and great power.”

Day 3

The group came across an area of the forest that was dead or dying.  Strange tubes covered in a milky-white film stretch across the ground, coming in and out of the earth.  The group followed the trail until they came to a burial mound down into the earth, two black iron-wrought doors and the tubing going into the walls beside them.  The area stank with rot and death- the group decided to come back to this location later.

Out of the trees a hideous creature burst from the underbrush

Snake Monster

This fight really fucked with the group- it was tough (a 5HD creature), making it really hard to hit with the Powerful Foes rules, but Angie got in a few back attacks and I rolled low on its HP (only 22), so the enemy was dropped.

Glemt Abomination: 5 HD: 3 attacks 2d3, can spit poison at target Nearby- CON test or paralyzed for 1 hour.

The group licked their wounds and rested for the night.

Day 4

The group walked on, the air becoming thicker with malice and magical energy.  Faces appeared on rocks and tree whispering warnings, “Beware…  Bad…  Evil…  Leave.”

Eventually the group came to a clearing and froze at the sight that greeted them.  Bursting from the ground, extending over 100′ in the air was the petrified remains of a great Purple Worm.   Stairs and ladders leading up to the top of the creature.

Purple Worm Dungeon.jpg

I’ve been wanting to use this dungeon for a LONG time!!

To be Continued

We left it here.  We had a great time and got a bunch done in 2 1/2 hours of play (we started late and I had to talk about Black Hack at the beginning).  I decided to let the group level up after this session rather than waiting until after they beat the dungeon (they’ll level up then too).  I wanted to see how they felt about it.

The group loved the simplicity of leveling up in The Black Hack and were excited about seeing their stats increase.

We’ll be playing again in about another 2-3 weeks.

I’ll also be stating to run TBH Land of the Spirits for another group starting on Sunday!


The Riverlands- A Land of the Spirits Territory

Lately I have been posting information on one of the next book projects I have been working on, Land of Spirits (Black Hack’d classes; Fighter Class; Magic User Class; Session One Recap).  I’m really glad people have been digging it and are supportive of the work.

Land of the Spirits is inspired by: Norse fairy tales, vikings, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Over the Garden Wall, Child of Light VG, Chrono Trigger VG, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoken, Skyrim VG, etc.

I have been asked a couple times how I will be doing the book.  I plan on doing a map much like Hubris that will have several location and then charts and tables to generate encounters, features, etc.  However I’m not going as heavy as Hubris (smaller tables, not d100).

I figured I’d showcase the Riverlands.

Here is the Hexographer map of Náttúraheim- this is not the finished product.  I will commission art for this.

Land of the Spirits map


Land of the Spirits

An OSR-style Fantasy Setting

Written by Mike Evans


Land of the Spirits A DIY RPG Productions©, 2016

 Here’s the PDF of this: The Riverlands Territory from Land of the Spirits

The Riverlands (a territory of Náttúraheim)

A land of numerous snaking and twisting rivers stretch as far as the eye can see, merging and weaving together with the Twilight Forest.  The marshy ground squishes under foot, muffling the footsteps of approaching enemies and predators.  The strange ruins of the Glemt (the Forgotten), an ancient and bizarre civilization, dot the landscape, even into the Twilight Forest and the throughout the Lower and Upper Tundra; even the Spirits fear to tread into these structures.  When I was younger I ventured into one, looking for glory and riches, and what befell my comrades and the things I saw still haunt me.


Abandoned human settlements can be found on the Riverlands; sad wooden carcasses to remind us of our failed attempts to colonize this land.  The burial mounds of humans and Spirits alike are holy ground and can be found throughout this region.


The human city of Ny Berjastad (New Fighting Place) rests at the southern peninsula where the river spills into the ocean.  In the distance the haunted mist-shrouded Island of Tears can be seen; few choose to venture there by choice.


The Riverlands are dangerous, yet the safest place for humans- and is full of opportunities for those brave enough to seek riches and glory.



Ny Berjastad

A hundred years ago a large fleet full of those seeking freedom, new riches, and lands in the northern sea set forth from Hilmirstad (Place of the King). After crossing the dangerous, turbulent seas of the Great Divide, the expedition sailed into the uncharted waters of Náttúraheim (Home of the Spirits).  Over a month they sailed, encountering many extraordinary Spirits, but were losing hope of finding land.


Eventually the fleet crashed on the shores of the Island of Tears; many people drowned and many more were driven mad and killed by the malicious beings that call the isle home.  Only a few ships made birth in this new land and the survivors set to building the foundation of this now great capital from the remains of the broken fleet.


Years passed and many more died, either at the hands of the Spirits, the frigid winters, or the constant raids by the Clan of Fang or the Clan of Tusk. However, we are cut from the axe and bred for battle and fought back and survived.


Over the decades the head of the clans came together and formed the Council of the Wyrm and the most proven warrior was anointed High Chief; as time has passed an uneasy truce has been forged with the Clan of Fang and Clan of Tusk. Through the leadership of the High Chiefs, Ny Berjastad has prospered.


We had not seen any ships from our homeland in ninety five years; the expedition was deemed a costly failure and was forgotten about until a prophet of King Wulfgard had visions of Ny Berjastad. In the past five years several landings have been made, bringing goods, merchants, news, free-peoples, slaves… and soldiers. King Wulfgard, ruler of Hilmirstad (Place of the King), resents our own council and is covetous of our ruler, Chieftainess Vyn’s, power, calling her a false ruler.  Hostilities are building between the nations of the Old World and New as King Wulfgard demands fealty from us, and his men stir up troubles with the Spirits and clans.  Those loyal to the king have established a small hold in the entrance of the bay, Wall of Wulfgard.


Ny Berjastad sits at the mouth of the Riverlands, with boat district, Wharfhiem, closest to sea.  Longhouses stretch out towards the center of the city to the Mudflats, home of the market & warrior pit, and Vaskr Keep (Bravery Keep), home to the High Queen and meeting place of the Council of the Wyrm.



  1. The son of Chieftainess Vynn has been switched out by a Changeling. They must find the child and return him to his bed to his bed in a week or the child will be transformed into a Spirit forever.
  2. It is whispered that assassins lurk the streets of Ny Berjastad, sent by King Wulfgard to dispatch Chieftainess Vynn and the Council of the Wyrm.
  3. Nearly every night for a fortnight the body of a human has been found, mangled and mutilated. Citizens believe a malignant Spirit wanders Ny Berjastad at night, hunting them.
  4. The Festival of the Sun is about to commence and Spirits, Clan of Tusk, Clan of Fang, and Barnligs begin appearing to partake in the celebrations. There is a sense of excitement in the air, but tensions with the humans at the Wall of Wulfgard are high and problems may arise.
  5. A strange black obelisk with ten carved faces appeared in the Mudflats three days ago. As the sun rose this morning the faces awoke and began to sing of the approaching Everfrost.


Island of Tears

This island nearly destroyed all on the expedition from Hilmirstad (Place of the King); constantly shrouded in mist with the wails of the dead and malicious spirits hanging on the air. I have not set foot on the isle’s fetid soil, and few have, for it is a cursed place. I have heard tales told by Spirits that the Glemt practiced dark magics and experiments on the isle. Twisted trees, a single mountain peak, and a decrepit keep are all that have been glimpsed by human eyes.



  1. Ominous clouds hang over the Island of Tears as thunder, lightning, and hail pelt the island. The wails of undead and malignant Spirits travel over the water.
  2. An expedition of warriors from Ny Berjastad left to finally discover the secrets of the island. It has been three weeks and there has been no word.  Many want to send another group to find their brethren and bring them home.


Isle of Tears Encounters
Roll 1d10 Result
1 2d6 Zombies/skeletons (these undead are the unfortunate men and women who died in the original expedition crash on the island)
2 1d3 plague rats
3 1 wraith (20% chance that the wraith is guarding an entrance to a Glemt ruin)
4 1d3 gargoyles (within 50’ of these gargoyles there is a roll 1d3: 1) treasure; 2) entrance to a ruin; 3) ancient book with an insidious ritual)
5 2d3 carnivorous snails
6 1d3 giant centipede
7 1d4 giant bats
8 1 banshee (this woman was a Seiðr who died in the original expedition crash, her bitterness at dying has transformed her into a spiteful undead creature)
9 1d4 ghouls (there is a 15% chance that one of the characters will recognize one of the ghouls as a friend from Ny Berjastad who went missing over 3 months ago).
10 1 mummy (the mummy wears a necklace that is a powerful magical artifact).


Croak Village

Humans are not welcome in this village filled with frogmen and toadmen.  These amphibious heathens practice strange and cruel rituals and have used more than one human or Spirit as ingredients for these dark rites.  Oftentimes Crocs, humanoid crocodiles, serve as thugs and guards to the Grand Croak, an obese and sinister frogman.



  1. Drums and chanting can be heard issuing from Croak Village. There seems to be more Crocs, and frogmen and toadmen milling about the area than usual.
  2. The waters boil and churn in the bay by Croak Village. After days of the sea thrashing and large swells, a gargantuan toad, the size of a dragon, emerges from the waters.



Gurden is a small community that has transformed the marsh into farmland and lies a few days upriver from Ny Berjastad. Gurden was founded by those seeking a different life than that in the capital; these men and women are not warriors, and many have not once stained their axe in battle.  Gurden offers trade with Ny Berjastad and with the Clan of the Tusk.


Many in Ny Berjastad believe a powerful Seiðr protects Gurden from attack and interlopers.



  1. The townsfolk of Gurden have all been put into a deep enchanted sleep by a Spirit. Now the town is being occupied by strange spirits that are comprised of a smoke-like body and a strange porcelain-like mask that changes based on their emotions.
  2. A giant spectral wolf was seen racing across the night sky. It caught the moon and ran away with it, into the distance of the horizon in the Twilight Forest.  The sky over Gurden has been in perpetual darkness since.


Friðrhiem (Home of Peace)

Friðrhiem is the Barnlig capital and a haven for spirits that rests on the edge of the Riverlands and Twilight Forest.  I have had little experience with Barnligs and little patience for their sweet and understanding manner.  That said, even I am in awe of their connection with the Spirit World.  Many of the structures in this town are made from vegetables that have been magically enhanced to be enormous or from massive tree trunks that have been hollowed out, or berms into the earth.  Friðrhiem is ruled by a council of Barnlig elders and overseen by “The Great Wise One”, who is said to be a Barnlig who has merged with a Spirit.



  1. A circus/festival of Spirts has gathered in Friðrhiem. Entertainment, enchantments, and celebrations abound.  Barnlig are hoping to create a stronger bond between the various Spirit clans, the Clan of Tusk, Clan of Fang, and humans.  While delegations are arriving from all over Náttúraheim, there are rumors and fear of something dark and sinister brewing beneath the surface.
  2. The Great Wise One has become ill, his mind slipping. In his dementia, the Great Wise One cast a spell that opened a rift to the Shadowed Realm, allowing malignant Spirits to spill forth into Friðrhiem.


The Honored Home

This burial home is the resting place of all bodies that were recovered of those who perished in the original expedition to this strange new world. I myself have walked the halls paying honor to my ancestors.  The halls are delved from the earth and reinforced with wood and iron. Priests guard the mound, keeping robbers out and the spirits at rest.  High Priest Sygfurd is highly respected, even for an Ergi, keeps home here with a small shrine built to honor the ancestors and the spirit world.



  1. The wall in part of the burial chambers collapsed, revealing a Glemt burial ruin. Several undead spill out of the ruin, awakening the dead of the Honored Home, and are moving towards the surface.
  2. High Priest Sygfurd wishes to conduct a Spirit ritual that will allow him to speak with the great ancestors. He hopes to discover deeper meaning for the destiny of the humans of Ny Berjastad.  However, the Spirits are agitated about a human casting this sacred ritual.


Place of Bones

These Glemt ruins are made of jagged pitted metal and are the color of bones that have been bleached by the sun.  Stinking, yellowish clouds of smoke still billow out of Place of Bones, causing the air to become a thick, choking miasma.  Several adventures and warriors, including my brother, have delved into Place of Bones seeking treasures and glory; none have returned.



  1. There are Glemt are still active in these ruins, they have become deranged due to isolation and turning to other sources of energy other than spirit. Several groups of human warriors that have ventured into the ruins; all that have ventured inside have emerged transformed into a hideous monstrosities.
  2. Monstrosities begin spilling out of the Place of Bones, capturing Spirits, animals, and humans alike, dragging them back to the ruins. Increased amounts of thick gouts of smoke billow from the ruins.


Portal of Gurm

These strange relics of an ancient age of spirits should be approached warily, at best.  Often these portals will transport you into a new place of existence, or simply transform you into another creature!  The Portal of Gurm connects to the Portal of Ferm in the Twilight Forest.  These linked portals allow quicker travel to the capital of the Spirits, Nobbrolberg; the Ivory City between existences, instead of taking the lengthy (and often brutal) travel between the capital and Ny Berjastad.  Each of these portals have specific conditions that must be met to be accessed.  The Portal of Gurm and Ferm can only be accessed on the night of the full moon after a feast has been offered to the Guardian Spirit of Dreams.



  1. The Guardian Spirit of Dreams is found dead and drained of energy in front of the portal. A Spirit Naga has entwined itself around the portal, siphoning the energy out of it.
  2. An odd thing happens during the feast being offered for travel through the portal. No one is sure what it is, however it has caused another portal to be opened into the underground realm of Náttúraheim.


Wall of Wulfgard

The Wall of Wulfgard is a fortress built over the last couple of years to house the soldiers, sages, and merchants that arrive from the Old World, Hilmirstad.  Tensions are extremely high between those who live in Ny Berjastad and the Wall of Wulfgard.  The legion commander, Grugen Wolfcall has little patience or acceptance of Ny Berjastad’s rejection of King Wulfgard’s decree that we should fall into his reign.



  1. Several more ships have arrived from Hilmirstad over recent months, carrying troops, weapons, and materials. Workers are expanding the Wall of Wulfgard at a rapid pace.
  2. The sounds of celebration can be heard over the bay. It is rumored that King Wulfgard himself has arrived in Náttúraheim to claim this land under his rule and to declare war on Ny Berjastad and the Spirits.


The Riverlands Charts and Tables


Interesting Feature
Roll 1d12 Result
1 Glemt ruin constructed out of pitted stone; resembles massive hunched over Glemt.  No Glemt remain, but a clan of humans too refuge here and have been turned feral and savage.  There are several pieces of Glemt technology within the halls of this ruin.
2 Four small streams converge in a swirling pattern to create a powerful vortex.
3 Small farming community with 5+2d12 humans and 1d4 Barnlig(s).  They grow (roll 1d6): 1) wheat; 2) mushrooms; 3) potatoes; 4) corn; 5) whatever they can to make alcohol; 6) corn.
4 Burial mound of spirts from over a thousand years ago.  Restless undead spirits roam the burial mound, attacking those foolish enough to enter.  The burial mound has a massive center chamber and 2d4+1 rooms and houses a powerful magic item.
5 Burial mound of humans of expedition to explore Riverlands.  The survivors built the burial mound before returning to Ny Berjastad.  The burial mound has a small center chamber with 1d6 rooms.  Much of the top of the chamber has collapsed and the rooms have become filled with ankle to knee deep cold, fetid water.  The finely crafted battle axe of a brave warrior rests here.  As does (roll 1d6): 1) a rune of a 2nd level spell; 2) jewelry worth 50 gold bits; 3) a saber made of silver; 4) a staff that can store 4 mana points; 5) a tapestry of the history of a long forgotten clan; 6) a magic item.
6 Abandoned human settlement- there are some useful mundane items to be found here as well as a strange fragment of black rock that throbs and hums when held.
7 An outcropping of mushrooms, in the center is a Fungoid Watcher (pg XX).  He is watching over the small grouping of mushrooms.
8 A group of stones, roughly 8ft high and 4ft wide, form a circle.  Within the stone circle marble table surrounded by fairy ring of mushrooms; on the table is a silver knife etched in runes.  This is a sacred meeting place for spirits.
9 A small village of Clan of the Tusk.  The village is (roll 1d6): 1) contaminated by a strange curse- at night the inhabitants turn into crazed, mindless boar-beasts; 2) exiles that challenged the last clan leader; 3) secret worshippers of the Glemt- a hidden ruin is nearby; 4) peaceful farmers; 5) guardians of a secret treasure; 6) an expansion colony sent by the chief to establish more land in the Riverlands- they will be cold/hostile to humans.
10 An ancient meeting place for spirits.  The ruin is filled with traps, beautiful art, and 1d3 powerful artifacts.  The place is now home to a Spirit Naga and her thralls.
11 An ancient forgotten burial mound over two thousand years old.  It is filled with thousands of human bodies.  How can this be?
12 A Glemt ruin filled strange technology and spirits that have been transformed into bizarre horrors.  There are Glemt that have remained asleep for all this time; they will awaken should anyone begin interfering with the operation of the ruin.


Riverlands Complications
Roll 1d8 Result
1 Soggy ground hinders movement, reducing it by half.
2 Raging river must be crossed. Slows travel by 1 day.
3 Terrible weather for season (I.E. snow, blistering heat, torrential downpour, etc.) forces group to seek shelter for 1d6 days.
4 Ground in area has flooded, halting movement forward for 1d3 days.
5 Soggy ground hinders movement, reducing it by one quarter.
6 Thick vegetation hinders movement, reducing it by half.
7 Rock outcroppings cause tumbles, scrapes, and cuts. Movement reduced three quarters and Saving Throw or suffer 1d6+1 damage.
8 Bizarre twister forces group to seek shelter. Slows travel by 1 day.


Roll 1d20 Result
1 3d4+1 Goblins (for every five goblins, one is riding a worg or a dire chicken)
2 2d2 Zombies/skeletons (15% chance caster that summoned them is present)
3 1d6 Bugbears (if there are 4 or more rolled there is a 4HD caster present)
4 2d3 Giant Spiders
5 2d4 Gnolls (25% chance one is a caster)
6 2d3 Harpies (10% chance guarding something in their nest)
7 1d4+1 Hobgoblins (20% chance they have caught a creature to eat, torture, force into slavery, etc.)
8 3d4+1 Kobolds
9 4d4 Giant Rats
10 1d4 Worg (if 4 are present, they are led by a White Wolf)
11 White Wolf (10% chance an evil Druid caster is aligned with the creature, level 1d4)
12 1 Wraith (5% chance opening to plane of the Spirits is nearby).
13 1 Shambling Mound (may not be hostile towards characters unless they are defiling nature or have fire)
14 Will-o-wisp (Lyktgubbar) (this spirit will make the sounds of a female in peril in the distance.  Will attempt to lure characters into a bog to attack)
15 Water Weird
16 3d4 Stirges
17 1d4 Giant Bats
18 2d3 Carnivorous Snails
19 1d3 Giant Centipedes
20 1 Spirit (generate Spirit, pg XX)


Specific Encounters
Roll 2d8 Result
2 Feurgal, a human trader, is returning from NAME HERE in the Twilight Forest.  Accompanied by 1d3 warriors. Has several goods for sale. There is a 15% chance that Feurgal has a magical item.


While in the Twilight Forest Feurgal saw- roll 1d4: 1) elves dancing around a large living tree; 2) a Clan of the Tusk hunting party is searching for a member of their village that has become corrupted; 3) a massive shadowy creature consuming the energy of spirits; 4) a small Fungoid village.

3 A hunting party of Clan of the Fang. They were attacked by a ferocious creature they had never before encountered (a living Glemt); most of the party is dead. Several are severely injured.
4 A lone Spirit sitting on a rock in the middle of a pond, humming. It knows the location of an ancient Spirit burial mound, but will only give up the location if it is given 2d4 new rocks to sing to.
5 A small camp of 3d8 humans. These men have exiled themselves and are building a community. All have are cursed werewolves and have removed themselves from Ny Berjastad. There is a 20% chance a character knows one of these exiles.
6 The head of a giant rock Spirt is patiently waiting for its body to return. One day its body got bored of sitting around and went for a walk.
7 The group has attracted the attention of Nattmara. (pg XX) 1d3 of these Spirits are stalking the group.
8 A Myling (pg XX), is found weeping by a riverbed. She begs for help from one of the characters. The Myling will leap on the back of the first person who shows her compassion.
9 A Spirit wandering the Riverlands. The spirit is a junk collector and has many strange and valuable oddities for sale. Will barter for other strange objects. In his collection he has- roll 1d4: 1) a talking thousand year old caterpillar; 2) a ruby that glows when a person is lying; 3) a bronzed skull (can cast Speak with Dead once per day); 4) a Glemt artifact that transforms into a 1 HD automaton.
10 An ancient, withered Spirit that desires one more adventure into the Ruins of Sleeping Dreams before they disappear forever.
11 Pesta (pg XX), a vile Spirit from Hilmirstad, can be seen in the distance, a trail of spectral bodies float along behind her.  She is heading in the direction of Ny Berjastad- is she carrying a broom or a rake?
12 A gigantic humanoid skeleton that walks on all fours like a dog is marching through the Riverlands.  Its flesh is comprised of emaciated humans and spirts that are conjoined together- some drop off like sloughing skin, to drop on the ground and charge the character.
13 A rumbling dark cloud hovers over the horizon, lightning flashes and thunder booms; red eyes can be seen within the cloud.  A massive humanoid shape can be seen in the cloud when the lightning flashes.
14 A Linnorm has made its lair in a bog.  The air stinks with rot and decay, bones litter the ground and poisonous serpents permeate the area.
15 1d3 Glemt have left their hideout and are actively attacking and collecting spirits for their energy and experiments.
16 A Stone Giant is building a home near a fork in the river, several of the rocks he is building with have a shimmering, shiny metal.



Land of the Spirits Fighter and Conjurer Black Hack Style

I’ve been working on Land of Spirits for a few months now (in between Starrunner Kit, Hubris, and High Noon), sorting out inspirations, what I want to do, designing classes, races, etc.

I really wanted to go with a merge between White Box and what I dig from 5e (here is the Fighter class and Magic User). Recently David Black released the Black Hack and I really enjoy it (I’ve been doing posts about it for the last two weeks).  Anyways, David Black did an awesome job and it’s a more streamlined version of what I was planning on doing- so I’m seriously contemplating using Black Hack instead of continuing on nailing out my own mechanics (there will be one or two things I add, but not much).

So I figured I’d show the classes of Land of Spirits Black Hack’d here.



Fighters excel at combat and prefer to on the frontline of battle. Fighters use their prowess of weapons and keen senses to devastate an enemy and take them down quickly.  A fighter is able to mow through enemies quickly, making them a formidable and deadly killing machine.


Class Abilities


Starting HP: d10 + 4HP

Per Level/Resting: 1d10

Weapons & Armor: Any and All

Attack Damage: 1d8 / 1d6 Unarmed or Improvising



Once per hour, whilst in combat, a Warrior can regain d8 lost HP.

As part of their action a Warrior can make 1 attack per level.

Choose one Specialization, see below.



See option in Specialization





Duelists are highly trained warriors able to fight with finesse and defensively while wielding two one-handed weapons; their ability to deflect a foe’s attacks has made them the stories of legend.

 Parry: The Duelist knows how to deflect a person’s attack by fighting defensively.  When a Duelist fights in this manner as a full action, duelist rolls Advantage to avoid an enemy’s melee  attacks. The duelist takes no other actions.

Two-weapon Fighting: The Duelist is able to wield a light weapon in their off-hand, gaining a +2 to damage without suffering +2 to the attack roll.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Dex




Rangers are huntsman and trackers comfortable in the wilds of nature; their keen eyes able to spot game, water, or ground to make a safe camp quickly.  Rangers form a deep bond with an animal of the wilds who serves as a loyal companion.

Animal Companion: Rangers start play with a trusted animal companion.  Roll 1d8: 1) arctic fox; 2) hawk; 3) boar; 4) lynx; 5) wolf; 6) bear dog; 7) wolverine; 8) badger

If the animal companion dies the ranger can attempt to bond with a new one after one week of mourning.  They must go in the wilds and attempt to coax the animal to them.  A single ST must be passed for this to succeed (treat as a background/class ability for TN).

At 10th level a Ranger is able to tame a brown bear as an animal companion, should they choose.

Survivalist: Rolls with Advantage when performing tasks in nature such as finding food, tracking, identifying plants and animals, hiding or moving silently, etc.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Wis



Ravagers are vicious combatants known for their ferocity and brute-force.  Where other Fighters may use finesse, the Ravager swings wildly and uses their devastating blows to punish and take down an enemy.

Juggernaut: When a Ravager is using a two-handed weapon they +2 to damage due to the ferocity of their attacks, but do not suffer the +2 to their attack roll.

Thick Skinned: A Ravager does not fear death or pain.  At 1st level they ignore 1 point of damage (even from magical sources).  At 5th level this is increased to 2 points of damage.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Con




Skalds are battle hardened fighters who tell stories of old about bravery, victory, and honor, inspiring their allies or terrifying their enemies while in battle.  A Skald can elevate a pauper to a prince, or bring a chief to his knees with but a few words.

Inspire: The Skald bellows stories of their ancestors and past victories to inspire an ally within 60’, spurning them to greater heights.  This speech takes one round to accomplish.   At the end of the speech the ally gains Advantage on a roll of their choosing within the next 10 minutes.

Terrify: The skald speaks of ill-omens, bad-tidings, and of vengeance and horror, causing unsettling fear in their enemies through the power of their words in a Nearby area.  The Skald must successfully test their Charisma for each group of creatures they are attempting to rattle, adding the creature’s HD to the roll . A GM will determine which creatures are in any particular group.  Creatures that are Terrified by the Skald must spend all their movement (and convert actions to movement) to move away from the Skald for 2d4 Moments after being Terrified.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Chr




Vagabonds live on the fringes of society and have learned to fight to stay alive.  Vagabonds roam around and pick up many handy skills and are known for their uncanny luck and unscrupulous fighting tactics.

Roll with Advantage when testing DEX to avoid damage or effects from traps and magical devices.

Rolls with Advantage when attacking from behind and deals 2d6 / 2d4 + the Vagabond’s level damage.

Rolls with Advantage when performing delicate tasks, picking pockets, climbing, hearing sounds, moving silently, understanding written languages and opening locks.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Dex


Shielded Warrior


Shielded Warriors are masters of defense, using their trusty shield to deflect and absorb an enemy’s attack.  Shielded Warriors are able to stand as a wall against onslaught, survive a vicious attack, and still keep fighting.

Shield Bash: The Shielded Warrior is able to wield their shield as a weapon and make an attack with it instead of their weapon. A small to large target that is successfully hit takes damage and is stunned for 1 round.

Tower Shield: A shielded warrior knows how to use a tower shield effectively.  Normally a person can only wield a tower shield.  A knight can wield one and a 1 handed weapon effectively.  A Shielded Warrior cannot perform a shield bash while wielding a tower shield.

Shielded Warrior: If a Warrior fails a STR or DEX test and would be dealt damage from an attack, they can opt to sunder (destroy) their shield – if they have one equipped – and ignore the damage.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or Dex


Conjurers are a strange lot, able to manipulate the powerful energies of the spirits, twisting them into strange and devastating spells.  Female Conjurers are called Seiðr, and are held in weary, and also often high, regard.  Male Conjurers are called Ergi and are held in some distrust as magic is considered unmanly.  Many Ergi hide their tattoos and ability to cast magic until they are around those they trust or a dire situation arises.  There are Ergi that are unashamed of their abilities and have no thoughts on the taboos that society puts on them.


Class Abilities

Starting HP: d6 + 4HP

Per Level/Resting: 1d6

Weapons & Armor: Any weapon and no armor

Attack Damage: 1d4 / 1 Unarmed or Improvising


Roll with Advantage when testing INT to avoid damage or effects from spells or magical devices

Choose one Specialization, see below.



See option in Specialization


Schools of Magic: A Conjurer chooses a specialization at level 1.  Once this choice is made, it’s permanent.


Tattoos: Magic spells are tattooed on the flesh of the Magic User.  The Magic User need not see the tattoo to cast the spell, but pulls from the connection to the ink in the flesh and the magical world, almost like a tether or string that binds the two together.


Starting Spells

Conjurers start with a large spellbook containing a total of 1d4+2 spells from the Level 1 and 2 Spell lists.


Any spell can actually be turned into a ritual and stored in a pendant or ring to be cast at a later date. A person can only have one item tied to them at a time.  Rituals take a number of hours equal to their level to cast and require special ingredient and 1 or more people. The main caster rolls under their Intelligence.  Each servant assisting in the ritual lowers the roll result by 1 (up to a max of 10 servants).

Should spell failure occur while casting a ritual something weird/terrible happens (up to the GM to determine this).

Anyone can cast a ritual, not just a Magic User, however they do not receive Advantage on the roll whereas Magic Users do. This is to highlight how scheming nobles or power hungry peasants foolishly dabble in magic.






Sorcerers focus on arcane arts; bewitching the senses, casting powerful illusions, or raining fire down on their enemies.  Their ability to sense magic and their bond with their animal familiar gives them an edge in the world of magic.


Summon Familiar: The sorcerer gains a familiar.  Roll 1d12: 1) cat– have Advantage on Dex checks for sneaking; 2) bat– gain echo-sense (cannot be blinded- can detect targets hiding within Close range, but must be concentrating and still); 3) raven– reroll one failed Savings Throw per session; 4) lynx– grow claws and gain attack at class damage; 5) dog– aura of loyalty- retainers are immune to fear effects while Close to you; 6) arctic fox– Increase Dexterity score by +2 (max of 18); 7) pig– gain ability to track with scent, must succeed a Wis check; 8) otter– talented swimmer, gain Advantage on any Str checks for swimming; 9) squirrel- can climb things easily- gain Advantage on Dex rolls ; 10) raccoon– Have Advantage on Dex checks to do sleight of hand style actions; 11) owl– gain dark vision- see in darkness (even magical) up to Far Away; 12) pseudo-dragon- can actually speak not just empathic link to sorcerer, start with an additional level 1 Arcane spell .

A sorcerer gains an empathic link with heir familiar, and their familiar can deliver touch spells for them.  If a familiar is killed the sorcerer is stunned, suffers 3d6 damage, and loses all abilities granted by the creature.  The sorcerer can summon a new one in one month.


Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for INT or WIS





Priests pay homage to the world of the spirits, believing in preserving the memories of their ancestors and beliefs of their people.  While Priests focus on healing, philosophy, and religion, it is not below them to cast devastating spells on their enemies or those who have wronged them.

Speak With Spirits: The priest is able to consult with the spirits and chooses one of two actions: A warning of events or the consequences of an action.  If the priest chooses warning of events, they may choose to reroll a failed save (before the sunrise of the next day).  If the priest chooses consequences of an action, they will find out if an action will have good or bad consequences.  This will be within a 30 minute period of asking.  This lets the priest be prepared for a course of action.



Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for WIS or CHR




Druids are Magic Users who revere their bonds with the spirits and the natural way of life.  They are savage and as ever changing as the very nature they revere.  Druids are able to transform into a natural creature and through bonding with nature have taken on an aspect of the animal.

Animal Shape: The druid is able to transform into a small or medium creature (no larger than a wolf, boar, or cougar, and no smaller than a dog, cat, eagle, etc.) While in this form the druid can track by scent (rolling under Wis with Advantage), move as the creature would (IE. Swim, fly, etc.), gains their ability to breathe (IE. fish or frog can breathe underwater), a bite attack (and possibly claw attacks at a d4 as well- Judges call), gains 4 Armor Points (this does not stack with any other armor- this armor does not refresh with each transformation), and can see in a Far Away radius in the low light conditions.  The druid cannot communicate with other people while in animal form.  This effect lasts for 1 hour.  A druid can change into an animal a number of times equal to their level.



Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or WIS

The Hubris Alchemist- Black Hack’d (and new Alchemical items)


Continuing on with Black Hacking Hubris, I’ll be futzing around with some of the classes as well.

Last week I did the races: Avarian, Ekrask, Half Demon, and Murder Machine.

The Alchemist

alchemist final

Alchemist transformation by David Lewis Johnson

Starting HP: d6+4

HP Per Leve/Resting: d6

Weapons and Armor: An Alchemist is proficient with the following weapons: blowgun, crossbow, dagger, handaxe, javelin, mace, shortsword, sickle, staff, and wheellock weapons.  An Alchemist can also wear Gambeson, Leather, and Small Shields, however armor is destroyed when they transform using their mutagen ability (see below).

Attack Damage: d6/1d4 unarmed or improvising.


Special Features

Roll with Advantage when testing Con to avoid damage from Poison.

Bombs– An Alchemist is able to mix together a concoction of volatile chemicals that explode when thrown at a target.  As the Alchemist becomes more experienced he is able to make these concoctions more potent and make more use of the materials at hand.  An Alchemist can craft a number of bombs per day equal to their level plus one.   All targets in a Close distance take the damage if the Alchemist successfully rolls under their Dexterity.  Crafting bombs takes one minute per bomb.  The Alchemist can also give the bombs to other companions.  The chemicals go inert if not used within 24 hours.

Mutagen: An Alchemist is able to create a mutagenic potion that unlocks the savagery of his inner psyche.  This potion must brew for one hour.  When consumed the potion transforms the alchemist into a terrible monster.  The transformation is terribly painful and takes 1 round, during which the Alchemist is vulnerable.  When transformed the Alchemist becomes a large creature; gains 6 armor points.  The Alchemist’s ham-sized fists do 1d6 damage, however the Alchemist rolls the damage twice and takes the higher of the two.

This transformation lasts 10 minutes and cannot be ended prematurely.  All clothing and armor are destroyed during the transformation.  An Alchemist can only take one Mutagen a day; taking any other Mutagens puts the Alchemist OofA for 1d6 hours.

Alchemical Tinkering: An Alchemist is able to create several handy concoctions that are extremely useful.  An Alchemist must successfully roll under their Intelligence for the item to be successfully created.  Each item takes 1 hour to make and costs ¼ of the sale price in ingredients.  See Alchemist items details below for details.

Leveling Up

Roll to see if Attributes increase, roll twice for Con or Int.


Alchemist Item Creation List
Item Cost Usage Die Effect
Acid (flask) 30 gp d4 Can be thrown at target.  Does 1d8 damage.
Alchemist fire 50 gp Liquid that when exposed to oxygen bursts into flame after 1 round.  Target takes 1d6 damage per round for 2d2 rounds or until dowsed in flour or liquefied pig fat.
Antitoxin (vial) 100 gp Must be created for a specific poison or toxin.  Instantly halts adverse effects and allows recovery.
Black powder pouch w/ fuse 30 gp d4 Can be thrown at a target after lit.  Explodes at the beginning of next round.  All targets in Close range take 1d6 damage.
Darkness stone 50 gp Creates a nebulous cloud in a Nearby radius that blocks all vision.  All attacks are made at Disadvantage.
Flash stick 50 gp d4 Targets in a Nearby radius are blinded by a bright flash of light if wielder succeeds on a Dexterity check.  Effect lasts one round.
Glue (flask) 50 gp d4 This green jelly-like liquid becomes sticky and rubbery in a Close area when exposed to air.  Targets in area become stuck (can break free after spending two rounds getting unstuck).  Movement is severely reduced for those that break free.
Healing Potion 100 gp Heals a target for 1d8 HP.
Lightning spheres 50 gp Small spheres that crackle and vibrate to the touch.  With a successful ranged attack, targets take 1d4 damage.  Damage is increased to 2d4 if targets are standing in water.
Matches 1 gp d20 Small sticks with a head that can be lit on fire when struck on a rough surface.  Lighting a match is a free action (usually- Judge has final call).
Pig grease 25 gp d4 This slimy sickly-smelling substance can coat a Nearby line and is extremely slippery.  Targets that run into the line fall prone.  It takes a full action to stand up and another full action to safely get out of the substance.
Smelling salts 50 gp d4 These potent smelling salts jolt a character that is OofA immediately to consciousness with 1 HP.
Smokestick 20 gp d4 All targets in a Nearby area are obscured by a thick cloud of smoke.  All melee attacks are made with Disadvantage.  Targets in the smoke suffer 1 point of damage per round due to choking.  The smokestick is consumed after 1 round and the smoke remains for an additional 1d6 rounds.  A strong gust of wind will dissipate the cloud instantly.

Hubris Shadowdancer- Black Hack’d

Continuing on with Black Hacking Hubris, I’ll be futzing around with some of the classes as well.

Last week I did the races: Avarian, Ekrask, Half Demon, and Murder Machine.

The Shadowdancer


Shadowdancer class by David Lewis Johnson

Starting HP: d6+4

HP Per Leve/Resting: d6

Weapons and Armor: Shadowdancer’s are proficient with the following weapons: barbed net, blackjack, blowgun, bolas, crossbow, dagger, dart, hand crossbow, longsword, net, shortsword, shortbow, sickle, sling, spiked chain, and Gambeson, Leather, and Small Shields

Attack Damage: d6/1d4 unarmed or improvising.

Whereas a common thief uses the darkness to merely aid in their illicit acts, you have fully embraced it, truly making it your ally.  You have some inexplicable ability to merge with the shadows, becoming completely invisible in them, and even travel through them to another location!

You are the ultimate assassin, able to kill your prey, and then move yourself from harm before the alarm is even sounded.  You are highly sought after in the underworld, and you smirk at the various rumors that fools speak about you in hushed tones.  You laugh gleefully when you see a mark huddled in their room, surrounded by torches, as if the light would keep them safe from your blade.  The fools!  Never realizing that eventually the darkness will come… and with it death.

Shadowdancer Abilities

Roll Advantage when attacking from behind and deals 2d6 damage.

Darkness: A Shadowdancer is able to cast the spell Darkness once per day.

Shadow Jump: A shadowdancer is able to manipulate the very darkness itself and create a portal that allows them transport to another spot of darkness or shadow. The Shacowdancer can travel a distance of Far Away or more. Using this ability is a movement action.  A Shadowdancer can do this a number of times equal to half their level (minimum 1).

Leveling Up

Roll to see if Attributes increase, roll twice for Dex or Chr.

The Hubris Blood Witch- Black Hack’d

Continuing on with Black Hacking Hubris, I’ll be futzing around with some of the classes as well.

Last week I did the races: Avarian, Ekrask, Half Demon, and Murder Machine.

The Blood Witch


The Blood Witch by Jeremy Duncan

Starting HP: d4+4

HP Per Leve/Resting: d4

Weapons and Armor: A Blood Witch is trained in the use of the dagger, scythe, sickle, and staff.

Attack Damage: d4/1 unarmed or improvising.

You are not merely content with learning spells and studying tomes as a wizard, instead you have delved deep into some of the darkest and perverse arts.  You have learned the secret art of controlling the blood of others; you are able to manipulate the life essence of creatures and use it to bolster yourself, or harm and hinder others.

You engage in a dangerous dance with the possibility of corrupting your physical body, becoming more fiendish and monstrous than human.  You revel in the smell of blood, its taste, and warmth, even as it leaves your victim, cooling and congealing in an ever-growing pool on the floor… You are twisted… You may even be evil… And you absolutely love it.

Blood Witch Abilities

Blood Walk: Once per day a Blood Witch is able to jump through a living creature that is the same size or larger than herself and travel through their blood and emerge from another living creature on the same plane of existence. The Blood Witch can travel a distance of Far Away or more. Using this ability is a movement action.  The creature must be alive and have red blood for this travel to work.  The Blood Witch can choose to emerge early and deal 3d6 damage to the target, if they succeed a Con check. Failure means the Blood Witch suffers 1d6 damage and is stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Coagulate: The Blood Witch can cause a target’s blood to thicken, making it difficult to move and act.  The Blood Witch must succeed a Con check. If successful characters gain Advantage to Str or Dex to avoid the creature’s attacks. Additionally, the creature suffers and additional 2 points of damage from all attacks against them.  This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to Blood Witch’s level plus 1.

Spells: Beginning at second level blood witch is able to cast arcane spells, but at great peril to herself.  A Blood Witch must sacrifice their own blood (hit points) to channel their spells. The Blood Witch sacrifices 1d4/2 per spell level.

Spellbook: A Blood Witch starts with the spell Inflict Wounds (see below) and 1d3 spells from the Level 1 & 2 Arcane spell lists.

Leveling Up: Roll for stats, roll twice for Con or Int.

New spell: Inflict Wounds (level 1)- A Blood Witch is able to deal 1d8 damage to a Nearby target.



Daily Blood Witch Spells

Blood Witch Level

Spell Slot Level

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
2 1
3 2 1
4 2 2
5 2 2 1
6 2 2 2
7 2 2 2 1
8 2 2 2 2 1
9 3 3 2 2 2 1
10 3 3 3 2 2 2 1


The Hubris Druid- Black Hack’d

Continuing on with Black Hacking Hubris, I’ll be futzing around with some of the classes as well.

Last week I did the races: Avarian, Ekrask, Half Demon, and Murder Machine.

The Druid

Druid final

Druid class by David Lewis Johnson

Starting HP: d8+4

HP Per Leve/Resting: d8

Weapons and Armor: Druids can use any weapons or armor so long as they meet the requirements of the Druidic Restrictions (see below).

Attack Damage: d6/1d4 unarmed or improvising.

You are the sentinel of nature and alone in fully understanding her secrets.  While others can train animals to do simple tricks, you are able to summon them to do your bidding, tap into their ferocity to gain special abilities, or even transform yourself into one.

You are savage, uncouth, and unrefined.  You can be as calm and tranquil as a placid lake, as welcoming as a summer breeze, or as furious and destructive as a hurricane.

The civilized world makes as little sense to you, as yours does to the cultured and refined.  You understand that nature needs to be respected and cared for, and not just a tool to be used and discarded when no longer convenient.  And you will fight those that seek to do it harm, whatever the cost.

Druid Abilities

Druidic Restriction: A druid prefers natural weapons and armor.  If they use any armor, shields or weapons of metal they lose the following abilities for 24 hours: Woodland Stride and Animal Shape.

Survival Knowledge: A druid has an intimate knowledge of nature.  She is able to identify flora and fauna from her area with ease.  If she is in a foreign type of climate she must make an Intelligence check to identify the subject.  Druids are able to tell if water is clean and safe to drink.  A Druid can make an Wis check to successfully tell how the weather will turn out for the next 12 hours.  Druids are able to scavenge for food and shelter for themselves easily.  If they wish to find such for 2-8 people they must make a successful Wis check and spend 6 hours hunting and foraging.  Druids know how to make weapons of stone, wood, and bone with ease, should they have the materials available.  This can be axes, staves, spears, bows and arrows, swords, etc.  If the druid rolls a 20 on an attack roll the weapon breaks.

Woodland Stride: A druid is one with nature and is able to move through obstructions like thorns, brambles, roots, thick branches, and the like as if they were water.  A druid will suffer no damage from troubles like natural thorns.  A druid also leaves no tracts when walking in nature.

Animal Shape: The druid is able to transform into a small or medium creature (no larger than a wolf, boar, or cougar, and no smaller than a dog, cat, eagle, etc.) While in this form the druid can track by scent (rolling under Wis with Advantage), move as the creature would (IE. Swim, fly, etc.), gains their ability to breathe (IE. fish or frog can breathe underwater), a bite attack (and possibly a claw attack at a d6 as well- Judges call), gains 3 Armor Points (this does not stack with any other armor), and can see in a Nearby radius in the dark.  The druid cannot communicate with other people while in animal form.  This effect lasts for 1 hour.  A druid can change into an animal a number of times equal to their level.

Leveling Up

Roll to see if Attributes increase, roll twice for Str or Wis.